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"Well what do you think?" I ushered my new wife over, Renee, to our new home. I sighed in contentment. New wife, new home, our first child was on the way. You did it old boy.

"You weren't kidding when you said it was out in the middle of nowhere. But really, a reservation? Really?" I could tell she really wasn't keen on the idea but I knew she'd settle in quickly. The locals were very welcoming and didn't object at all to having a white man, or pale face as they called us, as their Chief of Police.

"It isn't so bad Renee," I chuckled and looked over at our new two story home that faced first beach. "People pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a beach view and look we've got it,"

"Yeah I guess, but does it ever get warm?" her arms wrapped around her small form. I drew her in against me and smiled.

"Don't worry, I'm sure it does," I looked up just in time to see our next door neighbor come out of his house to join us.

"Hey Chief Swan! You settling in okay?"

"What did I tell you Atera, you can call me Charlie when I'm not on duty," Phil's face broke out into a huge smile, especially when his eyes fell on Renee.

"Yeah sure, as long as you call me Phil," he held out his hand to shake Renee's and surprised her by kissing her knuckles.

"Well now, you must Renee. Charlie here hasn't stopped talking about you since I first met him. It's nice to finally meet you," she smiled shyly, and thanked him for being so kind. Phil's eyes fell onto her small rounded stomach and a grin broke out over his face. "And I see congratulations are in order!" he took my wife completely by surprise by pulling her in for a hug. Renee was never really comfortable with public shows of affection but she didn't seem to mind. Phil was a guy you just couldn't not like.

"Thank you," she smiled and then looked back at me, with a look that had a bit more hope than when we first arrived. I smiled not worried in the least. La Push was going to be our new home.

Three years later

Phil, his wife Marie, their newborn, Quil, along with Renee and I made our way over to Billy Black's house to welcome the new addition to their family. Isabella, our daughter, who was now two years old laughed and cooed, her little hands trying to catch the leaves that flew by, was off to the Uley's to be babysat by their eight year old son Sam. I swear that boy was wiser beyond his years, there aren't many people I'd trust with my baby girl.

We dropped Bella off at the Uley's happy to see that she'd have other kids to play with. Harry and Sue's twins, Seth and Leah. Cindy's daughter, Kim. John and Clara's new baby, Embry. Billy and Anna's older twin daughters, Rachel and Rebecca.

I couldn't help the smile on my face when I saw the other boy in the background, helping with putting on Seth's pyjama's; Jared Mitchell, Ron and June's boy. He was about two years younger than Paul and Sam, but like Sam he acted much older, wiser.

Emily, Harry and Sue's niece was also there helping. She was about a year younger than Sam but very motherly towards the kids. She'd living with the Clearwaters' ever since her parents passed away in a fire a few years back. She was a really nice girl, always smiling and wanting to learn how to cook. Her mother's passion had been cooking and apparently her father boasted night and day about his wife's culinary skills. Perhaps to the girl, that was a way to remember her parents.

Then there was Paul. He was by the tv playing his video games. The poor boy had taken a turn for the worse when his parents separated. I looked at him, wanting to go give the boy a pat on the back but I knew it would most likely upset him. Which brought me to my present thoughts. I really hoped Bella wouldn't have to go down that road.

"How's it going with Renee?" Phil asked once the girls were out of range ahead of us. He'd probably seen the way I looked at Rich's boy back at the Uley's and figured what was going on in my mind.

"The same I guess," I shrugged not really knowing how to put it. Ever since she'd given birth Renee had been different. Wanting to go out and do things we'd never done when it was just the two of us, like clubbing. I don't dance, nor am I a heavy drinker, never was.

"She's been going on about wanting to travel, see the world," I sighed, my words finally dawning on me on how different we'd both become in this short time. Don't get me wrong, I still loved her with all my heart, but things just weren't the same anymore.

"What do you figure's going to happen?" I wasn't sure I was open to talk about that part just yet. It was still touchy and plus, I wasn't one for gossiping, least of all about myself.

