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Chapter Three:

Lion-o stared at Tygra for a long moment, trying to organize his thoughts. "I don't understand. Why would- why would Jaga delete files like that? Anything that was important about the history of our world has to be preserved! Jaga knew that!"

"Lion-o, I'm sure Jaga had a good reason. I'm just not entirely sure what that reason could be."

"We have to find out about this Ocelth. Obviously, she is not to be trusted. A lunatic, traitor and thief, it said?"

Tygra nodded. "What I don't understand is, if she truly is all these things, why would she tell us who she is? Why not lie?"

"I don't know. We have to find out what it is she did."

All of a sudden, Lion-o's blood went cold. "Tygra! I told the kittens to follow her!"

Tygra looked at him in shock. "We have to find them. Now."


Wileykit could not stop staring at her guest. They had picked up Wileykat and brought him back to the tower, setting him down on the blue sofa in the lounge. Ocelth had proposed they sit in the two armchairs and wait for him to wake. Upon sitting down, she has withdrawn a metal tablet from her pocket and turned it on.

She had been staring down at it for several seconds while Wileykit just gawked at her.

Kit couldn't believe the woman she was looking at had just killed a bunch of mutants. It was just... unbelievable. She had never before in her life seen a person end someone else's life that up close. And yet… She didn't know how exactly she should feel, besides shocked. Those mutants were intending to kill them, and they were evil. It was probably better for everyone that they were gone but… It didn't seem like something a Thundercat should do. She could never imagine Lion-o doing such a thing. Or Cheetara. Or Panthro. Or anyone.

Yet this woman did not seem evil. She didn't seem to be hostile in any way. The way she had done it… She had asked them their intentions upon meeting them and made her decision to kill them based on that. She had seemed so rational about it. As if it were the obvious thing to do. And her reasoning was not exactly unsound, either. In fact, it made perfect sense. But Kit felt guilty in acknowledging that.

Ocelth was so mysterious, Kit didn't know how she should feel about her. She sort of liked her. The way she had sympathized with the kittens and gave them nicknames to treat them like individuals. The way she had been so easy-going about them following her. And she was just cool. There was so much about her that Kit wanted to know.

But at the same time, she knew the others didn't trust Ocelth. And she knew they had good reasons. Some mysterious Thunderean claiming to be centuries old just shows up with another eye of Thundera? It was suspicious. And there was so much Ocelth had not volunteered to explain.

But Kit was understandably feeling rather resentful towards her lord at the moment, so she felt a greater urge to indulge her urge to like the mysterious newcomer.

Ocelth smiled just then. "You want to ask me questions. You are perfectly welcome to do so."

"Where are you from?"

"As I have told you and your friends, I am from a place called Neo-Thundera. It's another planet a few hundred light years from here where numerous Thunderans live."

"Are there…. Are there people my age there?" Kit asked eagerly.

"Yes, numerous people your age. In fact I have three children around your age myself. How old are you, exactly?"

"I'm nearly fourteen."

"I have a daughter your age, a son a year younger and another son who is sixteen."

"Do you rule Neo-Thundera?"

"No. Our society is run by a Senate and two Chancellors, all of whom are elected by the people. I served for a short amount of time as a Senator, but I am no longer a member of the government."

"Then how is it that you have the Left Eye of Thundera?"

"Someone cast a spell on me when I was young so that the eye could not go very far from my person."


"It's complicated."

"That's okay, I can keep up."

Ocelth grimaced. "It's not really something I want to talk about at the moment."

Kit dropped the subject. It wouldn't have mattered if she had been persistent anyway, as seconds later Lion-o and Tygra burst into the lounge weapons in hand.

"Wileykit, are you alright?" Tygra said.

"What have you done to Wileykat?" Lion-o demanded, pointing the sword of omens to Ocelth's neck.

Ocelth lifted and finger and lowered the sword with it. "Nothing, we were attacked by mutants."

"It's true," Wileykit said. "Ocelth saved us."

Lion-o was caught. On the one had, she had saved the twins. On the other, she was supposed to be some traitorous lunatic. He also didn't like how dismissively she had pushed his blade down with her fingertips. But still, she had saved the twins.

And there was something else, too. Ever since she arrived, the sword had started working again.

Lion-o lowered his blade and to a deep breath. He had to be smart and act in a rational manner. He had to slow down and resist the urge to act on impulse. Just as Cheetara had been teaching him.

"I apologize and I thank you." The Lord of the Thundercats said. "But I am afraid that some information regarding you has come to our attention. Information which-"

"Causes you to distrust me? Well, very well. What have you discovered?"

"The ship's databases speak of a Queen Ocelth who is described by historians as a mad rebel and heretic." Tygra informed her.

She looked heavenward and smiled sadly. "Yes, I suppose I am."

"I don't believe it!" Wileykit said, eager to defend her new friend. She refused to believe that Ocelth, who seemed so elegant, intelligent and kind, was evil. "You're not evil or mad!"

"Well, thank you, Peep-toe. But that doesn't mean the historians are going to record my character faithfully. I'm not evil, of that I am sure. As for being mad, well, I'll admit to possessing more than my fair share of eccentricities, but nothing truly disturbing affects my character. But I will admit to being a rebel."

"What do you mean? What did you do?" Lion-o asked.

"If I tell you, you must give your word as Lord of the Thundercats that you will allow me to explain."

"You have my word as long as you are truthful."

"I promise I will be both frank and honest."

Wileykit looked closely at her new companion. "So, what was it? What did you do?"

"I tried to destroy the Thundercats."