Hi Everyone,

I know this is absolutely not what any of you want to see but I have to let you all know that I haven't given up on this story; far from it actually.

Two months before Christmas two colleagues passed away at my work; one at the age of 51 and the other at 56. It was a shock to all of us and some took it really rough as they'd both been working there for over 25 years and were also related to many of the people there. The company itself went downhill from there and I had to look for another job before it hit rock bottom.

I found a new job, working at the same place as my husband and love it. Over the course of the past few months after Christmas, my grandfather's health had be deteriorating more and more to the point where we don't know if he'll make it to Christmas this year. His health seemed to be affecting my grandmother's as well. Being the closest living relative I am there often caring for my grandparents.

During all this my computer's motherboard fried, taking with it all my saved chapters, all my work. Everything. Once that was replaced my power supply fried.

Basically, as it goes, I'm getting the shit end of the stick but I'm dealing =) The only thing keeping me from pulling my hair out and screaming is reading some fanfiction with a glass of wine.

I do plan on continuing my story but without a computer and being that I'm hardly home makes it rather difficult. If anyone has any ideas and would like to throw things my way or take up where I left off please email me =)

Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to reading and talking to you all on the great world of Fanfiction.

Eternalfan (Kayla)