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Chapter Six

Just as they were shooting over Delta Vega, Sulu and Chekov both looked at their consoles with wide eyes. Alarms went off a moment later followed by Scotty's voice crackling over the comm. "Ah… Jim, I may have been a bit off about how long the crystals could hold out."

"What do you mean a little off?"

"Well… I suggest bringin' 'er down now or we'll crash."

"Survival at this height is unlikely," Quinto mused.

"Gee, thanks, Spock…"

This time, Quinto didn't bother correcting him. He supposed that getting used to this new name was logical if he was the true Spock. And if he wasn't… then he wasn't.

"Sulu, can you bring the ship down safely?"

"Ah… I believe I can, Commander. Chekov–"


Sulu's hands stilled on the controls. "What?"

"Perhaps explanation should vait until we land, yes?"

"Right… Um…" Completely thrown off, Sulu looked at his controls, then out into space where the planet was getting larger rapidly. "Damn it." He made a hard course correction, that nearly sent Jim out of his seat.

"Hey! Watch it!"

"Sorry, Commander… Che – Pav… Ensign, make sure I have the correct coordinates logged. It seems like we're going to hit a rough patch…" And without the crystals, it was virtually impossible for him to slow down to safe levels.

"Ah… From here it looks like ve vill be hitting… ice."

"Great," Jim muttered. "Get us away from the ice, Chekov."

"Yes, sir." He scanned the planet quickly, inputting new coordinates. "Ve should be landing very–"

The force of the landing had them all being jarred from their places and onto the floor of the ship. Quinto landed directly on Jim, their eyes locking. Both froze in that position, staring at one another until Bones' angry voice finally penetrated their senses. And even then they just looked up.

"Damn it!" he shouted. "What kind of a landing was that?"

"One where we all survived," Sulu commented, helping Chekov to his feet. The younger man gave his hand a squeeze, which surprised the Lieutenant, but… It wasn't unpleasant. His lips curved slightly and Chekov's dark eyes were bright with glee.

"Vell, now that ve are landed… Ve should do vhat?"

"'Ve' should get the hell out of here. How close are we to a Starfleet base?"

"A couple of miles," Chekov explained, not insulted by the Commander's mimicking of him. "I tried to get us as close as I could, but ve vere coming down ewen faster than I thought."

"Obviously. But a couple of miles isn't that far." Jim smirked. "You look like you're in shape, Mr. Spock; are you willing to walk that far?"

Quinto nodded, eyes having been captured by the way Jim's mouth moved when he smirked. He rose quickly. "It shouldn't prove to be difficult."

"Ha! As bundled up as you'll have to be to keep warm, we'll be lucky to even make it halfway. You'll be waddling the entire damn time." Bones shook his head. "Delta Vega, in case any of you weren't paying attention at the Academy, is a frozen wasteland." He hit a button and the screen opened, revealing what appeared to be a fierce blizzard outside.

If Quinto, used to Vulcan's heated desert lands, was put off, he didn't show it.

Scotty came into the room, arms loaded down with heavy coats. "We're not goin' out into tha' are we?"

"Yes, we are, Mr. Scott." Sighing, Jim took a coat. "Any hope of salvaging the engines so we can stay in here?"

"None. Not with the equipment I have here, Commander. It'd be a waste of time to even try. She wouldn't get us off the ground, let alone the planet. It's actually amazin' that she even got us this far…"

"Why's that, Scotty?"

"It looks like someone punctured a hole in part of the warp core."

"Punctured by what?" Quinto queried. Sulu tensed, which drew a curious look from Chekov.

"I canna say what did it. Somethin' sharp, tha's for certain. I didna even see the puncture until the levels started droppin' too quick ta keep up with."

"Fascinating. Could I take a look?"


"I think it would be better if we just left," Sulu interrupted, ignoring the confused look Chekov was sending him. "Since it's not your ship, we'll have to come back to it eventually."

"That's true…" Scotty passed out the coats, swung his own over his shoulder. "All right, lads, let's get goin'. It shouldn't take us too long."

Chekov was the first one out, a delighted grin on his face. "I have not had a vinter like this since I vas last in Russia! This vill be nothing!"

Bones and Scotty followed, the former muttering under his breath about hypothermia and frostbite. Once Jim and Quinto had left, Sulu checked his padd and saw a message. The time was an hour after he'd boarded the ship…

He sighed. They'd warned him not to board as there was a change in the plans… Too late, he mused. He sent off a quick reply, "Total survival," before striding off.