I know…I know, you all are thinking this is an update. Well I hate to disappoint but it's not. I feel incredibly awful and you guys deserve more. Real life has snatched Glee and I up, and while I severely love my fic wife for stepping in for EPOV last chapter, I can't seem to channel Bella right now. That's right I have some major blockage. I have been really trying, taking as much advice as I can and she seems to have left the Winnie. So I am putting The Quest on hiatus for a little while. Glee and I are going to wait until after the holidays and such and then try to regroup and keep this road trip going. We love everyone last one of the reviews and alerts…it means so much to us. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts. To anyone who has recommended this story, well your definitely superstars in my book ;)!

Happy Holidays Everyone

TLCx and Glee68x