"Don't know, guess we'll see huh?" I looked up at the sky and put my hands in my jean pockets.

"Well, I just wanted you to know that whatever happens, you're always welcome over for a beer if you want," Phil patted me on the back and smiled a sad smile, like he could read my mind and see what I had a feeling was going to happen.

Black Residence

"What a handsome boy!" Renee held Jacob in her arms. Billy held his wife, Anna close to him, the smile of a proud father spread wide over his face.

"I bet he'll be as big as his old man," Harry slapped Billy on the back and took a quick sip of beer.

"I'll tell you one thing though," Anna walked out of her husband's arm and joined the rest of the women sitting at her kitchen table, Renee, Marie, Sue, June. Cindy and Clara. "If he's going to be anything like how your mother described you as a child the twins are in trouble!" she laughed when Billy blushed bright red.

"Ah come off it. I wasn't that bad," Phil, John, Joshua, Harry, Rich, and Ron all nearly choked on their beers. They all grew up here together in La Push and all knew each other as kids.

"Not that bad?" Rich's eyebrows were near his forehead. "You got us all into more trouble than my boy Paul ever got Sam and Jared into, and Paul's a real shit-disturber,"

I burst out laughing at the thought of these grown men as kids getting into trouble. I could just see them as a gang of hooligans. I wiped off a tear of mirth from the corner of my eye, momentarily forgetting my marital troubles and what effects it could have later on.

Five years later

Bella POV

It was my first day in second grade and I was so excited! I couldn't wait to show my Rebecca, Rachel, Leah and Kim my new 'Gummy Bears' bag. I loved the 'Gummy Bears', it was my favorite cartoon! I was passing the first grade class when something wet and slimy landed in my hair making me scream.

"Ha! Told you I could get it in her hair!" I scowled at the family voice,

"Jacob!" I saw the little twit run from behind the billboard in the hallway and back into class with Quil, Embry and Seth laughing and pointing at me.

I reached up into my ponytail and pulled out the goopy ball of 'Gak' out of my hair. I squatted down on the ground and put my new school bag in front of me. Unzipping the front pocket, I put the gross ball of goop in there and closed it back up. I was going to get him back!

That afternoon

I got off the bus at Sam's house with Jake and the other boys. Yuck, they were so gross, picking their noses and showing each other the worms and bugs they had in their pockets. I was still going to get Jake back! The teacher had to help me get the last bits of 'Gak' out of my hair, she even had to get it wet and pass a comb through it and it hurt when she had to pull at the knots. I didn't cry though, only sissies cry.

"Did you roll it in the mud yet?" Leah was waiting for me outside the bus. She gave me the idea to roll the 'Gak' in mud.

"Yeah! I found a really gross puddle by the swings," we laughed thinking about what was going to happen to Jake.

"Hi girls," we both looked up and smiled at Sam, our babysitter. He was in Junior High so his bus passed before ours. Emily and Paul were already there too, Emily preparing a snack and Paul sitting at the table eating like a pig.

Leah smiled bright; she always thought Sam was the best.

"Eww! Stop doin' that! You could catch them," I whispered, I didn't want him to hear that I thought he had cooties, he could get angry and not make his after school snack. For a boy he made great snacks and he let us eat them in front of the tv as long as we didn't make a mess.

"Hi Sam!" we called out and walked into his parents' house. He kept the door open for us and the boys. I took out the ball of 'Gak' and quickly put it on Jake's chair in the dining room.

Jake came out of the bathroom after washing his hands and sat down hard on his chair and screamed when he sat on the sticky, slimy ball of goop. "EWW!" Leah and I burst out laughing and pointed at him. He looked down to his pants and then back up at us.

"It looks like you pooped your pants!" I stopped laughing when I saw his eyes tear up and his bottom lip begin to shake.

"Look he's crying like a baby! You gonna cry baby?" Leah kept on laughing but I hung my head, ashamed. I didn't mean to make him cry.

"Leah! Isabella! Time out right now!" Sam's voice made us jump and we both looked up.

