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Miss Fairy,

Would you give me a home?

No child but I could give you a splendid castle with all the grandeur and riches

but never a home.

Could you give me something to live for?

No child; I could give you eternal youth with beauty as fresh as the spring

but without something to live for.

Could you love me?

No child; for I am not capable of the love that you crave most for.


For Naruto love is earned.

He grew up in a small orphanage together with fifty other kids that were there for a variety of reasons; they were abandoned, left by parents who died or ran away from home. He was one of those left on the doorsteps when he was still too small to remember anything. He didn't have any information about his parents or relatives or why was he there at the first place. He supposed he had been fortunate enough to be placed in that institution that treated and provided for the children under its care really well.

But it was an empty place.

No one ever paid him attention because the people there were too caught up with their own worlds to spare him even a fraction of their time. The caretakers fed, clothed and educated them mechanically like robots doing their jobs because they were programmed to do it. The children were too busy catching the attention of adopting families, eager to get out of this place. In their worlds, Naruto didn't exist.

With his childish mind, he didn't understand why no one wanted to play with him, no one wanted to tell him stories before going to bed, no one wanted to laugh, no one wanted to be with him.

No one liked him.

That was why he resorted to doing pranks to get their attention-throwing water balloons, painting their faces on their sleep and placing frogs on their cabinets-you name it. But because of that he was alienated and was always picked on by the kids and adults.

"You are a bad kid! No wonder why you're parents left you here."

"Menace. I don't think we made the right decision when we decided to take you in."

"I don't want to play with a monster like you!"

He craved for that warm feeling of being wanted and that sense of belonging that only another human could give him. He wanted someone to love and to love him back; he never found that here. He had already given up hope in finding that someone and continued to pester the orphanage until Iruka came and adopted him when he was eight years old. Iruka showed him that he was capable of loving and he could be loved back.

He met Sasuke when his Iruka enrolled him into elementary school. They started at the wrong foot. For Sasuke, he was an annoying idiot and for Naruto, he was an arrogant bastard. And somehow along with those taunts, bruises and blood that they had given each another, a strange kind of camaraderie evolved and they became the best of friends.

Sasuke understood his insecurities about not belonging to a family and Naruto understood his inferiority with his older brother Itachi even without words. Whenever they were together, Naruto thought that they will be friends forever.


When he was in a relationship, Naruto made sure that the girl always had the best of him. He studied what made her melt into a puddle and what made her want to hide in the closet, what made her feel important and so on. Despite that, he was always the one who ended up with a broken heart. Sasuke would berate him and call him name accompanying him in nursing his pain with alcohol. Naruto knew that Sasuke cared, even if it was shown in insults and monosyllabic 'Hns'.

"Maybe I should look for a boyfriend instead of a girlfriend; girls are such an unappreciative bunch," Naruto said, pausing in his painting. "What do you think, Sasuke?"

Sasuke merely grunted and flipped another page of the book he was reading.

"Hey, you were supposed to answer." Naruto puffed his cheeks when the other man ignored him.


"I mean answer with words containing more than two letters. No, a grunt is not an answer."

"Shut up."

The blond huffed and decided to let his so-called best friend alone; he continued with his painting. Both of them were in the university's greenhouse, which became their unofficial hangout. Naruto found this place by accident when he mistook the place for the school's vegetable garden some months ago. This part was near the real forest of Konoha and people of the university were told to steer clear because no one really knew what was beyond the borders. So far, Naruto haven't encountered any wild animal here.

Once he shared this secret location with the Uchiha, Sasuke always came here, as if claiming the place was his.


He found the black-haired man sleeping, his back leaning against the trunk of a tree. Naruto mused on how Sasuke could sleep in that position—when he tried because it looked really cool, all he got was a terrible backache and ant bites. He decided that it was one of those things that only the great Uchiha Sasuke could pull off.

Sleep was probably the only state where he could see Sasuke completely off his guard and totally relaxed, and Naruto discovered that Uchihas were also capable of drooling, to the good fortune of the mankind alike. Then, a perfectly yellow bulb lighted above his head, making Naruto grin in his signature fox-like manner.

As quietly as he could, Naruto sneaked on the sleeping man. With extra precision, he dipped his paintbrush on his palette and started painting mosaic-like patterns on Sasuke's expensive white shirt. He chose vibrant hues of colors that Sasuke won't be caught wearing even on his death, which makes this a lot more fun for the blond.

