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Warnings: None for this particular chapter, but as a whole it's a T and higher fic.

AN: This is the sequel to Moon and Mud. It kicks off a new story arc and was broken away to get a cleaner, more even feel.




The sounds of a soft voice singing could be heard throughout the dilapidated building. Upstairs in the bathroom, a woman was washing a child in a rusty tub. She smiled as she sang, watching as the little boy splashed happily. Her slender fingers gently combed through the boy's thick hair, delicately lathering him in pale soap.

The boy giggled at the feel of the bubbles sliding between his hands and he flicked some at the woman, which only made her smile wider. The woman gently pulled the boy to the edge of the tub, under the faucet and twisted the knobs; she frowned slightly when she heard the pipes groan angrily.

She turned her attention back to the boy, letting the water wash away the suds clinging to him. With one hand supporting him, she reached over and grabbed a towel; picking him up and bundling him up expertly. The boy cried out softly in protest at being removed from the tub, but he quickly quieted down when he was softly cradled by the woman. Rubbing his back softly, she crooned and swayed. She pressed her lips to his hair, smile hidden as he nuzzled into her neck.

Then suddenly, unexpectedly…painfully-

He woke up.