"But he did it to Isabella first today! He got it in her hair!" Leah pleaded with him, I knew she hated time out. I turned around and went to sit on the stairs, feeling really bad and ready for my punishment.

"Doing it back doesn't make it right," Sam's voice was full of disappointment as he pointed to the chair out on the porch as Leah's time out spot.

All I could think of was Jake's sad face and I started to cry. I tried to hide it, laying my head on my knees, but Sam heard me.

"Why are you crying? Jake's the one with ruined pants," I felt him sit down next to me on the stairs.

"Why are you here? I'm in time out,"

"I saw how sad you were when you saw Jake cry and I wanted to come make sure you were okay," I felt his hand rub my back. Cooties or not, it felt good to have someone make me feel better.

"I didn't mean for him to cry, he was just so mean to me today,"

"Leah told me about it and I talked to Jake about it," my head shot up. I didn't want Jake to think I was a tattle tale, then he'd really tease me.

"It's okay Isabella, I told him you two could talk when you're both ready," I nodded and looked up when I heard a voice around the corner.

"I – I'm ready Sam," Jake slowly came out from around the corner wearing only his Sponge Bob t-shirt, He-Man underwear and navy blue socks.

"I'm proud of you Jake," Sam smiled and ruffled his black hair, then patted my shoulder. "Go easy on him,"

I watched Jake slowly make his way up the stairs and sit next to me.

"I'm sorry I got that stuff in your hair," he looked up at me, I could tell he was still really sad but not just from having no pants.

"Thanks, I'm sorry I put it on your chair, and that I got it full of mud,"

"It's okay,"

"Oh, isn't this cute! The two babies are sitting on the stairs together," Paul's voice made me frown and look up at him. He was such a bully. "Oh and look! The boy baby's in his underwear! What happened little baby, did you pee your pants?" I could see tears coming back in Jake's eyes and I felt even worse, especially since it was my fault he was in his underwear. But seeing Paul laugh and Jake cry made me angry, really angry.

"You leave him alone Paul!" I stood up on the stairs and faced him, my nose almost touching his. Paul's eyes widened in surprise but he frowned. I remembered my mom telling me was a very angry boy because his mom didn't live with him. I didn't understand why but I didn't care. He was being really mean.

"Or else what?" I saw Quil, Embry and Seth come around the corner to watch, too scared to come too close. Leah peeked through the window to see what was going on. Jared and Sam were in the kitchen watching, but Sam smiled at me and winked. That's when I remembered.

"Or else I'll tell everyone I saw you kiss a girl!"

"Ewww!" the boys and Leah all made faces, grossed out.

"You're lying!" he looked around, nervous. I could hear laughing from the kitchen but I chose to ignore it.

"Nuh uh! I saw you kiss Angie behind the slide," he was quiet, his face was red and he was really angry, but I think that had more to do with Sam and Jared laughing at him.

"Whatever, no one's gonna believe a twirp like you, later," he walked away, but looked behind him at me. I lifted my fists ready to fight. He frowned but continued on his way out.

"Wow! Thanks Bella," Jake whispered, then his eyes widened. "Oh sorry, Isabella,"

"It's okay, I really like Bella. It's better than Isabella," I made a face, my name was always too girly. I liked Jake's version better. I looked down at my shoes and then back up at him. "So… do you want to be friends?"

"Yeah," he smiled then his eyes lit up. "Hey there's a great puddle of mud in back here, wanna go make mud pies?"

"Yeah!" we ran past Sam, who smiled and told us to come back in when the snacks were ready. Jake took my hand in his and pulled me out towards the porch. I looked at our hands locked together and then back up at his smiling face. What do you know, no cooties.

We played until Uncle Phil came to pick Quil and me up. I loved it what it was Uncle Phil's turn to pick us up, he always told the best stories about people turning into wolves and keeping us safe at night. My dad never had great stories like that.

So what do you think? I have a lot more coming up! I'm really excited about this story. Reviews are always appreciated =)