"Naruto…what the fuck did you do with my shirt?"

He laughed at the horrified reaction of his friend; Sasuke looked like he was ready to kill when he saw the state of his shirt. Sasuke glared and before Naruto could move, he was tackled down. The two started to have a wrestling match that ended in a tickling session.

"Ahahah! S-top already! I give up, Sasuke!" Naruto pushed the slightly taller man off but Sasuke didn't budge. Naruto wiped the laugh tears off the corners of his eyes. "I hate you when you do that."

"And I hate you when you use me as an extended coloring material."

"Girls love color. I'm sure you'll be attracting more of them because of my artistic talent."

Their faces were now very close, their breaths mingling. They remained in that position for quite a time; Naruto could feel his heart pounding faster and faster as Sasuke's face came nearer and nearer until the tip of their noses were touching.

"Why won't you let me see that page?" Sasuke asked, staring straight at Naruto's eyes.

"Why do you want to see it then?" The blond asked back.

"I'll treat you to ramen the whole year."

"Not even ramen would change my mind. No one except for me knew the stuff inside and I intend to keep it at that."

Sasuke sighed and stood up, dusting his pants. "I'm going to class. Lend me your jacket so I won't be seen with this joke." He went to the where the blond's bag was and grabbed the denim jacket before leaving.

Naruto remained lying on the ground, clutching on the remaining warmth of Sasuke. No matter how much he wanted to let him know, Naruto would never risk destroying what they both have right now for a secret. He would always choose the comforts of friendship and having Sasuke close to him than something that would not guarantee that.


Sasuke came knocking in the middle of the night with the smell of sex on him. His usual confidence was gone, his eyes looking at the blond with confusion. Naruto just let him in without any comment and he let the other man sit in the couch before disappearing into his small kitchen. He returned with a cold six-pack beer and gave his friend a can before opening his own.

"My mother's getting married," Sasuke stated in dull voice. Naruto just nodded, urging him to continue. Sasuke's mother was a very sensitive subject to discuss with him because of conflicting emotions and now that he was talking, Naruto could only listen.

"I don't really care what she does with her life; the day she left, she left everything behind. I shouldn't care-I know I shouldn't..." He drank the remaining beer before throwing the can on the floor. Naruto handed him another one. "Why do I feel so betrayed? Why do I feel like hating her even more?"

"Longfellow once said: 'There's nothing in this world so sweet as love. And next to love the sweetest thing is hate.' So I guess you really could not separate loving and hating with one another. That just proves that you still love her."

"How would you know? You grew up without parents so how could you talk as if you understand what I'm feeling?" Sasuke stood up, the alcohol quickly affecting his mind. He grabbed Naruto by the collar of his shirt angrily.

"I don't really understand. I've always had to work hard to get something and even harder to keep it so I won't really understand why someone like you who had everything," Naruto tried to contain his pain at Sasuke's words. He didn't understand the fact why Sasuke kept on harboring his hatred when he could just let it go and be with his mother.

"You don't even understand yourself. Why do you think you only have one-night stands? Why you only fuck those girls one time? Because you are too scared of being left again! You're a coward!"

The blond coughed when the other man suddenly slammed him down the floor.

"Shut up! Just shut…up." Sasuke looked at him and then covered Naruto's lips with his own.


Sasuke grounded against Naruto, earning another moan from the blond. Naruto broke the kiss to catch sufficient air supply back to his lungs, only to release it on a moan when the other man gyrated harder against his erection. Sasuke turned his attention to the blond's neck, nibbling on it before giving out to the urge of biting and then sucking to leave a mark.

"Sasuke…we shoul—shit!" His hands that were supposed to push the other man away gripped Sasuke's shoulders when the raven-haired man's lips descended on his chest, letting his tongue and teeth play with the already hardened nubs. Sasuke's hands slipped inside the blond's boxers and held the flesh encased, stroking it and then running his thumb across the very sensitive slit. This intensified the heat that Naruto was feeling in the core of his abdomen.

"We should what?" Sasuke stopped his ministrations on Naruto's chest and lazily swiped the tip of the erection he was holding, too slow for what the other wanted. In retaliation, Naruto rubbed Sasuke's half-hard erection against the confines of his jeans.

Sasuke grunted and pulled Naruto closer and once again engaged in an intense lip lock, both of their hands back to caressing their bodies. Their warmth melded into one, a contrast against the coldness of the floor Naruto could feel on his back. A small voice at the back of his mind told him to stop before everything that was built form their friendship collapsed and leave him in ruins. He would worry about that later; after all, this was the only night where he won't be Naruto, Sasuke's best friend.

