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Chapter One: Ichigo's Death

Ichigo Kurosaki floated above his body staring at it in disbelief as it laid on the street in a puddle of blood. He could see and hear his friends as they tried to get the ambulance crew in to help him. Ichigo was never a normal person, he was different from everyone else. You see Ichigo could see, hear, and talk to dead spirits. Nobody not even his friends nor his father knew about this ability. Ichigo lived alone with his father as his mom dies giving birth to Ichigo. According to his father Isshin, there was a short time when Ichigo was born that he wasn't alive. When his mother died, Ichigo lived. Ichigo never fully understood what he meant by this. As Ichigo stared at his body he thought back to what had happened.


Ichigo was walking home when he saw her. The girl that he had a crush on for the longest time, Rukia Kuchiki. Rukia walked with her three girl friends Orihima Inoe and Tatsuki Arisawa. All three girls were in his class. Ichigo let out a long sigh.

'Now is your chance Ichigo, go and talk to her.' he thought to himself but his body wouldn't move. 'Sure you can talk to, see, and hear dead spirits but you can't seem to work up the nerve to talk to a girl that you have a crush on.' Ichigo stated to himself as he let out another long sigh. Ichigo watched as Rukia called out to the college students across the street. Ichigo recognized them instantly. It was Rukia's older brother Byakuya Kuchiki and his two friends Renji Abarai and Yasutora Sado whom they often called "Chad". For some reason or another, Ichigo knew things about people even when he just meets them. Ichigo watched as Rukia said good-bye to her friends and started crossing the street to join her brother. Rukia wasn't paying attention to see the truck heading straight for her. Ichigo was the first to react as he dashed after Rukia with speed that he never knew that he possessed. "Rukia, look out!" Ichigo shouted. By the time that she looked back she realized that she was staring down the face of the truck. Suddenly Rukia was pushed from behind as everyone could hear the sounds of bones crunching and wheels screeching. It was the last thing that Ichigo would see alive.

+End Flashback+

-That is either the stupidest or the bravest thing that I have ever seen.- stated a dark voice that sounded much like his own. Ichigo looked up to see an all white version of himself with black cornea's and golden yellow pupils. Ichigo couldn't help but to stare.

"How is this possible? How can you be me?" Ichigo asked in a stunned voice.

-That's kind of hard to explain. But the matter of the fact is that I am you.- Suddenly a mysterious figure dressed in a black kimono and sunglasses appeared.

-Ichigo Kurosaki.- he stated with a firm voice.

-It is about time that you showed up Zangetsu.- stated the white Ichigo.

-I think that you surprised us back there. None of us expected you to do that.- stated Zangetsu.

"Wait were you expecting Rukia to die?" Ichigo asked in shock. He could clearly tell that this Zangetsu person was perhaps the angel of death, the grim reaper.

-Not really. She was going to live with several scrapes and bruises and perhaps a broken leg. Put people through that same situation and none of them would have reacted in that way. Maybe I should introduce myself. My name is Zangetsu and I am in charge of seeing souls safely to the Soul Society.- he stated formally.

"And who is he?" Ichigo asked pointed to the white version of himself.

-I told you all ready, I am you.- replied the white Ichigo.

-What he says is true Ichigo. He is actually your soul. You see you are what we call in the Soul Society as a Death Soul. This means that you are a human being born without a soul. Unfortuntely your soul never passed on as your mother sacrificed herself to breathe life into you. This created two different parts of you. Your human self as you are the one true Ichigo Kurosaki and your soul self the white Ichigo. Death Souls are different from normal human beings as they often possess abilities and powers that ordinary human beings don't possess.-

"Wait a minute...would that explain why I can see, hear, and talk to dead spirits?" Ichigo asked nervously as Zangetsu nodded his head yes. "So what happens now?" Ichigo asked.

-Since you are a Death Soul it is next to impossible for you to die seeing how your soul has already has been separated from your body. Right now you are a spirit or a ghost. The Soul Society has been watching over you for years with great interest. You see we have never fully encountered a Death Soul before. You continue to fascinate us.-

-Get to the point Zangetsu.- snapped the white Ichigo finding his patience was wearing thin.

-Ichigo Kurosaki, we at the Soul Society have a proposition for the two of you. We want to give you the chance to regain your life back that is if you can complete our trial.- stated Zangetsu.

"What happens if we fail?" asked Ichigo.

-Then they will find a way to destroy us both. And trust me it isn't pretty.- replied white Ichigo.

-So what do you say?- asked Zangetsu as Ichigo watched as his body was placed in the ambulance and driven off to the hospital. Ichigo looked at his white soul half as the white Ichigo nodded his head. Ichigo let out a long sigh.

"What do I have to loose?" Ichigo replied as a smile stretched across Zangetsu's fiace.

-Excellent. I shall leave you two to get better acquainted.- Zangetsu stated before he disappeared leaving both Ichigo's alone.


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