I would like to thank DemigodWiththeBread for being such a great beta and helping me with my story. Thankyou.

I am a star, bright and beautiful, filling the dark sky with light.

I am as beautiful as a flower, blooming from the earth.

All the girls at home wish they were me. All the boys bow down to me. They all love me, because I'm Glimmer, the prettiest girl you will ever see.

But don't let my looks fool you. I'm strong and powerful. I'm a natural-born Career. I've been training for this day since I was a child. The day where I go into the Hunger Games and win. I'll have Sponsors lining up at my feet. They'll all love me the moment they set their eyes on me. But some don't think I can win. If you could hear the people back home, what they say about me...

Look at Glimmer, she's gorgeous, she's a winner when it comes to beauty. But she's just another pretty face.

I'll show all the people who think I am just a pretty face that I have what it takes. I can win the games. Even if they don't think I can.

They only way she'll ever win is if she can get sponsors. Otherwise she's as dead as the others. She won't stand a chance.

Let them think what they want. I'll show them, I'll show them all that I'm more than that. I may have my looks, but I also have so much more. I have my abilities, my strength, my power. The things that will make me win. Even if I'm not drop dead gorgous, I'll still do well. I'll still have all the sponsors.

Right? They believe in me, don't they? They know that I'm more than just another good-looking tribute. They have to. Sure, my looks give me an advantage, but I'm more than that. I'm special, I'm strong, and I can fight. I'll show them in the arena that I'm a fighter, a strong one too. I can take anyone down.

Atleast, that's what I thought I would do.

If I could show them, then why am I lying here? Covered in pus and large, swollen bumps? Why isn't my beauty beaming? How come I can feel it draining from my body, just as my life is also? Was I really just a pretty face? Were the people back home right about me all along? Did I have what it took to win these mindless games? Or was I fooling myself into believing I could do it? Their doubts come back to me, even now as my life is fading away.

She'll never win. Looks aren't enough when it comes to these games. She doesn't stand a chance.

Yeah, I heard them talking behind my back. I can feel their eyes glaring at me through their televisions. Even though they're so far away, back in District One, they feel so close. I can imagine what they're thinking.

I knew it, she wasn't strong enough. I was right; she is just another pretty face.

But they're wrong. I'm not pretty, not anymore. I'm not a star shinning; not a beautiful flower, just blooming. I am ugly. And maybe that's a good thing. Maybe that's what I want. I don't want my beauty anymore, please, take it, anyone! All those girls who were envious of me, they can split it. All I want is to live, but now I won't even get that. So I lay here, dying, without my beauty to show. And for that I am glad.

Because I am Glimmer.

And I am more than just a pretty face.