This was his one night of make-believe that love was his.

Naruto watched as the taller man stood up and divested himself of his remaining clothes. Sasuke stood there, like a Greek marble statue, in raw masculinity and desire. He resisted the urge to cover his own naked body when Sasuke looked at him, the fire of lust burning intensely.

"Are you going to stare all night? I'll take care of this myself then." Naruto closed his eyes and stroked his shaft up and down while his other hand fondled with his sac. Sasuke grabbed his arms and pinned them above his head.

This time, Naruto initiated the kiss, clashing and dominating the exchange. He spread his legs wider to give Sasuke more space and this action made both of their erections brushed against one another, bringing moans out of their occupied mouths. The blond felt his hips lifted and something brushed against his clenched entrance.

Sasuke pushed the dry digit in, thrusting in and out of the tight muscle. Naruto gasped at the uncomfortable friction it caused but he knew the pleasure was not far behind. He felt another tip prodding and slowly inching its way alongside the first. This time, it did hurt.

"G-get something to ease the friction!"

"A what?"

"Lubricant. Top drawer, body lotion."

Sasuke pulled out and retrieved the item before returning to his prior position on top of Naruto. He opened the bottle and coated three fingers of his right hand liberally then proceeded sinking two of the digits in succession one after the other.

"S-shit! Slow down," Naruto hissed at the sudden stretching, his sphincter muscle clamping down in protest of the sudden penetration. His back arched and to repel the intrusion—the feeling of having something going in instead of going out was weird and uncomfortable, not to mention painful.

"Stop squeezing." Sasuke thrust the fingers much deeper. "Relax so it won't hurt—for me and for you."

"How…agh…do you even know these things? S-stop moving, ahh!"

"Try the internet. You'll find lots of things there that you don't even what to know."

The words from the blond's mouth were quickly cut off when his dick twitch and a zap of white flashed in his vision. He moaned as Sasuke rubbed almost greedily on that spot repeatedly before beginning to pull and push his fingers, making sure to hit that place bull's eye. Naruto began to thrust back to the fingers, too lost in the pleasure to notice the third addition. Sasuke began to twist and turn, widening the blond's entrance for a much wider intrusion.

The fingers were pulled out and his lower body was lifted from the floor; he stopped himself from screaming when Sasuke started to push against the tight stretch of muscle. Naruto bit his knuckle as he bore down on the pain. The other man noticed it and stopped.

"Are you alright?"

"Just push it all in one go. It hurts more when you go too slowly." A whimper escaped Naruto as Sasuke shoved all of his length inside mercilessly. His muscles clenched around the offending organ, adjusting to the size of it. Sasuke moaned when the sphincter compressed on him tightly, causing him more pleasure. He hooked Naruto's legs on his elbows and started moving.

Naruto's nails scratched the wooden floor, leaving marks as he contained the initial pain. He timed his breathing and relaxed, finally loosening enough to allow a deeper access. He sighed as the sensitive nerve endings inside him were stimulated. Sasuke latched his lips on the blond's nipples, heightening the pleasure Naruto felt more.

"Y-yes! Oh, right there! There!" Naruto screamed as the tip of Sasuke's erection touched the responsive place inside of him. "H-harder!"

The other man complied and aimed his thrusts at Naruto's prostate; both of them were now moaning as they fell into the right rhythm. White flashes kept on appearing behind Naruto's eyes as Sasuke moved much faster and rougher, the sounds of cock entering his wet hole arousing him much more. His own erection was really hard and was leaking small amounts of thick, pearly white liquid.

"S-sasuke, I n-need to…Ohhh…"

The heat in the pooling in the center of his body started to spread all throughout his body and he felt that he was going to burn if it wasn't released. His cock was going to burst and Naruto felt his climax closing in. He held his own erection and started pumping in time with Sasuke's movements.

"Sasu…ke!" Naruto screamed as he came, his semen flowing out in thick strings, staining his stomach and the floor. He squeezed Sasuke's prick and the other man came with a grunt, warmth coating his soft insides. He collapsed on top of Naruto and sighed, giving the blond one sloppy kiss before finally pulling out and rolling to his side.

Naruto could hear the soft snoring of his companion and winced as cum flowed out of his sore ass. Shifting to his side to get a better look at his friend, Naruto sighed as the consequences that this action would bring the two of them finally gained weight on his mind.

