You Found Me: Jason's true love



Author's Notes:

This fiction has songs they are Here Comes The Rain Again also Bad Romance.

Part Two

When Jason left the first time after the incident with Carly, he met Claudia and they had a type of arrangement between the two and when it was all over. The arrangement turned into deep feelings but then when Jason came back again. Claudia was broken up with him and didn't see her since. Oh boy Claudia had a surprised for him.

"What are you doing here?" Jason asked and then he introduced the Jackal to Claudia. "Vixennella." Jackal said and then giggled to himself as he ran upstairs after being banished. Claudia repeat the nickname and then they played twenty questions.

"What are you doing here?" Jason asked and Claudia told him about hearing about Emily. She believes her father had something to do with it, she wanted to say how sorry she was to hear about his loss.

"If that was John, I would want blood." Claudia said and Jason nodded his head. "Where's Sam?" Claudia asked and why she knew about Sam was that Jason told her about Claudia. Claudia does her research which didn't come to any surprise to Jason.

"She watched as your little boy got kidnapped! Why isn't that little bitch dead?" Claudia asked and Jason told her the reasons. "You could never hurt women that's what I love about you." Claudia said and Jason gave her a look… "You have a funny way of showing it." Jason said in a whisper. "Ouch." Claudia said with a smile. Claudia had reasons and she wants to tell him, tell him everything. "I will help you get even for Emily." Claudia then reached into a pocket and Jason opened it.

"I know I have to earn your trust back, those are the names of the doctors…Your daughter really wants to meet you…" Claudia said and prior to the news, there was a shouting match between Claudia and Jason as they both finished arguing. It was Jason who was sitting on the couch.