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It was a party, as lively an affair that any respectable Vulcan would ever throw. Held at the home of Ambassador Sarek, the celebration was in honor of Sarek's second son – Spock – and his betrothal to T'Pring. Their home was filled with their family, T'Pring's family, and the families of the most respected Vulcan elders. The gathering could almost be described as lavish…

He looked across the room at his future bride, felt mild distaste. He didn't know her and the little he'd seen thus far hadn't endeared her to him. He could see little reason behind this betrothal, less reason behind his mind being melded to hers. Her brain waves attached to, and insulting, his? Ew.

Spock looked up at his mother and was struck by her beauty as he often was. Logically, he should not look upon a human and find beauty. Well, beauty that would be attractive. And yet she did… He felt his heart swell, even as his Vulcan training – even this early – left his expression stoic.

Marrying a human was illogical. Refusing to wed a Vulcan princess as his father had done was even more illogical. Spock found his gaze trailing to his older brother, Sybok. They were half-brothers, related only through their father, and as different as can be. While highly intelligent, Sybok seemed to be rejecting the traditional Vulcan ways. This greatly bothered young Spock, who saw the value in repressing emotions, in the wonders of logic…

His attention was suddenly captured by two human children playing nearby. One was an African girl, doing her best to ignore the young boy. His skin was pale, his hair golden. Spock frowned slightly. Humans were normally not present at gatherings such as this. Were these relatives? Cousins of his human mother?

It was best to find out. "Mother," he said suddenly, "who are they? Those humans there."

Amanda Grayson smiled at her son. "The girl is Nyota Uhura, daughter of a very old friend of mine. Her father is fluent in many languages, including Vulcan. And his daughter already speaks Swahili and English quite well. She's learning other Earthen languages now, but should move on once she's a bit older."

"And the boy?"

"James Tiberius Kirk. His father, a very well-respected Starfleet Captain, knows your father."

"Why are they here?"

"Because I wanted them to be. Perhaps you could be friends."

It took an effort the young Vulcan was not quite able to accomplish to avoid frowning. "Mother, they are human and should not be here." He looked up at her again. "Excluding you," he added quickly.

Amanda's smile was a twinge sad. "Spock, darling, at least go and greet them. I am sure you would enjoy a bit of conversation. Sitting here must be boring."

"I'm training to be able to–"

"Spock," she interrupted. "Go."

Now his frown was there fully. Refusing an order would not bode well for him. "Yes, Mother." Rising, the young Vulcan walked over to the two human children. "Hello," he greeted. "I am Spock."

The girl bowed, greeted him and introduced herself in Vulcan. Spock nodded, answered in kind. The boy just smirked. "Hi. I'm Jim."

"Yes, I am aware. Your father is in Starfleet."

His chest puffed out with pride. "Captain of the U.S.S. Kelvin."

Spock only lifted a brow. "And I will assume that you intend to follow the same path."

"I sure will. And one day, I'll be a famous Starfleet Admiral!"

Finding him to be as ridiculous as he'd always assumed humans would, he looked to Nyota. "You speak Vulcan very well."

She beamed, hair bouncing as she straightened. "My father taught me a few common phrases while Captain Kirk brought us here in his ship."

He nodded. "I see. My compliments, Miss Nyota."

Jim's eyes rolled. Why was there so much formality? It was supposed to be a party! "So why do Vulcans get married so young?"

"We do not marry young. This is a bonding ceremony to ensure that, at the proper time, my bride and I shall meet at the same place at the same time."

"Right… So what's she like?"

"Are you referring to my bride?" He nodded and Spock's brow lifted again. "I have only met her tonight. I do not know yet what she is like."

"So… You don't get to choose who you marry?"

"Of course not. Vulcans are not driven by things such as love, which makes this custom much more logical." Though he really wished his father had chosen someone else, he thought as young T'Pring walked over.

Her eyes scanned over Nyota and Jim with a veiled distaste. "I see your father allowed your mother to open the guest list to outsiders. Isn't one human enough?"

It made his blood boil. No, humans weren't supposed to be at these things and, no, they certainly weren't supposed to bring children, but they were there! And they were friends with his mother! And his father…

"It is impolite to speak Vulcan around those who do not," Spock said in English, his expression unmarred. He turned to the human children, nodded his head on a slight bow. "I apologize for T'Pring."