He could just blame it on the alcohol but he wouldn't be able to fool himself. Naruto could have just pushed Sasuke off since he had the clearer mind. He could have done that but he didn't. For once, he acted selfishly and let it happen. Questions were now haunting his mind, along with the answers he didn't want to hear.

Naruto closed his eyes and ignored common sense.

This was his one night; he'll just face that emptiness tomorrow.


Once you learn learned how to love, learning how to hate will come along. Loving and hating is a cycle; one could not exist without the other occurring before it.

Naruto understood on where Sasuke's hatred for his mother stemmed from, even if the black-haired man didn't realize it himself. It was not the break-up of their 'perfect' family, not the affair outside of her marriage nor was it the abandonment of her duties as a mother; when she took one step out of the house, she took along with her the only love Sasuke knew.

Sasuke was the second son of society's perfect family; successful father, great homemaking mother and gifted older brother. What others don't know was that Sasuke lived in his brother's shadow and he worked really, really hard just to please his father that clearly favored Itachi. His only comfort was his loving and caring mother.

He remembered the pangs of jealousy whenever he saw those embraces, kisses and praises that Mikoto gladly—freely—gave her son. She was kind; that's why she extended her maternal love towards Naruto. During those times, Naruto felt that he didn't have to do anything but to return her embrace and he would be accepted; however, that illusion only lasts until the warmth of her body disappears. Then he would realize that he was just getting a portion, borrowingtemporarily of what Sasuke had. It was all done in pity for orphaned little blond.

You don't get love unless you work for it. That was what he believed in the most.


Naruto opened his eyes and once again, he was lying on his bed alone. Sasuke left once again, probably after the blond was already in deep sleep after they had sex. He sighed and just rolled on his left side, not bothering to get up and take a shower.

It was the same as after their first encounter. Naruto woke up, lying on his bed, cleaned up and dressed in his pajamas. He limped through his apartment looking for the other but all he found were fried rice, eggs and painkillers. No notes were left.

When he saw him on school, Sasuke never mentioned anything but acted his normal bastard self around Naruto. It was just like nothing happened and they both continued on with their regular lives. Somehow, Naruto had been thankful that it didn't became an issue between their friendship although it still hurt to know that it was just another night of sex for Sasuke.

Then, it happened again. Sasuke suddenly pushed him down when they were in the greenhouse. And it was followed by another until it became part of 'normal' for them.

As their encounters became more frequent, Naruto's anxiety increased. He was already so used to Sasuke—his scent, his voice, his face—that he was afraid that it would stop. And it still wasn't enough. His body desired more, his mind craved more and his heart wished—hoped—that there would be something more.

Naruto had no delusions of this 'relationship', or where it was going. One day, when Sasuke got tired and decided that women were better and Naruto was just his best friend, it will stop.

He was afraid of being not able to let go when it was time. He was afraid that he might suddenly ask for Sasuke to stay. Despite that, he was afraid of it stopping. He was a coward.

The blond buried his face on his pillow and caught a lingering scent of airy mint, reminding him of Sasuke. He was a coward because he was afraid of the pain…but may be its fine to be like that for a little while. Just for a little more while…


"I-I didn't know t-there was a p-place like this in school," Hinata nervously said. Naruto grinned widely at her and helped the girl set up her canvas. "It's so quiet and peaceful."

"Yeah. I guess nature is beautiful just like that. I mean, this place is not as 'picturesque' like those in fancy postcards but when I'm here, I forget the urge of hitting people. That's definitely peaceful." Both of them shared a laugh before they settled down and started to paint.

At first, he thought Hinata was weird because she seemed she would faint every time she would come near him. She could barely talk to him without her repeating her words so Naruto would understand what she was saying. But after that little misunderstanding with Sasuke, the two of them got along well and having almost all of the same classes brought them closer. She became his second girl best friend after Sakura.

"I didn't know you like dark themes, Hinata-chan," Naruto commented when he noticed the splashes of purple and black on the borders of the canvas. "I thought you were going for 'pure love'?"

"I-I was! I j-just thought that i-it would be t-too plain i-if I put two roses in it. D-do you think it's extreme?"

"No! I think it will turn out well. You just didn't strike me as the type who likes the darker side of love."

"I t-think love is a wonderful thing e-even though there-s always the c-chance of getting hurt." Hinata looked at Naruto with a small, sad smile.

