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Chapter 8: Army of Allies

By Theta 'Krypto' Nigma

Relieved to finally be out of yet another hospital bed (how many has he been in?), Harry was eating breakfast back in the warm and familiar Great Hall of Hogwarts. Luna, Harry's steadily closer friend, was sitting to his right while Ron and Hermione sat across from him, still looking at him oddly after there experience with his 'perfect double'.

"Harry, are you alright," asked Hermione, using what little of the logic she had used in first year remained.

"Fine, why do you ask," replied Harry, shovelling some bacon into his mouth.

"It's just that your different from yesterday," stated Hermione as she leaned in closely, as if looking for some minor difference. "I can't figure out what's changed."

Luna could hold herself no longer and promptly burst out laughing before falling onto the ground in a fit of giggles.

As she pulled herself back into her seat Harry stared at her incredulously, obviously wondering what had been so funny.

"I'll explain later," she whispered just as Dumbledore marched into the Great Hall and straight up to the Golden Quartet.

"I'm sorry to disturb you so suddenly my dear boy but I need you to come with me immediately," declared Dumbledore rather quickly.

Glancing at his friends Harry sped off after Dumbledore, making sure he had his ring on as he walked. Harry didn't think he had to worry about Dumbledore but Hal always said one could never be too careful…

As he pursued the aged Headmaster Harry walked by a couple of 6th year Ravenclaw boys laughing together.

"…she's absolutely nuts, she is. Looney aught to be locked u…."

The boy did not expect the fist that slammed him into the wall, nor the hand that lifted him by the scruff of his neck off his feet.

Harry glared at the boy, his green eyes flaring. "Shut. Up," he growled.

The boy held his hands up in a sign of surrender. "Ok man, I won't say anything like that ever again."

Harry set the boy back down and ran off after the Headmaster, neither of them noticing the smile from the blonde hiding behind a statue, nor the green glow that had surrounded Harry's fist.

Harry finally caught up to the Headmaster as they reached his office.

"There you are Harry," said the Headmaster as Harry ran up next to him. "Let me just give the password and we can begin."

"Green Lantern," muttered the Headmaster, and the staircase revealed itself. At these words, Harry nearly jumped out of his skin until the Headmaster reached into his pocket and revealed the true meaning of the password.

"They're these delicious new mint gummies," said Dumbledore as he held out a packet of the candies. "Here, try one."

"Eeer, thank you Headmaster," said Harry as he took one of the candies while trying to hide his sigh of relief.

Dumbledore ascended the staircase with Harry following close behind. The door to his office opened to reveal a horrid sight.

"There you are Dumbledore," greeted Professor Umbridge. "I need to speak to you about…oh good, Mr. Potter is here as well."

The Headmaster gave an audible sigh. "What is it now Ms. Umbridge."

"I am merely here to tell you that Mr. Potter has not attended any of my classes," she snapped.

"Classes?" Harry asked, clearly surprised. "I thought we were still reading that dull and incredibly inaccurate book. If you're going to teach something I would be happy to attend."

"You see Headmaster," screeched Umbridge. "This is the disrespect I have been receiving from so many of my students and I will not…"

"Yes, yes," replied the Headmaster in a clearly disinterested tone. "Wait in your office and I will come to speak with you momentarily. Right now I have some important business to attend to."

Umbridge angrily stormed out of the office, closing the door behind her and the Headmaster gave off a rather audible sigh of relief.

"Now then Harry, please sit down," Dumbledore said, taking his own seat.

Harry sat down, wondering (and worrying) about what the Headmaster could possibly want.

"Harry," he began. "I have given this much thought and, with the holidays fast approaching, I have decided that tonight next week you shall be attending a meeting of the Order of the Phoenix."

"Why sir?" asked a puzzled Harry. Despite his newly found skills of observation and logic he had no idea what the Headmaster had planned for him.

"There are some things I have neglected to tell you these past four years and I think it is time I told you the full story," replied Dumbledore with that trademark twinkle in his eye. "Now run along, your friends will be waiting for you."

Harry understood he had been dismissed and quickly left the office, while Dumbledore began to muse upon more important things, like what a mint gum candy would taste like fused magically together with one of his Sherbet Lemons.

As a minor explosion was heard from the Headmasters office, miles away another meeting was occurring.

"HOW DARE YOU ENTER THE HOME OF LORD VOLDEMORT!" This cry came from a creature so feared by the wizarding populace that the very utterance of his name brought forth screams of terror, a creature who was once considered by many to be immortal, a creature who could be dispatched in about half a second by most of the heroes of other published stories or even by one of my semi-competent fans wielding a loaded pistol(1). Lord Voldemort.

"You are Tom Marvolo Riddle?" inquired the voice of the one who had ripped through the wards of Riddle Manor.

"You dare!" growled Voldemort in rage. "You dare to mock the name of Lord Voldemort!"

"Lord," laughed the voice. "Lord of what? Even if you controlled these 'wizards' it would be nothing to gloat about. This sub-species is remarkably weaker then the ordinary humans over who you claim superiority."

At this point Voldemort was seething with anger. Not only did the being question the power of Lord Voldemort it dared to claim that mere muggles were stronger then he.

Attempting a façade of calm power Voldemort walked slowly towards the being, as if it were not worth his time. "What am I Lord of you ask? I am the Lord of Darkness."

Before the supposed 'Lord of Darkness' could blink he laid burning on the ground, only barely alive, his whole body aching with pain.

"Let me show you what darkness really looks like," cried the voice. And out of the Shadows came a real nightmare. A being who looked almost human but whose eyes held a darkness that contained all the creatures of death and pain. Parallax.(2)

At that moment dozens of Death Eaters began pouring into the room, ready to defend there master.

"Take another step and you'll be worshipping ashes."

All the Death Eaters instantly stopped, unsure of what to do.

Now free of distractions Parallax turned back towards his crippled enemy and frowned. None of these fools could stand in battle against even a single Lantern. But that was unimportant, he didn't need them to destroy his enemies. No, there purpose would be much different.

"What do you know about Harry Potter," he asked. Despite himself, Voldemort began to laugh.

"WHAT?" shouted Harry.

A week had passed since his meeting with the Headmaster and whatever Harry had expected to here during the Order meeting, it had not been this.

"We would like you to become an honorary member of the Order of the Phoenix," replied Dumbledore. "As you would not be a full member you would not have to take part in all of the regular duties but would still be privy to our information and welcome to attend any of our meetings."

Harry was absolutely gobsmacked. This was brilliant. Not only had he gained the full trust of the Order, but he would be able to learn where Voldie was hiding. He could take out Tom before anyone else realized what had happened.

"Thank-you Headmaster," smiled Harry. Looking around the room Harry spotted Sirius grinning back at him.

"Welcome to the Order Harry," he said, clapping Harry on the back. "You've earned it more than I have."

"Now Harry," spoke up Dumbledore. "There is something I must tell you and I must ask only those whom you trust completely must ever know of this secret. Before you were born…"

He was interrupted as Severus Snape stomped sadly into the room.

"Dumbledore, I have terrible news," he said. "Voldemort has gained a powerful ally.

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