"I apologize for myself," the Vulcan female added with a small curtsy. It wasn't wise to go against one's bondmate, even if they hadn't been bonded just yet.

"It's cool," Jim assured them, not really caring. The room was so big and so full of these tall, slender people… Vulcans all looked so nice to him, so it was a shame that they were all so stuck up.

"It is… pleasant to have met you both," T'Pring continued.

"And you," Nyota returned with a curtsy. Jim snorted.

"Excuse me," Spock stated and swept away, striding back to his mother. He highly regretted leaving her in the first place… "Mother, I do not believe Jim's company is acceptable."

Which meant, she knew, that she hadn't liked him. "I am glad that you at least tried, Spock."

He nodded. "Interaction with other species is an important component of being a well-educated Vulcan, is it not?"

She smiled. "Yes, it is. Now, then, your father and I have gotten you a present. He tells me that it isn't customary at these events, but he's allowed it."

He couldn't help the wash of curiosity, nor could he stop the flood of anticipation. Presents. A surprise. "What is it?"

"You will have to open it and see." Smiling softly, she handed her son a small box. He opened it after making sure that he wouldn't rush through and blinked at what he saw. A glittering green gem, possibly an emerald, lay beside a small, flat disc. He lifted the jewel first, examined it from every angle. "Mother, it's exquisite."

"And the disc. It goes with it."

He lifted it (discovering that it was on a thin chain), held it beside the jewel. "I do not understand, Mother."

She tilted the gem back, slid the disc into a tin, almost invisible slat. At once a hologram shot out, playing delightful music. Spock was startled to realize that the player was himself and his father, both on the Vulcan lute. Spock was seated on the piano bench beside his mother, while she played the piano with Sybok's assistance. It was a beautiful, soothing melody that would have lasted for ages if Amanda hadn't removed the disc from the gem.

And, for the dfirst time in years, Amanda's son looked up and smiled. "Thank you, Mother. It is quite lovely. It shall be treasured." The gem was tucked away in his pocket.

Biting back happy tears, Amanda slid the chain overtop Spock's head. "Read the disc."

"'Together forever. In logic and in love.'" Now, even his eyes betrayed the smile.

"The words were your father's idea."

He nodded, tucking the disc within his shirt. "Thank you, Mother."

She gave him a very quick hug so as not to embarrass him. "You're welcome, Spock. My child. Now it is time for bed. The ritual calls for you and T'Pring to be well-rested."

"Yes, Mother."

"I will see you soon, Spock."

He saluted her, expression having returned to its usual stoicism. "Live long and prosper."

"Live long and prosper," she replied and sent him off.


"Captain George Kirk," Amanda greeted, a smile on her face. "I was wondering if you and I would have the opportunity to speak tonight."

He laughed, nodding his head. "Lady Amanda, it's nice to finally meet you. You're home is beautiful."

"Thank you. I saw your son milling around; he's quite the lively boy."

"I'll say… But he's tired at the moment, trying to hide it. I'm afraid I'll have to beam aboard my ship to get him settled in."

"Oh, no!" She got to her feet quickly. "I have rooms made up for you all. The bonding won't occur for a few more hours, so the guests all have rooms."

He blinked. "Then you're home is even bigger than I first thought."

She laughed. "Most Vulcans only need minimal sleep and spend most night meditating. They don't need much room. You will stay, won't you? I'll show you to your rooms myself."

He thought a moment, then nodded. "I'll have to contact my ship, but I would be honored to stay."

"Thank you, captain."


Her lips curved. "Thank you, George. Now I'll just go and see if young Nyota is tired as well."

"All right. I need to go and find my son, anyway. He's hidden himself much better than he's hidden his yawning." Smiling, the two parted.

Jim, however, had stumbled upon something too interesting to provide for sleep. "Nyota, look at this!" He gestured wildly at a hole in the wall, just big enough for an adult to crawl through.

She only gazed blankly at it. "And…?"

"Come on! It's a tunnel; let's see where it goes."

She frowned. "You go. I have to find Daddy."