"For me, love is only possible when you work for it. I don't really understand it when people tell me that they fall in love just because, without further reasons. How could you possibly be in love with someone without logical reasons?" Naruto continued to brush in wispy strokes.

"I g-guess everyone has their own views a-about love. I think it's the best thing when you fall in love w-without following anything l-logical or r-reasonable. You just fall in love because your heart and mind both a-agreed that you love that person."

"Then it's okay if that other person didn't love you?"

"Yes. A-as long as I see him h-happy, even it was with someone else, its fine, Naruto-kun."

"So its fine to hope even though you know there is no chance that the other person will ever love you? It's fine to stay even though every time he leaves, you break down?" Naruto asked with a hint of desperation.

Hinata paused in mid-painting and then looked at him before answering without any stutter. "Then, why do you stay if it hurts? Isn't it because you're hoping to be loved back?" She reached into her pocket and motioned the blond to lend her his palm.

The item was a small rectangular keychain made of colored glass. In a simple bold text, the words '1 Corinthians 13:4-7' were written. He flipped it over and then read the following verses:

4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

"That's why I'm still hoping, Naruto-kun."


The bed creaked as Sasuke moved away from it. Naruto kept his eyes closed and didn't move. He heard the sound of the bathroom door closing and opening, then the running sound of water. After a while, he heard footsteps and felt the lukewarm touch against his skin. He didn't flinch when he was cleaned up and covered with the blanket.

"Let's stop. I think we both had enough of this Sasuke."

"Is it because you're going out with the Hyuuga princess?"

"I just want to stop—isn't that reason enough?"

The only reply he got were the closing of the door. Naruto sat up and pulled his sketchbook inside the drawer. He removed the paperclips holding the last page in place.

The paper was still white while its edges were frayed with the yellow of aging. He drew this when he was thirteen, when he realized that there are still things you wouldn't get even if you worked hard or prove yourself. This picture was a representation of that thing that he will never have because it would be so wrong.

Naruto didn't cry. He couldn't even if he wanted to. All that was left was that empty feeling in his chest.


Hoping that things would remain the same after that was too much. They talked and hang around but they never returned to the greenhouse together. Sasuke returned to his one-night stands while Naruto returned to whatever he wanted to do.

Hinata had been a great source of comfort. Even though she didn't speak, Naruto knew she saw things beneath the surface. It would have been much easier to turn his attentions to her but that would be unfair for both of them.

"I heard you were going out with Inuzuka from the Physical Education department. So, how are you two?" Naruto grinned when Hinata's face turned red as freshly-cooked crab.

"I-it's not like that! K-Kiba-kun and I m-met in the cafeteria and h-he helped me o-out with s-something."

"Eh? He likes you so it's fine. At least, I won't hurt you anymore by making you wait."

"I-It's not your fault. I still l-like y-you and it w-will take some time to f-forget but k-Kiba-kun makes me feel special. It's a s-start," Hinata smiled. She suddenly squeaked when Naruto hugged her tightly.

"A really good start. I'm happy for you."

The girl suddenly stiffened. "S-Sasuke-san!"

The blond turned around and only saw the retreating back of his best friend. He didn't follow him and just watched until Sasuke disappeared.

"N-Naruto-kun, y-you should follow him!" Hinata pulled at his sleeve frantically. "T-to explain…"

"Just let it go, Hinata-chan. We'll talk about this later."


"C'mon!" He pulled Hinata by her hand. "It's fine so let's continue with our project."


No matter how he endured, how empty he felt, Naruto was reaching the limits of his fragile emotions.

Sasuke cornered Naruto and slammed him against the wall, smashing their lips together in a very violent manner. He pinned the blond's arms above his head with his right hand while his other traversed on Naruto's body, feeling it with a hurried approach.

Naruto struggled, trying to push the other man off with his body force. Sasuke removed his lips and turned to the blond's neck. He bit it, harsh and unforgiving, and Naruto tried to contain his scream with the sudden pain with the teeth breaking the skin.

The black haired man sucked at the wound, his hand now pulling the belt buckle off. It slid inside Naruto's pants, then his underwear and held the blond's cock. Sasuke started stroking it roughly, the action spurred on by anger and something else Naruto could not indentify. He thrashed but his manhood was held painfully. He felt disgusted at the forced arousal he was having right now.

No no no!

He had enough. Naruto kicked Sasuke in his leg, making the other fall down on the floor.

