The God Blades

By The Hurricane Fighter

Chapter 2: The Markings

Ashley invited her newfound friends to her house. At the door they were greeted by Ashley's father.

Father: Ashley, why have you brought them here?

Ashley: I brought them here becauseā€¦ I think they're, you know, them

Ashley's father straightened

Father: When they sleep, search for markings

After a dinner of Ramen and Sushi, to which Ed got a rash, due to him being allergic to fish. While Ashley's mother was appointed the impossible task of giving Ed a bath, then slapping lotion to stop the mutation

Ashley: Does he ever have bath

Double-D: Yeah, but in gravy

Ashley: He bathes in GRAVY?

Double-D: We can take you to see the tub of the stuff he keeps fermenting in his room if you like

Ashley: no thanks

Eddy: aw, you're no fun

Ashley: Well at least I'm not gonna get the plague by hanging around Ed all day long

Eddy: Double-D has already discovered the cure for the plague

Double-D: And I would have gotten famous, had Eddy not sold the cure before I could patent it. And he sold it for a buck fifty

Ashley: Man, I feel bad for you

Double-D: Don't feel bad, Ed and I got revenge

Ed: We put a bird in his bed

Eddy: Wait a minute, that was you!

Eddy jumps Ed who is unmoved and Eddy is battered. Eddy brushes himself of and simply grumbles

Eddy: I hate birds

'He hates birds, Ed's allergic to fish. So what's with Double-D?' Ashley thought to herself.

That night, the Eds slept in their sleeping bags. Ashley tried to stay awake until she was sure that they were in a deep enough slumber.

Ashley: Now, Legend says that the mark is in a place untouched by human hands

Ashley checked Ed first, she knew almost instantly were it would be. She lifted up Ed's arm and saw the sacred rain marking in his armpit.

Ashley: Oh, hardy hah hah hah

Ashley searched Eddy next. She searched his legs, arms and upper torso but found nothing. She then looked at his underwear.

Ashley: Oh you gotta be kidding me

She pulled down Eddy's underwear and saw the sacred wind mark on hidden under his 'wife's best friend'

Ashley: That's not FUNNY. Untouched my foot

Ashley swore she just saw Eddy smile. Double-D was trickier. She had searched up and down everywhere. She had no problem checking his 'vital parts' but still no luck. Then a thought tip-toed across the canvas of her mind. She gently pulled his hat off his head. She tried her best to hold back the torrent of vomit and sifted around the unsightly mass until she found what was looking for. It was the sacred moon mark

Ashley: No way!

Double-D woke up, to Ashley's surprise. He saw Ashley with his hat and snapped. He snatched it back and spoke in uncharacteristically intimidating voice

Double-D: What are you doing, explain yourself, NOW

Ashley was so scared she found herself rendered unable to speak. Lucky for her, her Father entered the room. He took one look at Double-D and then bowed on the floor

Father: Oh, Takunavi, it IS you

Double-D: who's he talking to?

Ashley: You Takunavi

Double-D: who is this Takunavi?

Ashley looked puzzled

Ashley: It would appear that your essence has been tampered with, you honestly have no recollection of yourself Takunavi?

Double-D: Who's Takunavi; I'm Edd, just plain Edd

Father: Come with me, maybe I can jog your memory

Double-D followed Ashley and her Father into a great hall full of tapestries, inscriptions and artifacts. The stopped at a portrait of several people holding swords one of the people looked like

Double-D: That's me

Ashley: Yes, I am a guardian of the sacred God Blades, And you Takunavi, have come to reclaim yours have you not.

Double-D: I don't know. You're saying that I'm some sort of warrior

Ashley told him the legend of the God Blades and that the Eds were reincarnations of some of the Wielders. They then went to get Ed and Eddy and Ashley told them the legend.

Ed and Eddy: Whoa

Ashley: Now, Noble Wielder's, please take what is yours

The Eds were about to take their respective blade. They were stopped by a tremor of cataclysmic properties. The house collapsed in on itself. With the Eds half buried in rubble, Ashley looked up to see a cowled figure standing on the roof

Ashley: No, it can't be them, please tell me it's not them!