"Booooring," he complained and darted inside, not glancing back when Nyota closed the small door that sealed the tunnel from view. He wasn't altogether interested in getting back to the party… This was an exciting adventure, and his father would call on the communicator if he really needed to get back anyway. So what was the harm?

Soon after Nyota had goen to bed, George was still unable to locate his son. Where could Jim had gone…? He wasn't even answering his communicator on any of the channels.

"Damn it, Jim…" He trailed off, looking over, as did everyone else, to the from of thr room. The doors had slammed open, revealing a Romulan with traditional markings on his face.

He trailed across the floor, people parting to make way.

Across the room, Sarek rose. "Nero, you are not welcome here."

The Romulan only continued to gaze at Sarek, his eyes slowly going to Amanda and Sybok, who had fallen asleep at her side.

Several elders also began to rise. "This is not an occasion for Romulans or other uninvited guests are permitted."

"Leave," Sarek commanded.

After a long, intense moment, Nero spoke. "No."

"I will say this only once more: leave."

The Romulan's lips curved. "Ambassador Sarek, you have taken much from me. I decided to take this day from you." This seemed to be a preposterous claim… Vulcans had lived in peace for years. War, they had decided, was illogical.

"I have taken nothing."

"My wife and child were killed in the Klingon attacks!"

"Because I am not Klingon, nor was I on Romulus during the attacks, your claim has little logic. Again, I have taken nothing from you."

"Logic," Nero spat. You were in charge of peace negotiations and failed. You failed, making you the most logical choice for blame!" Without warning, his staff became a Teral'n, a staff-weapon with two retractable blades. This was shoved directly into Ambassador Sarek before a soul could move.

George's communicator was flipped open immediately, as he frantically called to his ship. "Kirk to Kelvin! Come in!" The doors and windows were crashed through, numerous Romulans bearing very deadly weaponry…

On auto-pilot, George began to run. Jim! was his only thought.

Amanda, horrified by her husband's murder, dropped to his side with a terrified scream. Vulcan elders and their families began scrambling for exits. It was an incredibly organized evacuation, Vulcans not stopping even when loved ones were struck down… A slaughter.

"Kirk to Kelvin! I need transport now! We're being attacked! Come in!" God, why wasn't anyone answering? What was… Oh, God… "No," he breathed. Either communications were jammed or… or his ship was gone. Either way… They were finished.

He looked over in time to see Uhura go down, the large man hitting the ground with a thud while the Romulans surrounding him laughed. Kirk fled into the hallway just as his son emerged back into the party. He gasped, looking around. Everyone was… They were being attacked? He watched Amanda, bloodied and carrying Sybok, streak across the room to the hallway. He couldn't find his father, however, and panicked, going back into the hidden tunnel.

He ran, lungs on fire from adrenaline brought on by terror and exercise. He burst into a room, saw Spock asleep in his bed, and quickly left that room. He found himself in T'Pring's just in time to see her murdered in her meditation pose, and bolted from there as well.

In Nyota's room stood Amanda, waking the human girl. Sybok, he saw, was nowhere to be seen. "Come!" she ordered, getting her up. "Come on!"

"Where's Dad?" she asked and Amanda shook her head.

"Just come on!"

There was a loud shout and Jim quickly fled through the tunnel and into a hallway. "Dad!" he shouted and George turned his head, face pale. "Jim. Thank God. Let's go!"

"But Dad… No! Follow me!" And he darted into the tunnel again. He didn't see the Romulans spring into the hallway and, when the door suddenly slammed behind him, he assumed his father had done it from the inside. His father, though, had stayed behind to phase the Romulans before they could get further into the house.

Jim soon found himself in Spock's room again. Amanda was waking Spock. Nyota wasn't with her and he could hear angry yelling from beyond the barricaded door. They were breaking through…

"Hey!" Jim called out. "Through here! Come on!"

Amanda pushed Spock forward, looking at the door. "Go!" They were soon in the tunnel, but Spock suddenly doubled back.

"Where are you going?" Jim demanded.

"My music!" He went to his dresser, grabbed the gem from the surface and scrambled back. Jim shoved him in behind his mother just as the barricade was broken through, so slammed the door on them.

"Where are they?" one demanded.

"Who?" he asked, feigning innocence.

