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A/N: This idea has been buzzing around in my head for ages so I finally decided to write it. My Harry Stark series will still be my main focus and my Luna Lovegood series is on temporary hiatus.

Chapter 1: Lanterns Light

By Darth Krypton the LUNAtic

"It's not fair."

14 ( nearly 15) year old Harry Potter was in a bad mood. Why? Voldemort. That one word just about summed the problem up. The man who had killed his parents was back, the public didn't believe him, Dumbledore was keeping things form him, Ron and Hermione were following him like little puppets, and Sirius wasn't able to get an interesting letter passed the manipulative old man.

Harry kicked a can as he walked. His life had taken a down-hill turn since the beginning of the Triwizard Tournament and had kept going down.

Harry knew in his heart that he was the only one in existence capable of finishing Voldemort. He had never felt so alone.

The young wizard had walked the neighbourhood when he looked into the sky and noticed a blaze of light flying across the sky. It was green. Not the cold green of the killing curse but a warm sort of green that seemed to comfort him.

As he was musing Harry saw the light descend and crash into the ground far away. And he ran.


Harry didn't know how long he had been running or why, but he just knew that he needed to reach the source of that light.

An hour later Harry collapsed in front of a crater. In the centre of that crater was a man, or what looked like a man. Despite the fact he was obviously dying the creature turned towards him.

"Hello, I have been waiting for you Harry Potter."

Harry was shocked the man ( close enough) knew his name. "Who are you?" Harry asked.

"I," said the green vested man, "am Abin Sur, guardian of space sector 2814."

Harry was shocked. He knew that he shouldn't be due to his knowledge of the magical world but he was shocked. The man was an alien. And not just an alien but some sort of protector.

Harry finally spoke again: "Why have you been waiting for me?"

"Because," said Abin Sur, "I am dying, and someone needs to carry on my role."

He tried to bend and Harry ran over to help him. Finally he stood up and took off the green ring on his right hand.

"You, Harry Potter, have been chosen as a man without fear. Take this ring and fulfill your role as a Green Lantern."

Harry stared at the ring that had been handed to him. It glowed in his hand. He then watched in horror as Abin Sur collapsed and murmured "Good Luck" before taking his last breath and disappearing.

Harry stood for quite some time before he finally slipped on the ring. As Harry slipped on the ring he heard words in his read when he unconsciously repeated it.

In Brightest Day

In Blackest Night

No Evil Shall Escape My Sight

Let Those Who Worship Evil's Might

Beware My Power

Green Lantern's Light

Harry felt a great swirl of power as he stood standing in the same uniform Abin had been wearing.

"This is a bit conspicuous, isn't it," Harry said to himself. Another flash of green light later and Harry stood standing in close that fit him with a white t-shirt, black jeans, and a green jacket.

At that moment he heard a voice in his head. "You will be transported to the training facility in two hours."

"I best get going," Harry fought. He ran blazing back to Privet Drive.


Back at Privet Drive the Dursleys were fuming. Dudley had been home for half an hour while that Potter boy was still not back yet. Just as they were planning a punishment Harry came tearing through the door.


Harry just shrugged. "I'm leaving now Uncle and you'll never have to see me again."

Vernon Dursleys expression changed completely. "Well, I'll help you with your bags then."

Harry nooded his thanks and did most of the work as he and his uncle dragged the rest of his bags out the door.

Just as his uncle was muttering "no more funny business" the sky lit up with green light.

"What the devil is going on!" yelled Vernon as a great booming light yelled. "HARRY POTTER, WELCOME TO THE GREEN LANTERNS!"

"Well that's weird," said Harry as he disappeared leaving a raving lunatic (Vernon) behind.

A/N: I know it's short but it's just the introduction. And before any Green Lantern fans criticise me, this isn't DC Comics style this is DK (as in Darth Krypton) FanFiction style. Next chapter of Harry Stark is coming soon.