Author's Note

Hello everyone! Kireteiru here with a public service announcement for anyone who reads my fics (and those of my sister from another mother, Gyaku no Sekai). In light of FF's decision to enforce its "no adult content" ruling for this site, nee-chan and I have made the decision to move all of our, ahem, "risqué" content to "adult fanfiction dot net" (remove the spaces and replace "dot" with a period), which is in no way related to FF dot net.

Stories Affected for Me

Cheeseballs and Tentacle Rape
The Parallel: Two Corpses Chapter 29

Stories Affected for Her

Genkaku (which will be retitled as Aizou on AFF)
Through the Fire and the Flames
(In)Discretion Is the Better Part of Valor

Also note that as I have… less-than-stellar parental units, my adult content stories will be posted under her account name on AFF, Gyaku_no_Sekai.

Thank you for your support, and by all means, come visit us there!