Something came down hard on his head, knocking Jim back. He slid to the ground, unconscious, his hand covering the gem that had fallen from Spock's hand in his hurry.

Outside, Spock and Amanda were running, hand in hand. "Mother," the boy panted, "what has happened? Where is Father? Where is Sybok?"

"Spock, just run!"

"Who is after us?" he panted. "Did Jim just sacrifice his life for us? That's very illogical for a human child! They aren't supposed to display such bravery!"

"Spock, just keep up with me!" Amanda looked into the distance, saw a familiar girl with a familiar man. "There's Nyota! Nyota! George!" she called.

George Kirk and Nyota Uhura were at a shuttlecraft that had recently landed upon Vulcan. It was all that remained of the USS Kelvin, and all that was left of the crew were four engineers, two nurses, the Kelvin's Chief Medical Officer, and the Chief Tactical Officer. He'd already been informed that Romulan ships had appeared out of nowhere, destroying everything they could. Communications had gone out just after sending a distress call… Since then, they had received word that three ships were coming to their aid, but the Kelvin had been slammed into one of the Romulan ships in order to destroy it as none of the shuttles they'd been sending out had been left unscathed… So many dead…

"Lady Amanda, Spock, it's good to see you two made it out alive. How did you escape?"

"It was Jim," Spock said.

"Is he… isn't he with you?"

Amanda sighed quietly. "George… I'm sorry…"

He looked down, closed his eyes. "No." How could he ever explain this to his wife? His child…

"How did you and Nyota get out?" Amanda asked quietly.

"She just came running down the hall… So I grabbed her and carried her out, phasing the Romulans I saw along the way."

"Romulans?" Spock's brow furrowed in concentration, and his eyes slowly widened. "Mother… Is Father dead? Is Sybok? What has happened to the elders?"

"Oh, Spock… There's no time to explain now. We must hurry. Nyota, get aboard." Amanda followed, held out a hand. "Come along, Spock."

"But Mother–!" He broke off with a startled yelp.

"Let him go!" Amanda squealed. Nero had grabbed Spock just as Amanda had taken her son's hand. When Nero tugged, George grabbed Amanda and a support handle to keep her steady and them all on the shuttle.

"Let's go!" he ordered and the tactical officer grabbed the controls. "Go! Go! Go!"

The shuttle immediately lifted and began zooming, trying to dislodge the Romulan while young Spock struggled out of his grip. "Mother!"

"Someone phase him!" George commanded. He didn't have a free hand to grab his phaser… But just as an engineer had the settings changed, Spock brought his elbow hard beneath Nero's chin, snapping the Romulan's head back. His grip slickened by the fierce struggles, Nero was forced to let go of the child and down he fell… The canyon they were over was so far down, none of them were able to see or hear Nero's final moments.

But now Spock was just barely holding onto his mother. Their hands were slicked with sweat, the grips having to change every few seconds. "Hold on, Spock!" They both knew the chances of his survival at the moment were less than zero, but…

"Mother…" He couldn't hold on any more…

"Lower the shuttle!" George shouted, but as they lowered, they hit a spot of turbulence in the air and it was too much. Young Spock's hold slipped and down he fell, splashing into one of the few rivers Vulcan could still claim.

"Spock!" Amanda screamed and was dragged into the craft by George. "No! Spock! He can't swim! Spock!"

"Shut the door," George ordered. From that height, able to swim or not, there was no way someone as young as Spock could have survived. Amanda was now alone…

"No!" she screaming again, struggling as the shuttle was sealed. "Spock…"

Later, the remaining Romulan rogues subdued and there second ship destroyed, George Kirk and the remaining crew of the USS Kelvin were beamed down – at their request – to Vulcan from the USS Defiant. Their survey discovered that three elders had survived by faking their own deaths, a few scattered children had survived by being protected by their now-dead parents, a few adults survived and were grieving over dead loved ones in a Vulcan manner that seemed almost heartless to the George Kirk.

And to his son, who held his father's hand, tears in his eyes. He had the green gem that Spock had gone back for in his pocket and a large bruise on his temple. He wanted to give the gem back to Spock, to apologize for the bratty way he'd been acting before, but…

Spock was dead. Sybok was dead. And Ambassador Sarek was dead. Nero had won…

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