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Rachel P.O.V

I looked at my watch impatiently wishing that he would hurry up and arrive, I knew I was thirty minutes early but I was just so excited to see him again after six months apart. I knew we

were still together as a couple but with me in the touring production of Chicago, and Noah touring with his band, we never saw each other. I longed for him to hold me in his arms once

more, I longed for those nights that we would just stay up all night and talk. The past six months had been almost therapeutic, I realised I could never live without him or go any longer

without seeing him. Yes I spoke to him three times a day but hearing his voice was never enough. When we spoke I used to imagine him sitting on the other end of the phone rolling his

eyes at something I said or the way he smiled and his cute little dimples. I longed for him to hold me so tightly that the only thing I could smell was his own luscious scent, my favourite

smell in the world. I loved going to see him perform, he always concentrated so hard on strumming his guitar and singing, but yet he managed to maintain a cool and relaxed persona. I

always found something so attractive about Noah when he performed, perhaps it was how passionate he was, or the fact his rough yet musical voice sent shivers down my spine and also

the fact so many of his songs were about me. I always felt I could burst with happiness every time I heard him sing, I always knew he could do it. I searched through the crowd frantically

trying to see if I could I spot him, but of course being so short has its disadvantages.

Puck's P.O.V

Six months was a heck of a long time especially when you aren't used to spending even a day apart from the love of your life. She completed me, which sounds desperately cheesy from a

rising rock star and a former stud but there is no other way to say it. I knew that Rachel would be waiting for me at least half an hour early not expecting me, so I wanted to surprise her. I

had brought a bunch of her favourite flowers black and white calla lilies, the may sound unusual but Rachel is not your typical girl. I miss hearing the random rants that she used to take,

they always put a smile on my face unless they were about me of course. When I see her I want her to run up to me and wrap her legs round my waist while kissing me furiously just like a

typical scene from any romance. I want to hug her tightly and rest my head on hers and breathe her in. She always smells faintly of coconut. Listen to me this girl has turned me soft, it just

shows how much I love her. The last time I saw her was the first night she was touring with Chicago, yes she only was the understudy for Roxy, and in the Cell Block Tango, or something

but when she sang her voice was mesmerising, it took we into a world of my own, a world where there was just me and her. I checked my phone, it was twenty minutes to one and I was

just getting off the subway, plenty of time left to surprise her.

Rachel P.O.V

It was twenty to one, I wish we had agreed to meet sooner, I contemplated calling him. No I wanted to see him first I knew he would be here soon or at least by one. I didn't even know

what I was going to say to him, it probably will be one of those heart wrenchingly romantic moments when the boy finally gets the girl he has loved since high school, and the one person

who is the only match for the girl. I looked around the crowds trying to spot him, Times Square was always busy on a Saturday afternoon. I continued looked around, and then that's when

I saw it. That's right I seen the 'hawk. Finally after years of having shaved hair he finally grew it back. We had endless conversations on whether or not he should grow it, at one point I

made a pro con list. He knew me better than I could ever imagine, only he would know I could arrive half an hour early.

I stood gazing at him while his eyes were flickering through the crowds trying to find me, he looked like a badass god of some sort if such a thing existed. He had dark jeans on with black

loafers and then a grey shirt that opened slightly at the front which teasingly revealed his perfectly toned chest. He was exactly the same as he was six months ago, only if possible even

more gorgeous. Once he caught my eye, I cocked my eyebrow at him, and his eyes began to light up and he began striding towards me just as I made my way to him. Finally I would be

able to feel, smell kiss and hold him after so long apart. I had dreamt of this moment since the day we parted. I heard a lot of commotion in the background but was too absorbed in the

moment, of seeing his smile and the way his face dimpled at the sides. It was only when I was footsteps from him that there was a sharp eruption of pain in my side.

Puck's P.O.V

I reached the top of the Subway steps and frantically began to search for Rachel, I searched hurriedly through the masses of people to find her petite figure, not wanting to spend anytime

apart. I wanted to tell her how badly I loved her, and how badly I wanted her, and to feel her soft warm skin. I scanned the faces in the crowd, until by eyes automatically double tracked

back to one brown haired woman. She cocked her eyebrow at me and her entire face lit up like a child's on Christmas day. Her chocolate brown eyes filled with tears of happiness and

were traced with sadness at the time we had spent apart. She began to run slightly and her dark locks flew gracefully behind her. She looked like an angel and I knew I was finally home. I

sensed the crowds moving away from us, it was although they knew we were meant to be here together. I noticed nothing, I was footsteps away from Rachel and I could feel my grin

widened, hell it probably was wider than the Cheshire cat's grin! Before we could reach each other Rachel began to stop, her eyebrows furrowed and she began to clutch her side, and her

face began to display a deep sense of agony. I ran to her before she collapsed into me in a heap, I looked down at her hands and they were stained with red blood that was seeping

through her shirt.

"Berry? Rachel? Rachel, it's me Noah, can you hear me, stay with me please." My throat began to close up and tears spilled through my eyes.

"Somebody call 911, she's been shot at!" I yelled through the crowds of people who were all grouped together trying to help other victims.

"Noah?" She called weakly, her eyes were wide open and she was searching for my face, but couldn't seem to find me.

"Noah?" She called out and the panic was obvious in her voice.

"I'm right here baby, it's going to be fine." I soothed her as I lay her down on the pavement, on some guy's jacket. I wiped away the tears that were pouring endlessly from my eyes.

"What's happening Noah? I feel so exhausted." She whispered softly.

"There's been an accident, sweetheart but it's gonna be ok just don't close your eyes Berry, please." My voice broke as I pleaded fearing that the worst could happen. She couldn't die

here not like this, not right now. We had only been just reunited we had our whole life together left to live. I heard another gunshot fire in the distance followed by more screams. I tried to

blank it all out, and focused on Rachel. Her face was pale, and a sheet of cold sweat had developed on her forehead, and her side kept bleeding. I took off my shirt and pressed it gently to

her side.

"Mmm, it smells just like you" she murmured, and clutched my hand. I pressed my lips to her forehead praying to God that an ambulance would come soon.

"Keep holding on baby, just a few more minutes ok?" I said.

"Ok" she replied "Noah I'm glad you have the Mohawk again, defiantly a badass rock star" she laughed softly.

I tried to muster some sort of laugh, but I knew that if I lost control I would be wailing on the street , and I didn't want to panic her anymore. I kept reassuring her not knowing what else to do, she barely replied. I stoked her hair and pushed it out of her face.

"Noah, I love you, you know that right?"Rachel said suddenly, she sounded so strong when she said it.

"I do, and I love you too but please, don't say it like that, you make it seem like it's the last time you will say it." My voice quivered as I said it.

She laughed weakly before asking me the words that made me feel my insides would come back up.

"Noah why is it so cold?"

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