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''Why did she pass out?'' I heard someone ask. The voice sounded like a young boy's.

''She's human. They can't handle traveling in and out of the book.'' Another voice answered. It was a male voice as well. The voice was filled with authority, much like when Carlisle spoke. ''But she should have woken by now. She shouldn't have passed out for an entire day. We need to get her home before Charlie leaves Billy's.'' The voice continued.

''I think she's waking up.'' A female's voice said, just as I felt a hand touched my forehead and brush the hair away. The hand wasn't cold or warm – it was a normal temperature. ''Bella. Bella?'' The female's voice whispered.

''Ugh.'' I groaned. My eyes fluttered open and I frowned, the ceiling above me looking anything but familiar.

''Hey Bella.'' The female voice said. I saw a woman hovering over me, only causing my frown to deepen. She had raven black hair and half of her face was scarred. I didn't remember ever seeing her before. ''It's okay. You don't have to be scared. You're safe now.'' She said.

''Who are you?'' I asked, still frowning.

''I'm Emily Young.'' She told, holding her hand out for me.

''Um, Bella Swan.'' I said, sitting up and shaking her hand. A red blanket had been wrapped around me, but fell into my lap when I moved.

''I already know that, Bella. Everybody knows Chief Swan's daughter.'' She said with a small laugh.

''Wait, what? You know my dad?'' I asked. She nodded with a smile. ''No.'' I whispered, looking around my surroundings.

I saw that I was in a small house, sitting on a couch. I spotted Quil, Embry, three boys I didn't know – though, only one looked like a boy while the two others were probably described better as men – and a girl I didn't know either, sitting around a dining table that was placed in the corner next to an open door that seemed to lead to a kitchen from what I could see.

I continued to look around and saw another man, this one standing a few feet away from the couch I was sitting on. I also saw a fireplace burning, looking like it had just been started. I took a glance outside the window, seeing only rain, rain and more rain – nothing new there, of course. I looked back at the raven-haired woman that sat next to me, smiling softly. I looked down at myself and saw it. Edward's shirt and boxers. It had happened – and now I was home.

''Oh…God.'' I started hyperventilating and tears filled my eyes.

''Bella, it's okay. You're safe.'' Emily said, softly.

''You sound just like Jacob.'' I said, glaring at her.

''God, I'm hungry.'' The bastard himself said, walking out of the open door and coming out of the kitchen with a plate filled with muffins and bacon. ''Hey, Bella. About time you woke up.'' He said, smiling at me. I glared at him, my hands turning into fists as I stood from the couch.

''You son of a bitch!'' I shouted, running towards him. Someone grabbed my shoulders, however, stopping me. ''I told you to let me stay!'' I shouted, fighting against the pair of hands on my shoulders.

''What the hell is up with her?'' The girl by the table asked.

''It's not her fault, Leah. She's got Stockholm Syndrome.'' Jacob said, shrugging and munching on a piece of bacon.

''Oh, of course. Bella has to have Stockholm Syndrome to hate the idiotic Jacob Black, right? It couldn't be because you took me away from my Edward!'' I screamed, sarcasm and venom dripping from my voice.

''Relax.'' The man who was holding me said, his voice filled with authority – he had to be the one that had spoken before, as the tone of the voice was the same. ''If you attack him, you'll only be hurting yourself.'' He added before he let go off me. I didn't move but continued to glare at Jacob.

''Why does she stink like that?'' Quil asked.

''One of the leeches raped her.'' Jacob told, angrily.

''He did not rape me!'' I shouted, furiously. ''If anything, I had to beg him before he would do anything.'' I added in a murmur.

''You wanted a leech to rape you?'' Embry asked, confused.

''HE DIDN'T RAPE ME!'' I screamed.

''Explain the outfit, then.'' Embry requested. I would normally feel embarrassed and blush tomato red, but this wasn't exactly the time.

''I found the boxers from his dresser and put on his shirt after he, I…took it off.'' I said, blushing despite me at the memories of Edward and me on his birthday.

''Stockholm Syndrome.'' Jacob said, sitting down in-between Quil and Embry. I let out a frustrated roar.

''Bella, maybe you would like to sit down. I think Sam has some things he would like to explain to you.'' Emily said.

''Sam?'' I asked, frowning.

''Me.'' The guy, who had held me back, said. ''Also, that's Leah, Seth, Jared and Paul over there. You already know Quil and Embry, I hear.'' He added. ''You sit, I talk.'' He gestured towards the couch.

''Fine. But afterwards I'm killing Jacob.'' I said, still glaring as I sat down on the couch next to Emily.

''Okay, so let me see if I've got this right. You're all werewolves who protect people from vampires.'' I started. Sam nodded. ''The book was created by the former leader, the former Alpha, of the wolf pack, who was Jacob's grandfather Ephraim Black.'' Another nod. ''Jacob has the book because it belongs to the Black, but you're the Alpha of the pack.'' I pointed at Sam and he nodded once more. ''You can change into wolf shape, both on purpose once you've learned to control yourself but also if something or someone aggravates you.'' Another nod. ''You're warmer than humans and you can't feel cold. And you're also vampires' natural enemy, and therefore you think they smell and they think you smell.'' I ended, receiving another nod. ''But what's the deal with the book?'' I asked.

''The book is made to-''

''The only thing she really needs to know, is that she is to shut her mouth about what she's seen and heard.'' Leah said.

