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Chapter Two: Rocker's High


Mai blinked twice as she surveyed what was in front of her. The previously dim theater stage was illuminated with various spotlights from different locations. A lone microphone stand stood in the center of the rundown platform. Dust pockmarked what was supposedly a blue sky and clouds background, adding to the already unattractive performing area.

Her eyes narrowed. Mai couldn't imagine herself giving a great performance on such a dilapidated stage. She heaved a sigh and then settled down on a red theater chair beside her boss at the central seating area. She wasn't at all surprised when Masako took the seat on Naru's other side and glared at the brown-haired assistant.

"Now then," the Phantom started, "I shall play the first song for this show. Listen carefully, everyone!"

The sound of a car engine starting emanated throughout the hall. Everyone except Naru looked around to see if a car managed to bust through the walls. Seeing that there is no motorized vehicle present in the room, Mai jerked forward as the first melody of the song began to play.

"Hey, I know this song! It's from that animé I used to watch! And it's sung by one of my favorite bands!" she excitedly chirped.

"Go ahead and sing it then," Naru suddenly spoke up. Mai gave him a disbelieving look before she sighed. She should've known Naru wasn't the type to watch television, let alone animé.

"But it's sung by a male," she replied when a hand gripped her shoulder softly. Mai looked up and saw Bou-san beaming at her.

"Aren't you forgetting that you have a rock star among the group?" Takigawa said while walking toward the stage. "Trust me, we've played this song before during a band warm-up session," he continued as he faced the microphone. The Phantom then conjured a wisp-like mic and proceeded to introduce the first singer of the night.

"Give it up for Takigawa Houshou!"

Mai, John and Yasuhara cheered Bou-san loudly, to the annoyance of Kazuya who was sitting near them. Masako gave a prim applause while Ayako rolled her eyes and clapped as well. Lin and Naru chose to stay silent and watched Takigawa's performance start.

(Cue "Driver's High" by L'arc~en~Ciel intro)

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Takigawa strummed an air guitar the moment the song's guitar solo replaced the silence in the hall. He banged his head as the melody progressed. He moved his fingers skillfully through invisible strings as if he was holding a real guitar.

atsukunatta gin no metallic heart (This metallic heart of silver grew hotter)

doukasen ni hi o tsuketa ageru (I'll light the fuse for you)

fushigi na hodo high na kibun sa (This is such wondrous high)

sunabokori o makiageate yukou (Let's go kick up some dust!)

His audience watched as the room morphed into a wide desert freeway. The noontime sun shone brightly over the dusty landscape that seemed to stretch for miles and miles.

himei o majirase bousou suru kodou (A wild pulse coupled with the shouts)

me no mae ni wa missile no ame (Before my eyes a rain of missiles)

A strong wind started to constantly blow the boys' hair. It took John, Yasuhara, Naru and Lin a few seconds to realize that they are now riding a red Chevrolet Monte Carlo, with the Chinese man at the wheel.

"Huh? Why are we inside a car?" John asked with a bewildered expression on his face.

"Did we just rob a bank?" Yasuhara queried as well. Apparently, a bag filled with lots of Japanese Yen of different denominations sat on his lap.

"I guess we just did," Naru looked at the small pile of money bags at his feet. He turned his head to see how things were at the back of the car. John and Yasuhara were sitting side by side, both holding cocktail drinks with large decorative swirly straws. The priest looked very un-priestly in an orange Hawaiian shirt while the student sported a varsity jacket. Naru then looked at his side to see what happened to his assistant. Lin now sported a long-sleeved, groovy patterned button shirt, with the first two buttons undone to reveal a part of the tall man's chest. He, on the other hand, was wearing a leather jacket, a white shirt and two sets of dog tags. A black-framed pair of sunglasses perched snugly on his midnight blue hair and a large ring adorned his right hand. This is definitely not my style, he sighed.

adrenaline zutto nagashite (Adrenalin always pumping)

boku no hou ga over heat shisou (It'll be me that overheats!)

bakuhatsu shite hai ni natte mo (Even if I explode and turn into ash)

kono mama da to waratteru ne kitto (I bet I'll be laughing as I am now)

"Well, since we're in this scenario," Yasuhara put his head out the window, "why don't we enjoy it? Naru, is it okay if we pick up the pace?"

"Might as well," Naru answered casually. Deep inside, he was curious on how it felt like to break the sound barrier. Lin increased the speed upon hearing Naru's affirmation.

"Woah! This is awesome!" the bespectacled boy cried as the four of them cruised the long desert highway at top speed.

machi o oikoshite kono yo no hate made (Throughout the city to the ends of the earth)

bu tobashite shinjuu shiyou (Let's drive madly and perish together!)

saa te o nobashite! (Throw up your arms!)

