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That's what he thought of when he came to Yaya's ballet class for the first time. It's not that he is surprised or shocked at how big the room is or how crazy the teacher is. No, it was what Yaya wore for her lesson. Not that it is very revealing on the top but on the bottom. And Kuukai actually thought that what if she didn't wear any panty. Let's just hope he didn't get hard on the spot.

"One, two, three. One, two, three. Come on fairies." The teacher ordered.

All the time when they are practicing, Kuukai couldn't get his eyes off Yaya. It's like his eyes are glued to her outfit. Not only does it make her look cute, it also made her look…adult-like. And after the teacher has gone out as the session finally ended, Yaya sighed and plopped on the floor.

"Are you alright, Yaya?" Kuukai asked in worry, trying not to look at her bottom.

Yaya looked up, tears welling in her eyes. "Kuuuukaaaai, Yaya is tiiiiired."

Kuukai blushed very, very red. As if the outfit is not enough, she just has to use that teary look. "U-Um…just ha-hang in there, Yaya."

"Buuuut…" Yaya looked at her bottom, "It hurts too…"

"Yaya!" Kuukai exclaimed, blushing very red. He could've sworn that the little fairy is doing it on purpose.

Yaya blinked cutely, "Huh?"

"You little baby, you." Kuukai grinned, pulling Yaya into a very tight hug. "I swear that you're doing those things on purpose to look cute!" Kuukai squeezed Yaya even tighter. Looks like Yaya isn't the only one who is a sucker for cute things.

"Aaaaah!" Yaya struggled, "Help Yaya, Mai-ti!"

Maika grinned, "Why? You are obviously enjoying it."

"Yaya is not! Kuukai is hugging Yaya reaaaally tight!" Yaya squirmed.

"Aw come on, Yaya. A cute guy is hugging you. I think we should leave the two of you alone to enjoy." Maika waved and left the room along with the rest of the girls.

"Noooooo!" Yaya reached her hand for the door.

Kuukai finally released her, "Aw Yaya, you don't like me hugging you?"

"But Kuukai is hugging really tightly!" Yaya protested.

"That's what you get for looking so cute that I can't resist." Kuukai teased and pinched Yaya's cheek.

"Stop that." Yaya whined and rubbed her cheek.

Kuukai chuckled, "You're no fun."

"Uh huh, because Yaya doesn't like the pain and Kuukai is still hugging Yaya." Yaya pointed out.

"Do I have to let go?" Kuukai asked.

"Yaya doesn't mind but Yaya has to go and change." Yaya pointed out.

Kuukai huffed, "You can change later. Besides, we still have a lot of time."

"Uh uh, Kuukai promised Yaya ice-cream." Yaya said.

Kuukai blinked, "Since when did I promise you that?" He asked, unknowingly letting loose of Yaya's waist.

Yaya giggled and slipped out of his arms, "Since now. See ya, Yaya is going to change."

"Hey! Come back here!" Kuukai shook his fist teasingly.

All he got was a little wave before Yaya disappeared into the changing room. Darn, Kuukai wanted more time to see Yaya's skin.



That's what Yaya felt when she came along with Kuukai for his soccer practice. It's just so difficult to pull her eyes away from his sweaty body that made him look even…sexier. And those deep breaths he took while running makes it even better. Plus, that serious look on his face…

"Kuukai! Go for it!" Yaya cheered.

Kuukai flashed her a grin before continue playing and not long after, he made a goal making Yaya cheer. He always loved it when Yaya cheered for him. Finally, soccer practice is over and he ran over to the hyperactive girl.

"Kuukai, that was amazing." Yaya complimented as she handed him a bottle of water.

Kuukai grinned and accepted the bottle. "Of course, what do you expect? It's me who is out on the field." Kuukai drank the water, making the liquid trailing from his chin to his neck unknowingly making Yaya blush while staring.

"Kuukai would be even more charming if you try to be humble." Yaya pointed out after snapping out of her daze.

"Nah, I'm already charming enough. If I get any more charming, I fear the oncoming fangirls."

Yaya giggled, "Egoist."

"Hey, when did you learn that word?" Kuukai frowned.

"Oh, Nadeshiko taught Yaya. Since Yaya is doing bad at language, Yaya asked Nadeshiko to teach Yaya." Yaya replied.

Kuukai raised an eyebrow, "How could anyone fail their language?"

Yaya huffed, " Yaya doesn't know."

"Ah, don't worry. Next time I'll be the one to teach you." Kuukai grinned, ruffling her hair.

"No, because Kuukai wouldn't teach Yaya any scolding words." Yaya pointed out.

Kuukai frowned, "I don't want you to use it against me."

"That's so unfair. Kuukai knows scolding words so Yaya should know them too."

"You don't see me using it against you." Kuukai pointed out, "And you just called me an egoist too."

"That's because Kuukai really IS an egoist." Yaya teased.

Kuukai huffed, "Whatever you say."

"Anyway Kuukai should change because Kuukai stinks." Yaya pointed out.

"I'm sure I don't smell that bad and I'm going to change once I get home." Kuukai said, "I'm so tired right now."

"Kuukai is just lazy." Yaya pointed out.

Kuukai grinned and leaned against Yaya. "As I remember, you are too."

"Kuukai! You're heavy!"

"Not as heavy as the one who consumes lots of sweets." Kuukai pointed out.

"Yaya doesn't care as long as Yaya can have sweets."

Kuukai grinned and wrapped his arms around her waist. "You greedy little pig."

"Hey! Yaya is not a pig!"

"Yeah right." Kuukai grinned, closing his eyes.

Yaya blinked, "Kuukai? Hey Kuukai! Don't fall asleep on Yaya!"

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