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She was the ace.

Keyword being was.

Basically in poker card games, the ace has the higher rank than the king, queen and jack. However in guardians, it is a totally different thing. Ace means nothing; at least that's what the ace herself thought. She knew only recently that even though she chara changed, she never really did something beneficial to the group.

But now she didn't have to think about it that much because she is no longer an ace. To specify, a former ace.

Yep, Yuiki Yaya has finally graduated from elementary school and had moved on to middle school thus, no longer a guardian and an ace. And she is nothing like the former ace (herself).

She had let down her hair although she still wore a ribbon clip. Yaya wanted to grow up but deep inside of her still wants to be babied. And that's why Pepe didn't disappear when she announced she wanted to grow up much to the chara's horror at the time.

"Yaya is bored." Yaya sighed as she listened to the opening ceremony.

She still talks in third point of view.

"Don't worry, Pepe is sure that this will be over soon, dechu." Pepe reassured.

"But Yaya hates listening to these boring talks." Yaya whined softly, trying not to attract any attention. It would be plain weird for a middle school student to talk to nothing and in third person point of view. "Yaya wished Yaya could've come later after the ceremony."

"But your mama wouldn't want you to be late, dechu." Pepe reminded.

Yaya groaned at the reminder and at the speech. Finally after many hours, to Yaya that is, the principal finished his opening speech. Yaya found it useless since opening speeches are held every year in elementary school already. She just wants to get up and search for her former guardian friends.

"Hey! Yaya!" Yaya brightened up at Kuukai's voice.

"Hi, Hi, Kuukai!" Yaya waved.

"Wow, you look different than you were. It's a nice change." Kuukai grinned and ruffled her hair. Yaya pouted at his actions but did nothing to stop him. "What do you think of middle school so far?" He asked.

"Great until the principal had to give an opening speech." Yaya folded her arms, pouting.

"I know but if I have to suffer that every year, you are welcome to join me." Kuukai wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

"No thanks, Yaya would prefer to let Kuukai suffer himself. Yaya is definitely skipping next year's speech." Yaya grinned.

Kuukai looked at her in mock horror. "You would leave your best friend to suffer alone?" Kuukai put his hand on his chest, feigning hurt. "I-I don't know what to say, I'm so shocked that I can hardly breath."

"Kuukai, you kidder." Yaya laughed and shoved him playfully.

"Hey, you can't blame me for being glad that the last of the guardian finally joined us. Took ya long enough." Kuukai teased.

"Blame Yaya's mom for giving birth to me later." Yaya huffed.

"She probably needs one year time to decide if she is ready to suffer." Kuukai joked.

"Hey, that's not funny!"

Kuukai laughed, "But your reaction is."

"Oooh! You're going to get it now!" Yaya raised a fist threateningly and chased Kuukai everywhere.


"Wow, I never thought Yaya could run this fast." Daichi remarked.

"That is because since she is the eldest in the guardians last year, she thought that she should start making herself useful, at least that's what she said, dechu." Pepe explained.

"Yaya thought that she was useless?"

"Yeah, dechu." Pepe sighed, "Yaya has already decided to grow up. Pepe is happy for her but a little sad as well, Pepe is scared of what is going to happen to Pepe if she finally made up her mind, dechu."

"Don't worry, she won't do it." Daichi tried to reassure.

Pepe still kept her head down, "Even Pepe is unsure now, dechu. Sometimes Pepe wished Pepe isn't what Pepe is."

"But it's what you are that makes you, isn't it? I'm happy that you are the way you are now." Daichi said.

"Thank you, dechu." Pepe smiled, for once today.


Yaya panted as she leaned against the tree. Damn Kuukai for being so fast! Damn her for being so slow! And here she thought that her training last year would pay off but it seems nothing could catch up to Kuukai.

"You've improved a lot but is that all you've got?" Kuukai said from a distance, not the least bit tired.

"M-Monster." Yaya managed to wheeze out, slumping down.

"Me? Monster? Says the one who is able to devour sweets in a minute." Kuukai pointed out.

"Aw, shut up. Kuukai should stop teasing Yaya or Yaya will get mad." Yaya puffed her cheeks out.

Kuukai chuckled and walked over to her, sitting down beside her. "How was your last year in elementary school? As I recall, you should be the eldest in Guardians right? Did you cause any troubles?"

"Not as much as Yaya did when Yaya was with you guys."

Kuukai, confused at Yaya's tone, said. "You didn't cause any trouble."

"Never mind."

"Is something wrong? Did something happen?"

"It's just a thought."

"Come on, you're acting really weird today and I'm getting scared. Tell me!" Kuukai whined, yes, whined.

Yaya looked at him in slight fear. "That should be Yaya's line since Kuukai WHINED."

"Hey! Don't change the subject!"

"Yaya just thought that Yaya was useless before you guys graduated. Don't say anything, Yaya knows very well that it's the truth. So Yaya decided to start making herself useful last year but Yaya is not sure if she succeeded."

"I don't think that you are useless at all…"

"Don't try to comfort Yaya. Yaya would not like to think herself as a baby now."

Kuukai smiled, "But deep down you must've wanted to felt like it because Pepe is still here right?"

"That's the truth, Yaya still wants to be babied but also wants to be mature at the same time."

"It's alright to have the both of them."

"Are you serious?" Yaya looked at him incredulously. "This isn't Amu-chii's want-to-be self we are talking about. It isn't just about different interests, it's about personalities." Yaya clarified.

Kuukai shrugged, "As far as I know, Nagihiko managed to be Nadeshiko and himself at the same time."

"That's true…"

"But no matter whether you will become a baby-like personality or mature-like, I'll still like you all the same."

Yaya blushed, "Thanks Kuukai, that means a lot to Yaya."

"Aw, Yaya is blushing." Kuukai teased, ruffling Yaya's head again.

"It's caused by you no less." Yaya whined.

"Who's the cute little baby?" Kuukai pulled Yaya closer and grinned when he felt Yaya's face heating up. He knew that Yaya is in love with him and wanted to wait till she graduated for him to confess his own feelings. But for now, he would rather enjoy teasing Yaya first.

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