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Chapter I - The Darkness Approaches

Only in silence the word,

only in dark the light,

only in dying life:

bright the hawk's flight

on the empty sky.

- The Creation of √Ča.

It was a stormy day, the winds blew violently and the waves crashed against the sides of the small shipping vessel that was making its way to the city of Enlad.

"Ease the sail! The wind is too strong!" the captain called to his men as the wind thrashed against the boat rocking it up and down and turning it into the waves. "Curse the lord, a storm this time of year? Where's my wheatherworker?" He called searching around the deck for him. Then the wheatherworker walked out from behind him, "Make haste lad, calm these waves before we go under!" He yelled. At that, the wheatherworker walked forwards and just stared at the sky. "What's wrong?" He asked.

"Captain," He said, "I can't remember the names; the true names of the wind or the waves."

"What?" The captain yelled, "Have you lost your mind?"

"Captain!" Came another voice. That of the lookout in the crows nest, "There's something above the clouds! Argh!" He called his voice full of terror.

The captain, along with his wheatherworker and another shipman, ran to the edge of the boat to look up at the sky. "Where is it?" He asked himself in desperation.

Suddenly they saw it, above the clouds. The captain's crew gasped and gaped unable to speak, but the captain spoke for them when he said, "The gods protect us!"

As they kept on looking flashes of brilliant yellow light shone out at intervals behind the clouds. Suddenly they saw it. A Dragon! It soared downward out of the clouds towards the sea. It suddenly let out a cry. Piercing and loud, like metal on metal.

Then, it swooped down and flew parallel over the waves, heading straight for the boat. All of the crew ducked as it flew slightly above them. The spray of water it caused drenched the captain and his crew.

"It's a dragon!" The wheatherworker said, "But what is it doing out here?"

"Look! There's another one!" A crewmember shouted as a second dragon flew just above the boat.

The captain and his crew watched on as the second dragon flew up to the first and started to latch onto it and tumble downwards. The first dragon let out another piercing screech as the second sunk his talons into its shoulder blades, causing the first to lunge ferociously at the second and sink its teeth into its neck. It shook its head violently causing the second dragons head to be tossed around in the same manner. Then the second dragon let out a piercing screech as he tumbled towards the sea, blood flowing out from the fatal wound in its neck. The dragon fell and disappeared into the waves.

"Dragons fighting? That's impossible!" The wheatherworker said in disbelief as he watched the remaining dragon soar on over the now calm and serene waters of the ocean.

Not far away, in the city of Enlad, the people went about their buying and selling under the watchful eyes of the grand palace that stood glinting in the sunlight. However, inside, in the grand courtroom, the king was discussing, or more rather, being bombarded with the problems of his land that had seemed to have been increasing in the past couple of months.

"More than 2,000 sheep have taken the fever in Enlad alone." One of his advisors told him, "Half of them have died. Seven hundred of the kingdoms prize cattle have been infected, so far we've lost 50 heads."

"Your majesty, I have received a report that an infant on Taon has been stricken with the fever." Another advisor said getting out of his chair.

"Be silent!" The King said to them all. "If we loose our heads now then what will become of the people? Seal off the infected areas to stop the fever from spreading, summon every healer in the kingdom to find a cure. For those with the greatest need, send ample provisions. Root, find out what is behind this." The king ordered speaking to each member in turn. The last being Wizard root, his most trusted.

"Majesty!" Root said nodding his head in approval to his king's command.

As the King and his counsel dispersed, a few of them followed their majesty to hear more of his summons.

"What about the drought in the provinces?" He asked his second hand.

"We sent wheatherworkers, but their spells had practically no effect. Soon we'll miss the date for the spring planting." He replied.

"Root, can you explain it to me? Why have these hardships struck us?" He asked Root who walked not two steps behind him.

"I sense the light dimming your majesty." He answered.

"The light?" The king asked confused.

"The light of balance that maintains the world."

Suddenly two messengers came running towards them calling out "Your majesty!"

"What is it?" He asked.

"Dreadful news I'm afraid! Dragons! They have just been sighted off the coast." The messenger replied.

"Dragons here?" He asked.

"Two, your majesty! One of them was killed." He added.

"Dragons, Here in the east? I never dreamed such a thing would come to pass." Root said in amazement and disbelief. "In ages past, dragons and men were one. Those who lusted after wealth chose the land and sea and became man, but those who cherished freedom became dragons and chose wind and fire. Since then dragons and men have remained divided. To hear that dragons have been seen, let alone fighting, means the darkness that threatens us is rapidly approaching." Root explained directing to the mosaics of dragon and men carved on the palace walls.

"Bring the ship's captain to me. I wish to hear more of this." The king ordered the messengers.

As the king spoke those words, two servant girls slowed their running and bowed respectfully as he passed them, however, one of the girls picked up her head. "Your majesty?" She asked almost in a whisper.

"Don't. We'll get in trouble!" The other hissed at her.

"I have to!" She whispered back.

"What is it?" His second hand asked them.

"I was wondering if you have seen prince Arren." She asked.

"You see, he has not returned since last night." The other girl stated.

"Prince Arren? Gone?" His second hand exclaimed.

"That's enough!" A voice came from behind them. They all turned to see the queen standing there adorned with satins and finery. "His majesty's quite occupied. Surely you can see that?"

"Forgive me your majesty. It's just that he's not himself lately and we were worried." The Youngest said begging forgiveness.

"That's absurd! Arren is no longer a boy! In fact he's seventeen." She said scolding the girl with her words. "Please forgive this heedless interruption your majesty. The people of Enlad deserve your undivided attention." She said turning to her husband.

"Very well." He said turning to carry on walking.

"Sire." She said respectfully bowing to him.

"I must attend to my correspondents." He said to his advisors as he approached a marble staircase.

"Yes your majesty." They said bowing and returning to the courtroom.

As the king exited the stairway, he entered a corridor that was entirely of pale marble and which had large statues of each of the kings of Enlad carved along it's sides.

As he neared the two wooden door at the end of the hallway he heard a faint noise. He turned to see what it was, but there was nothing there. He glanced at the statue of his father. Nothing. "I'm seeing things!" He said to himself as he turned to unlock the doors.

Then from behind one of the statues, the glinting of a dagger could be seen. The wielder of the knife silently charged at the unsuspecting king. The king barely had enough time to turn around before the wielder plunged his knife into the King's stomach.

As he fell to the ground the wielder stooped down and fumbled with the kings belt then took the crafted sword that was tied there. He examined it for a minute and then ran. As his footsteps faded into the distance the king looked up at where his attacker had run off to and with his last breath whispered a name. "Arren!"

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