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There he was, the young Chuunin, Itachi, walking down the street. Singing doo wa dee a deedee dum deedee-


Itachi's waist-length ponytail fluttered to the ground.

His crowning glory. His pride and joy. The symbol cementing his status as hottest Uchiha ever born. Just lying there, in the dust.

A small girl stared frozen at him, arm still extended, fingers outstretched in the throw gesture. He stared back, then glanced at the wayward kunai, now embedded in a far off tree trunk, miles off target from the practice dummy not ten feet in front of her.


She was just a kid. Barely older than Sasuke.

Itachi tried to find his center. Her wide eyes were a wonderful dark mocha color, reminding him of the endless cups he downed just to fulfill his duties to clan and village. Yes, he would forgive her transgression because she was a cute little thing with those hair buns and liquid coffee eyes and-

"I'm very sorry ma'am," she squeaked.

He twitched. Maybe he should switch to decaf.

Young Tenten cast around wildly for a way to avoid the slow and painful death the Uchiha's expression promised.

"You're still.. really pretty?"

It would not be until much, much later that he would succeed in activating the Mangekyo Sharingan, but on that day, Itachi came very close.

She squeaked again.

"Brother, you said you would practice with me today!" Sasuke was insistent.

"Sorry, Sasuke. Maybe another time."


'Geez,' Sasuke rubbed his forehead, 'Onii-san sure has been a lot grumpier since he got that terrible haircut.'

"Once more."

Sniffling. Crying.

"I- I- my hand hurts, sempai."


"Okay! Okay! Don't do the scary eyes anymore!"

Thwunk. Thwunk. Thwunk.

"Perfect." He petted her head. "Same time tomorrow."

Tenten bawled.

Years after, she had blocked out the memory of her training under Sasuke's brother as an overly traumatic experience. She never lost her perfect aim, though.


A/N: He probably practiced for the Uchiha massacre by killing her entire family first too.

Though why he would even allow a stray kunai to get so close in the first place is beyond me. Or perhaps, that was a sign of Tenten's natural ability shining through! Go coffee!