Apparently, the boys weren't the only one having an experience of their lives. A raging Ayako drove a Chevy Camaro Z28 B4C and pursued the boys' Monte Carlo. A motion sick Mai and a dizzy Masako sat at the back of the car.

"Ugh, can't you go slower Ayako? I'm gonna throw up if this keeps on," the brown-haired girl sourly remarked, her hand preventing her mouth from spewing out her lunch.

"We're in police uniforms, Mai. I think we're supposed to catch the guys who stole money from the bank… well, according to the memo stuck on the car drawer. And they would be in that speeding car," Masako massaged her temples and also tended Mai's back with her free hand.

"How do you know that?" Mai desperately tried to keep herself from vomiting. Masako pointed at the slips of valuable paper flying in their direction.

"I guess that answers your question?" she stated.

"Wow, what a waste," Mai commented as she succeeded in keeping her insides intact. She gradually got accustomed to Ayako's driving and had Bou-san's singing keeping her cheerful.

"Let's speed things up. We have to catch up to them," the female driver said, tapping her fingers to the music. "Hold on tight ladies!" she cried as she stepped on the gas pedal harder, propelling the car further on the road.

chiheisen ni todoku you ni (To reach the horizon)

genkai made furikitte kure (you've got to break down the barrier)

Woh! Clash! into the rolling morning (Woh! Clash! Into the rolling morning)

Flash! I'm in the coolest driver's high (Flash! I'm in the coolest driver's high)

saikou no finale o! yeah! (This is the best finale ever! Yeah!)

"We're being followed," John glanced through the back window. The other three looked behind them and saw a police car hot on their trail.

"Lin, try to outrun them," Naru commanded and smirked, "We can't let them catch us, right?"

"That's right," Lin replied as he performed a drift on the dusty highway bend, sending puffs of dust to block their pursuers' view.

"Grr, what the – " Ayako roared as the dust dirtied the windshield. She pressed the sprinkler button and had the wiper remove the mud that obstructed her view.

"They're one wily bunch, aren't they?" Masako said, her face lighting up in slight amusement.

Meanwhile, Takigawa was on top of a large desert rock hill, banging his head to the music. He now wielded a bright red and white guitar and was strumming it expertly. Though his job was to be the bassist for his band, he could pull off amazing lead guitar solos. His left hand jumped to different frets at a fast pace, providing spice to the music everyone was listening to.

"Oh yeah! Great maneuver Lin!" Yasuhara tapped the said man's shoulder while fumbling for a champagne bottle located near his left leg. He handed out glasses to John and Naru.

"Where did you get that?" John asked as he and Kazuya eyed the expensive-looking champagne bottle. The bespectacled boy smiled as he unscrewed the cork. White foam spurted from the bottle, dirtying the car with champagne. Yasuhara proceeded to fill the glasses and gave the three-quarters-empty bottle to Lin.

"Kanpai!" Yasuhara cheered as the he and the three other occupants of the car brought their glasses together with a clink.

"You're not getting away!" the driving miko accelerated their car until it was only 5 meters behind the boys' vehicle. Mai and Masako were holding on to their seats, excited to see how this chase would end up.

mou kazoeru kurai de bokura wa kieusete (Soon enough we'll be no more)

makkura no asa ga kuru ne (and a pitch black morning will come for us)

o ki ni iri fuku ni saa kigaeta nara (So get in your favorite clothes and)

kakedashite! (we'll take off!)

Two cars furiously sped through the sand as the pursuit was brought off-road. Lin abused the wheels of the Monte Carlo as he tried to outrun the police vehicle driven by Ayako by drifting in every direction possible. John and Yasuhara cheered him on, to the annoyance of the leather-clad young man sitting beside the driver. Naru rolled his eyes and proceeded to ignore the two guys shouting behind him. He raised his chin slightly, letting the western wind (along with the sand and dust) blow on his porcelain-white face.

akireru hodo koe o agete (Raise your voice as high as you can)

taikiken o toppa shiyou ze (and we'll slip through the atmosphere!)

Woh! Clash! into the rolling morning (Woh! Clash! Into the rolling morning)

Flash! I'm in the coolest driver's high (Flash! I'm in the coolest driver's high)

hagame no tsubasa de (With steel wings)

"You're not gonna shake us off that easily," Ayako proudly said as she spun the steering wheel clockwise. Their black and white Chevy swiftly drove through the large clouds of dust that formed a few meters to the northeast. When the dust cleared a bit, she sped up the car until it almost broke the speedometer. Pretty soon, they were side by side with the guys' speeding red Chevy.