''Quiet.'' Sam ordered. ''The book is made to capture vampires. To get caught in the book, all you have to do is sign your whole name and where you wish to appear in the book. To keep us protected, La Push does not exist in the book's world.'' That explained why the others hadn't heard of it. ''If you are a vampire and get captured in the book, your memory gets tampered with. You don't remember getting in the book nor any of the people you met who is still alive but not part of the book. If they are dead, you do remember them. This is done to make sure the vampires raise no suspicion. If you are human or werewolf this doesn't affect you. Also, things that are your current possessions follow you into the book – including houses. The people in the real world who knew the vampires also forget them. This doesn't work with werewolves, though, as we can remember them perfectly.'' He told.

''And how many vampires did you exactly catch?'' I asked. He seemed to hesitate to answer, almost as if he was embarrassed.

''Only one coven. You probably know them as the Cullens. Vampires don't come around here, much.'' Sam answered.

''Wait. They're…they're all real? They really do exist? They're just captured in the book?'' I asked.

''Yes.'' Sam nodded.

''That's great!'' I exclaimed, grinning.

''Sense has finally caught up with you.'' Jacob smiled. ''You've realized that it's better that they're stuck in the book.'' He added.

''No, you idiot. I've just realized that we can free them! Where's the book?'' I asked, looking around the room. Everyone looked at me with either disbelieve, worry or both. ''What?'' I asked.

''Are you insane? We can't have vampires running on the loose!'' Leah exclaimed, narrowing her eyes on me.

''They aren't dangerous!'' I shouted back, narrowing my eyes as well.

''They can't be trusted around humans.'' Paul spoke.

''There's humans in the book, too.'' I argued.

''But those humans aren't real. They're fictional.'' Jared replied.

So Katie was actually fake? I really liked her.

''Well, Edward and his family are not fictional. They deserve to be free – you can't decide over their lives.'' I said.

''No. But we can protect other humans' lives.'' Jared retorted. It didn't slip my attention that Sam wasn't trying to change my mind, even though he was the so-called 'Alpha'.

''They are perfectly in control. Even Jasper is doing extremely well.'' I defended, hating that these people were criticizing my family when they didn't even know them like I did.

''Yeah, here we don't go by names. We just call them leeches.'' Paul said.

''Who is Edward and Jasper?'' Seth asked.

''Jasper is Edward's brother and Edward is…everything.'' I sighed. Something suddenly popped into my head and I looked at my hand. ''I still have it!'' I exclaimed.

''Have what?'' Seth asked.

''Nothing.'' I said, hiding my left hand behind my back. ''Where's the book?'' I asked, before anyone could question me further. As I waited for their answer, I quickly slipped the ring off and discreetly put it into one of the shirt's pockets, pretending to just straighten it out.

''You're not letting them out.'' Jacob said, standing from the table. ''It isn't a plaything.'' He said, walking back into the kitchen.

''Don't talk to me like I'm an idiot! You're the moron here!'' I said.

''I'm the moron who is going to put an end to this.'' Jacob said, coming out from the kitchen with the book in his hand.

''Great. End it by giving it to me.'' I said, holding my right hand out.

''I don't think so.'' He passed by me, heading towards the fireplace.

''What are you doing?'' I asked, warily, standing from the couch and walking over to him.

''Putting an end to things.'' He answered in a hiss, throwing the book into the fireplace.

''NO!'' I screamed, jumping towards the fire.

Jacob caught me and I fought against him, but he didn't let me go. I watched wide-eyed as the book was consumed by the flames in the fire. I screamed at the top of my lungs, a pain stabbing at my heart. I continued to struggle and Jacob continued to hold me back. When the book was half burned away, he let go, expecting me to stop, probably. But I didn't. I ran over to the fireplace and tried to pull the book out of the flames, ignoring the searing pain that coursed through me, as my hands got burned. I only had my hands in the flames for a few seconds before someone pulled me away.

''Are you insane?'' Sam asked.

''Bella, your hands.'' Emily said. I didn't look at them, I couldn't care less. ''I'll get some ice.'' She added.

''Edward. Edward. Edward.'' I repeated over and over, tears flowing down my cheeks and sobs rocking my body.

''Bella, I'm home!'' I heard Charlie call.

I ignored him. I ignored everything. My eyes remained closed and my body remained frozen under the covers, still dressed in Edward's clothes and my hands wrapped with bandages – Sam had taken it upon himself to drive me home, so I didn't see a reason to change as I was now in my own room. I heard my door open and knew Charlie was there, but I had my back to him.

''Oh, she's sleeping.'' I heard him whisper.

I heard him scramble around with something and then heard him walking over to my bed. He kissed me on the hair and I fought back a sob. I heard him wish me a goodnight before he walked out of my room, closing my door quietly. I turned around, trying to see what he had been scrambling around with, trying to get my mind off of my current train of thoughts. I turned on the lamp on my nightstand and saw a piece of paper under it. I lifted it and read.

Hope you had a good day in school. Snowstorm coming. You don't have to go to school for the next week. Just sleep it away.

I was sort of glad I didn't have school tomorrow. I was not in the mood. And I doubted I would be any time soon.

As for sleeping, I doubted that would happen. This week would be spent doing nothing but crying over the loss of the love of my life.


My eyes shot open. I looked around, shocked.

Where am I?

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