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''Bella, you promised!'' His soft voice echoed in my head. I couldn't help but smile. I know. I promised. Promised not to do anything reckless, to remain sane, to move on. But it was such a sweet temptation to hear his voice again, to close my eyes and picture his flawless face, face that I loved and worshiped. I was weak, too weak to resist the opportunity to make the emptiness dissappear for just a moment, letting his soothing angel voice cover the hole in my soul.

''I.. just.. have to.'' A whisper escaped my lips as I took a step forward, with a smile on my face and my eyes closed. Another step. And one more.

Each step brought me closer to the fresh smell of the ocean, with each step the taste of salt on my tongue grew more intense. With each step the banging of waves against rocks grew louder, but it didn't scare me. Somehow the bangs encouraged me, as if whispering reassuring words.

''Bella, DON'T!'' My smile grew even wider as I took the last step over the edge and let the gravity take me down whistling through the air.

During the flight down I heard nothing else but his voice. His charming voice, that kept reminding me of the promise I made. I kept smiling, since I knew I wasn't the only one not keeping my promises.

As I hit the surface and went under water, the voice changed. Now it was begging me to move, to breathe. My eyes popped open and I saw the most beautiful sight, the one I never hoped to see again. His goodlike features were right before my eyes, his face showing concern, his eyes pleading.

My hand moved towards him, every little part of me wanting to touch, feel his hard skin under my fingers. It came as a surprise for me when my fingertips caught nothing but water.

''Bella, the air. Breath, please!'' But I didn't want to move, didn't want to leave his divine being here, in the water.

''Edward..'' What I expected to be a whisper turned out to be air bubbles coming out of my mouth and shielding the beautiful sight I had in front of me. Again, I moved my arm to clear the bubbles away, but he wasn't there anymore. I spinned around in the water, just to find darkness. And then my instinct took over. With enormous vivacity I made my way up to the surface, and when I finally filled my lungs with fresh air, I felt my body relax as if thanking me for not staying under.

I swam to the shore, still smiling. The image of him was fresh in my mind, the sound of his sweet voice echoing in my head. I felt the emptiness to return slowly, I knew it would take over soon, but I would keep it away as long as I could. The rush I had jumping off that cliff was so real, so present, nothing I had done before could compete with it. Not motorcycles, not Laurant, hell, not even seeing Paul phase in front of me. I knew I'm going to do this again. Excited about repeating the jump, I continued swimming.

Then my eyes caugth a glimpse of red fire in the water. Fire? In the water? Maybe I was hallucinating, I definetely left my sanity up on the cliff, so it would be no surprise. I blinked to make the fire go away, but when I opened my eyes it was still there, only closer. I tried shaking my head when it hit me-that colour was familiar, too familiar to forget, too familiar to confuse it with something else.

Victoria.. Suddenly I felt how cold the water actually was, I felt my muscles ache, then refuse to move at all. Catching a breath I knew would be my last, I sank under the water, seeing the vampire move closer. His voice returned, begging me to move, it was louder than before, more desperate and pleading. I couldn't complain, dying with his voice in my head was such a heavenly way to die. I closed my eyes, felt my lungs beg me for air. But I didn't move, with his pleading in my head I felt prepared for anything that may come. The only emotion I felt was peace. I was calm. I was ready.

I knew she was moving closer, I felt it, I anticipated it. I even wanted it, because I knew his voice would become even louder, and if I was lucky, maybe I could even catch a glimpse of him right before she kills me. With all these thoughts going through my mind in an inhuman speed, I wasn't ready for a hot hand to grip my wrist and pull me away, I was too weak to fight the strenght of whatever was holding me, so I just let it have me, hoping that Victoria would still get to me in time. With last peace of strenght I opened my eyes, just to see the read spot moving away. I felt anger building up inside me, anger towards the warm hand that took my dream away. With these thoughts I felt my head brake the surface again, my lungs gulping the air was too much, I felt my consciousness fade away as I drifted into sweetness of nothing.