Greetings everyone! I'm a new face around this section but I'm also a good writer myself. So what am I writing today? Why, it's an Adventure Time fan fic, and if you don't know what Adventure Time is, quit wasting your time and watch it. Now.

I absolutely love Adventure Time, so, why not make a fan fic about it? Right now, though, I believe this will be my only AT fan fic I'll ever write, but who knows? I might get a really good idea in the future. Although, I don't think it'll top this one in terms of plot. Enough chit-chat, start reading!

Summary: A strange man from a distant kingdom has come to take Princess Bubblegum's hand in marriage! Naturally, Finn becomes jealous and decides to do some snooping, but he soon finds himself on a perilous journey across the Land of Ooo, and in more trouble than what he bargained for.

Chapter Summary: What do you expect? It's just the first chapter.


"How do you think I should present myself?" a man in his late teens asked. His voice was sweet to the ear, a charming disposition granted only to few.

"I believe a formal yet grand introduction is in order," a shady character asked, whose voice was raspy and an undefined gender, "According to the residents, the princess is no ditz."

"Quite literally the sweetest maiden of them all," he commented, fixing his bow tie, "As she is the princess of the Candy Kingdom."

"Which brings to question," the shady character, concealed under a cloak, asked the young man "why is there no king or queen ruling the kingdom?"

"There must be some condition in her royal contract that keeps her in power," the teen said, "something different from the other contracts we've seen."

"Hmm," bringing out a wrinkly, sharp-nailed hand, the man reached for his chin under his cloak and scratched while he pondered, "How about marching into town on a fleet of disco-potomuses with some alba-rockers?"

"Sounds good, but I want to lead on top of giraff-riffs with trum-parrots blaring out the-"

"HEY!" The teen was interrupted by an irritated shout from below, "Can you do your ominous plotting somewhere else?" a little worm cried out from a hole in the ground, "I have to catch the early bird tomorrow morning!"

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry little slimy thing," the teen apologized, "We'll leave this instant."

The two beings strolled down the hill, agreeing to turn in for the night and rest for tomorrow. At the very top of the hill beheld the entire Candy Kingdom in sight, with its sea of cotton candy trees and candy palace standing firm, along with two sitting gumball guardians idly blowing out bubbles into the night sky. Sharing this scenery was a lone tree house, with lights still illuminating the interior…

-A treehouse so rad, it can only be defined as 'mathematical'-

"Haha, did you see the look on the Ice King's face when we threw that octopus at his face?" a young boy in his early teens said.

"Heh, naw I couldn't. The octopus was busy kissing his face for me to see," a yellow dog, anatomically different from regular dogs, said to the boy as he handed him some warm milk, "Here's your milk."

"Thanks dude," the boy said as he received the cup, "That octopus must've been the only person the Ice King got a kiss from aside from his mom."

"Heh, probably," the dog said, waiting for the boy to finish his milk so that he could take it back to the kitchen.

"So Jake, how many times does that make it today?" the boy asked, having half finished his milk.

"Make what?" Jake asked.

"The times we've saved Princess Bubblegum from the Ice King?" the boy said before guzzling down the rest of his milk.

"Hmm, I lost count after forty-nine, but today probably makes it fifty."

"Think the princess will throw us another big party tomorrow?" Finn asked, handing the cup to Jake.

"Doesn't she always?" Jake joked.

"Heh, I suppose so," Finn said as Jake walked towards the stairs. Before Finn retreated into his sleeping bag, he had an idea and reached for a pillow.

"Hey Jake! Think fast!" Finn shouted as he hurled the pillow at Jake.

"Huh?" Quickly, Jake ducked before the pillow connected with his face, hitting the wall with a loud crack, "Hey! No roughhousing before bed!"

"Aw, c'mon Jake. Just one pillow fight before bed?" Finn begged as he reached for another pillow.

"Hmm, well, I suppose so," Jake said as he put aside the cup on the floor, "But only one and it's bed time Finn."

"That's okay with me," Finn said turning to the pillow, "Okay dude, you've been waiting for this rematch for weeks now. Don't give up, no matter what."

Jake pulled his pillow out of the hole Finn made in the wall and spoke to the pillow as well, "Alright, listen up. He's back to reclaim his title. You may be the champ, but so was he, so don't let your guard down, got it?"

The two set their pillows on the ground, waiting for the match to start. Suddenly, the two pillows animated themselves and walked towards each other, ready to fight. Folding their corners to mimic hands and arms, they awaited the ring of a bell to start the fight. And ring it did.

Both pillows lunged themselves at the other, fighting hard as both pulled off their best moves against the other. Headlocks, suplex flips, cheap shots in the gut, karate kicks, and every other fighting maneuver in the book. The boy and dog cheered the two combatants on as they waged their title match in the center of the room.

"Fluff 'im up, Mallow! He's nothing compared to you!" Finn shouted as Mallow body slammed onto the other pillow.

"Knock the cotton out of him, Fluffalo!" Jake cheered as Fluffalo roundhouse kicked Mallow.

Fluffalo was on the ground, struggling to get up as Mallow was closing in for the pin. Suddenly, out of desperation, Fluffalo drew a dagger. Mallow stepped back in surprise and Finn and Jake held their breath in shock. Getting up and treading towards his opponent, Fluffalo took a few good swings at Mallow before he finally got a cut in.

"Foul play! Foul play!" Finn shouted.

Finally, before Fluffalo could finish off Mallow, Jake intervened, pinning Fluffalo to the ground with his foot and lifting up Mallow by the hand.

"Fluffalo has been disqualified due to violating the 'No weapons' rule. Mallow has reclaimed his title as the pillow fighting champion!"

"Whoo!" Finn cheered as he took Mallow out of Jake's hand, "you were awesome dude."

"I expected better from you," Jake said disappointingly to Fluffalo, watching it walk down the stairs in shame. "Alright Finn, you had your pillow fight. Time to get some sleep."

"Ha ha, okay," Finn said as he placed his pillow next to him. "Don't worry man, it's only a flesh wound. You had much worse encounters with the cushions downstairs."

"Goodnight Finn," Jake said as he blew out the candle in the room.

"Night Jake," Finn said as Jake walked down the stairs.

"Hmm, I wonder what kind of party Bubblegum has in store for us tomorrow?" the boy asked himself as he tucked himself in his sleeping bag, soon drifting off into slumber.

Little did the human boy know that tomorrow would be the beginning of one of his greatest adventures yet…

"Gweep. Gwop. Gweep. Gwop," a little green worm uttered as it wiggled its way onto the bed.

Before the worm got any further, it was stopped by a standing pillow. Clearly, the pillow knew of Finn's well established 'no worms on the bed' rule and Mallow was a handy enforcer of it, keeping them off of the bed while Finn sleeps at night. After a quick stare, the worm knew he wasn't wanted and turned around to wiggle its way back down, bearing a sad face. Mallow retreated to Finn's side and laid himself down on his back to rest as well.

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Next Chapter: Matthew, the man with the Romantic Feet.

"Thank you, once again, for rescuing me from the Ice King."

"Hey, don't sweat it. Oscar was a big help too."


"The octopus who kissed the Ice King?"

"Look at the way he dresses. Fancy clothes, awesome hat, sexy hair."

"So? I have all of that too!"

"Wait, you mean you have hair under that hat?"

"Uh…I don't remember. But that's not important!"

"Finn, there's something I never told you about."

"Is it important?"

"Yes, especially since he made his debut in my kingdom."

"Sweet maiden Bubblegum, whilst thou allow me to take your hand in marriage?"

"I'm so sorry, Finn."

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