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Chapter 10

After receiving that phone call I knew what I had to do so I grabbed everything I had and threw a few tens at the barman before sprinting out the door. It has started to pour outside within seconds I was soaked to the skin, but I didn't care I needed a cab. Where the hell where they when you needed one? I decided to run up the street for a bit hoping to see one and just as I turned the corner I spotted one pulling up.

"Take me to Lenox Hill Hospital" I demanded "And I'll give you twice the fair if you can get me there in fifteen minutes, its urgent". I knew we weren't far away from so it could be done, and the taxi driver didn't need to be told twice to go.

My head was spinning it may have been from all the alcohol or it maybe just from the rush of the situation, never the less I didn't want to think about what I'd just heard, the sooner I got to the hospital the better.

The roads were surprisingly deserted even for two in the morning, so it was no surprise the taxi man got me there in just over ten minutes. I was grateful for a cab never mind getting their in fifteen minutes so I gave the guy fifty bucks for a twenty dollar fair, and then sprinted inside.

I knew where I was going I'd been here too many times before and tonight would probably be the last time. I hope. Not even bothering to wait for the elevator I went for the stairs taking them two at a time and I reached the sixth floor in record time. I all but threw myself through the double doors ran for dear life down the hallway, ran into a medicine cart, nearly knocked over an old lady, slipped because I had created a puddle from my clothes and finally I reached Rachel's room. I had to stop for a minute and catch my breath or I was pretty sure I would have passed out. A few seconds I shoved Rachel's door open to find the room deserted. It was in darkness.

Where was everyone? More importantly where the hell was Rachel? What had happened in here? And after that moment I couldn't remember what I had been told on the phone. All I remember was a voice saying 'you need to get here right away.' I punched the wall and then slumped against it and began shaking all over before I let out a cry so loud I'm sure the entire ward heard me. Rachel was gone and there was nothing I could do. I had dreaded this moment for so long and it just didn't seem real. I found myself gasping for breath, but I didn't care. I started shivering and my wet clothes felt like a tonne of bricks was weighing me down. What was the point in living if I couldn't share my life with the person that I loved more than life itself? This couldn't be real it just couldn't. I don't know how long I sat there until a nurse came. She had helped care for Rachel over the past few months and right now I couldn't remember her name.

"Noah? What are you doing in here?" she asked. I couldn't find my voice to answer her question, I couldn't even look at her. "Come with me" she said gently. I didn't want to I just wanted to stay in this one place forever and never move again. "Noah please you need to come with me" and she extended hand. I took it and began to follow her up the corridor. I had no idea where we were going, but I hoped it wasn't to talk to someone 'important' or to someone 'who could help'. I really couldn't deal with trying to make any arrangements right now.

She stopped outside another room, it looked just like any other room in this place.

"Why don't you go inside, just shout if you need anything." And then she left.

So I opened the door and there was Quinn, Mike, Finn, Brittany, Shelby, Brittany, Artie, Santana and even Kurt. I was shocked at how quick each of them got here and I nodded at each of them before my gaze went to Rachel. And then my heart stopped.

I stood there absolutely dumfounded. I closed my eyes to make sure it was real, it wasn't the first time I had imagined something. But it was real. The evidence was right in front of me. It was impossible to deny it.

Rachel was awake she sat there smiling at me, that smile that I loved so much. Without thinking I ran over to her and kissed every inch of her face. Tears of happiness were streaming down my face, it was like Niagara Falls had opened. I only just noticed the gang leaving the room giving us some privacy.

"Rachel, I can't believe you are awake" I gushed in between kisses. "You have no idea how much I've missed you, please never do that again". I just kept on telling her how much I loved her.

"Noah, I love you so much" she replied before tearing up. A tear trickled down her cheek but I caught it with my finger. She hugged me and everything felt right again, I stopped shivering and my heart felt it had swelled up again to twice its usual size.

"Berry, what happened to you? I've been a mess without you, please never do that to me again!"

"Ha I'll try but of my things to do, being shot was never one of them" she laughed gently, but I seen her shift and her face showed the pain that she still felt in her side.

"Hey, you ok? What did the doctor say?"

"Oh I'll be fine it could be a while before I'm back to normal, he mentioned something about physiotherapy. Looks like I won't be performing for a while" she sighed.

"Well then I'll just have you all to myself" and I took her hand and kissed it. "God I've missed you so much, I really thought I had lost you at one point."

"You'll never loose me if I have anything to do with it" And she pulled my head towards her and gave me the kiss that we should have had all those months ago.

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