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Chapter twenty-four: restoration of the realms

After Aizen was finally destroyed and killed, power erupted from both Ichigo's and White's body. As if by instinct they knew what they had to do.

=REALM RESTORATION!= they stated in unity as the power flowed through the three soul swords and spread out into the world. Any and all damage caused during the battles against the Arracars was repaired. The power sphere wasn't finished just yet as with one last wave of energy it erased everyone's minds except for a select chosen few who knew the truth about Ichigo and what he was. With the last bit of remaining energy and power, Ichigo was brought back to his physical body at his house as Kon laid on Ichigo's bed reading a book. Ichigo reentered his physical body while still in Death God form as his form (his physical one) remained the same. Depleted of energy, Ichigo passed out holding onto Kon's marble in his hand.


White emerged in the mindscape finding it had changed, everything was different. He could feel an unknown power still coursing throughout the mindscape and throughout both him and Ichigo. White wasn't worried about it at the moment as all he wanted to do was to rest. He felt drained more than usual when he reached his home, when he entered he found the still glowing broken pieces of the power sphere.

-#$%&*!- White cursed out loud. He quickly reached through space to grab Ichigo's spirit yanking him into the mindscape. This woke up Ichigo rather rudely.

"White what the #$%&*!" asked Ichigo. White didn't reply as he pointed to the shattered pieces of the power sphere. "#$%&*! what happened?" asked Ichigo.

-How the #$%&*! am I supposed to know?- replied White when suddenly Zangetsu appeared within the mindscape.

-Ichigo….White….- stated Zangetsu.

"We didn't do it!" both Ichigo and White replied in unison. That's when Zangetsu noticed the shattered power sphere as he just laughed.

-We knew that the power sphere had shattered and that you had both absorbed its power. I am not here because of the power sphere but I am here to congratulate you on defeating the Arracars and restoring the realms. The leader and lord of the Soul Society, Lord Yamamoto wants to meet the both of you.- stated Zangetsu. Both Ichigo and White looked at each other a bit shocked.

-But what about the power sphere? I only thought that we were supposed to keep it safe.- asked White.

-That you were White but I forgot to tell you that the power sphere is a sentient object. Sensing your resolve and desire to keep the world safe, it decided to grant you the power to do so. It knew that its power would be used in the end but it wasn't sure who would use its power.- replied Zangetsu. Both Ichigo and White snarled at the Soul Reaper.

"You mean we went through all that trouble for nothing!" shouted out Ichigo.

-Not entirely.- replied Zangetsu. This caused the both of them to growl angrily.

+Soul Society+

Zangetsu opened up a gate way into the Soul Society. The Soul Society wasn't what Ichigo and White were expecting it to look like. Both Ichigo and White more matching uniforms except that White's was all white (the regular Soul Reaper uniform). Zangetsu opened the door ways as Ichigo and White saw various Soul Reapers of every shape and size. By their sides stood their true forms of their swords, their Zanpakuto's . Before them on a thrown-like chair sat an elderly looking bald man with a long white beard that fell down to his knees in length. Zangetsu and all of the Soul Reapers as well as their Zanpakuto's bowed their heads when the old man got up.

-You two must be the Death God that Zangetsu has told me so much about. On behalf of the entire Soul Society, I wish to thank you Ichigo Kurosaki and you too White for everything.- stated Yamamoto.

"We were only doing what we were required to do." stated Ichigo.

-Ichigo since because of your powers, do you think that its possible that you will continue to eliminate Hollows and send souls here?- asked Zangetsu.

-We are going to have to in order to keep the realms safe. It is part of what we are as we can't turn our backs against it.- replied White.

-That's what I like to hear. Ichigo and White you two are truly unique in all the worlds but, there may come a time when another like you will come into the world.- stated death as he entered the room.

"If that time comes then we will be willing to help them understand what they are and how to use their powers." stated Ichigo.

-Meanwhile Death has agreed to share knowledge with us about the Death Souls and Death Gods. We look forward to working with you two in the future.- stated Yamamoto. Both Ichigo and White nodded their heads as Zangetsu lead them back to the mindscape.

-This is where we depart Ichigo Kurosaki and White. If we are ever in need of your help, we will meet again.- stated Zangetsu.

+One month later+

Life somewhat returned back to normal for Ichigo and White. Nobody except for a selected few that Ichigo had entrusted his secret with knew what happened. Ichigo started going out steady with Rukia Kuchiki whom didn't mind that he wasn't quite human. In the words of White they may not be human but they were indeed special. Ichigo sat on the roof of him house watching the sunset thinking back to how it all began.

-Do you regret it Berry?- asked White as he materialized next to Ichigo.

"When this all began, I would said yes but now….not really." replied Ichigo in honesty. White laid down next to Ichigo joining him.

-We have been though a lot haven't we?- asked White.

"Yeah but our new life is just beginning. Who knows what the future has in store for us." stated Ichigo.

-To put it in your own words when this all began….I couldn't ask for a better partner.- stated White. Ichigo just laughed as the two watched the sun set over the horizon!