"I thought you wouldn't mind since you've already spread your legs for me so many times, Naruto." Sasuke looked at the heaving blond with a very insulting smirk.

Naruto lunged at him and gave him a punch on the face. Sasuke attacked in return, kicking the blond in the stomach. He took advantage when Naruto doubled over in pain and pinned him down again. Sasuke started to kiss him again but missed when Naruto tilted his head to the side.

"I hate you, you hear that? I hate you, you fucker!"

Sasuke stopped when he heard the bitterness in that voice. Naruto's eyes were full of hatred as he stared back at his best friend straight.

"I'm not a doll nor am I one of those girls. Do you think that it's alright if you keep on doing this to prevent yourself from getting hurt? What about those who get hurt by you?" Naruto asked. "You think great sex is enough compensation for the disappointment those girls felt upon discovering that you weren't there when they woke up?"

Sasuke didn't give him an answer. Naruto pushed him off and stood up, backing away from the other man.

"Answer me, damn it! Some of those girls may have liked you because you're Mr. Perfect Uchiha but some of them really liked you, even loved you. Hell, even I love you." Naruto covered his face with a palm and then laughed hysterically.

"I'm such a fool, aren't I? Falling in love with the stupid, arrogant bastard, with my best friend."

Why did his mouth taste so salty and was his face was so wet? He thought he was already empty from the pain of watching Sasuke be with others and silently waiting for that unrequited love to be returned. Damn it, damn it!

Then, he felt warmth. The warmth that surrounded Naruto, enclosing him tightly as if it didn't want to leave him all alone. Tears continued to fall from his eyes but he didn't move; Naruto just stood there with his hand on his face enveloped by Sasuke's arms.

"I hate you too. Why are you always there whenever I need you? Why do you keep on trying so hard when others have already given up? Why are you wearing that idiotic grin even though you are hurting?"

Large hands held his face and Naruto was forced to look at those inky eyes swirling with different emotions, emotions that Sasuke had kept to himself all of this years. Sasuke softly traced the outlines of his scars, then the contours of his lips without breaking contact.

"I'm sorry."

Then, Sasuke kissed him. First, a chaste touch of lips that lasted for a minute. Sasuke's tongue then outlined the outside of Naruto's mouth before moving in to claim.

Naruto felt he was drowning. He clutched on to Sasuke's shoulders desperately, his fingers tightening against the fabric and the flesh. There were too many emotions, too many to be named and too many questions involved in the kiss. Naruto focused on one thing; the kiss itself.

Sasuke mapped the recess, running his tongue against Naruto's then to his palate. He moved against Naruto, coaxing him to respond. Naruto pushed back, finally responding to the invitation. This was different from all of the others they've shared. This was not born out of lust or anger; it was based on something much deeper, much deeper.

His heart was pounding violently against his chest and he could tell that Sasuke was feeling the same. He never wanted for it to end.

Sasuke broke the kiss, giving Naruto one chaste kiss before speaking. "I don't want others to see you or to touch you. If I could, I would lock you in a place where I'm the only one who could see your tears and smiles, could hear your sobs and laughter and could feel everything about you. Maybe that's love—I don't really know since I still don't believe in 'I love you'—but that's the best I could say."

"Sasuke, you suck at confessing." Naruto laughed as he removed his hands on Sasuke's shoulders to wipe his tears.

"Shut up," Sasuke grumbled. "I know I would not be able to say those three words to you but I'll stay with you until you grow tired of my monosyllabic answers and insults."

"Hmmm. I'll probably stay with you until you stop calling me idiot and start on 'the awesome'. Deal?"

Sasuke gave him another kiss for an answer.

They both lived with each other's flaws for almost a decade—forever didn't seem to be so impossible with this man that he hates and loves.

Empty nights were beginning to turn into old memories.


"Would you show me that page now?" Sasuke looked up from the book he was reading. Naruto skipped his class so he could finish his project before the deadline tomorrow. He just tagged along for a lack of better thing to do.

"Just because we're having sex that doesn't mean I'll show you my secrets." Naruto stuck his tongue out at his sometimes boyfriend before resuming painting. "Besides, there's no point in showing you something I already have."

Sasuke just shook his head at the cryptic answer. Sometimes, Naruto spoke some nonsense that actually had sense although he couldn't get this one this time. He'll just let it slide. Sasuke also had a secret that he won't be telling anytime sooner.


"I hate you, Sasuke."

'I love you, Naruto'.

+.le fin.+