"Woah, Naru," the three girls looked at the aforementioned boy in amusement, with Mai blushing the hardest. Wow, he looks hot… I wish he could wear something like that more often, she thought. Naru avoided her gaze and nodded at Lin, who took it as a sign to go faster. The red car zoomed back in front of the police car, surprising the girls and breaking Mai free from her reverie.

"I envy you Naru. You managed to make them almost drool," Yasuhara teased his boss. Naru just smirked and looked at the side mirror. The girls were catching up to them.

"Did you see Lin? He looks hot," the oldest of the women remarked. The two younger girls nodded in approval as their car tried to move closer to the vehicle they were pursuing.

"Seeing John in a Hawaiian print shirt was definitely new. He looked cute wearing that," Mai laughed as she noticed Masako's lightly pink-tinged cheeks. She coyly covered her face with her kimono sleeve as her seatmate gave her a knowing look.

"Anyway, seeing Naru in leather was weird," Mai continued, "That is so not like him."

"Pshaw, I bet you really liked seeing him in that," Ayako teased, causing Mai to turn red immediately.

"Um… guys… I think they're heading toward a canyon," the spirit medium suddenly spoke up. Ayako's eyes widened as she registered the situation.

"Oh no, you wouldn't – !"

kakenukete yo jikan kire made (Until my time's up let's keep breaking through)

umaretsuki no speed kyou na no sa ('cuz I was born speed crazy!)

Woh! Clash! into the rolling morning (Woh! Clash! Into the rolling morning)

Flash! I'm in the coolest driver's high (Flash! I'm in the coolest driver's high)

raise de mata aou yeah! (See ya in the next world, yeah!)

"Naru, have you lost your marbles?" the priest panicked. There lay a large gorge a few meters ahead of them, ready to swallow them whole. Lin continued driving at top speed, but it was easy to see that his hands were prepared to turn away from the danger that was right in front of them.

"Just keep going Lin," Naru calmly commanded the driver, earning him a stunned look from the guys seated at the back. He wasn't planning on killing them, was he?

The canyon grew closer and closer to both parties. Yet Naru seemed unnaturally unshaken by the impending doom brought upon them by speeding past the meter. Even the stoic Lin was already panicking. He then stepped on the brakes, hoping that the car would come to a complete stop before going Superman over the gorge. But there was one problem.

The car showed no signs of slowing down.

"Lin! Stop the car!" Yasuhara cried out, holding on to the loose seatbelt strap. John was gripping the edge of his seat as he murmured a prayer for a miracle. Naru still remained unfazed.

"I'm trying to! The brakes aren't working!" the Chinese man replied, his voice slightly agitated. John and Yasuhara looked at each other with a terrified expression on their faces. The car was only a minute away from leaping over the canyon.

"That's it! We can't chase them any further!"

Ayako finally snapped and hit the brakes. The tires screeched as the once speeding police car slowed down, enveloping it with sand from the open desert. Once the dust settled, the three girls got out of the car, watching the boys zoom to their deaths. Mai watched in horror as the red Monte Carlo finally flew over the edge.


With the strum of the last chord, Takigawa smiled triumphantly as he watched the scenery return to the way it was – a large old theater. The SPR team, save for Naru, were still recovering from the shock of the almost-death of the boys. The Phantom appeared beside the monk and snapped his fingers.

"Once again, Takigawa Houshou!"

With everyone regaining their composure, applause resounded in the performance hall. Takigawa bowed and left the stage. He received a pat on the back from Yasuhara and smiles from John and the girls. Lin and Naru gave him a nod, showing the monk that his performance was greatly appreciated. Bou-san seated himself beside Ayako and waited for the Phantom's verdict.

"I like the way you sang 'Driver's High' with energy and excitement," Phantom-san moved to the center of the stage, the wisp mic in his ghostly hand. "It gave off an aura of adventure and made my adrenalin run. Sure, I don't have the glands for that but you get my point."

"Really, I thought we were gonna die back there," Yasuhara commented, scratching his messy hair, "But it was loads of fun! I want another go!"

"It's amazing that Naru didn't even flinch," John stated.

"He didn't?" Mai asked. John nodded in reply.

"Why would I? Everything was just an illusion," Naru said in a matter-of-factly tone, "Didn't you even listen to what that Phantom said earlier? About a scenery changer?"

"Oh yeah, he did say something like that," the brown-haired girl sheepishly answered.

"That just goes to show that you aren't a good listener," the dark-haired teen smirked, irritating Mai.

The Phantom smiled in amusement as the two started another spat. He then cleared his throat, alerting them to stop and listen to his announcement.

"Takigawa Houshou. You pass!"

"Way to go Bou-san!" Mai and Yasuhara chorused. The others also congratulated him for his success.

"Now then, who's next?" the director's spirit flew near the red curtains as he played the next song.

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