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Sirius raced back up the road to home, letter in hand. He'd gotten it by muggle post. Banging open the door, he greeted James, waving the letter excitedly. James sits down expectantly, and Sirius joins him.

"Go on, give it a read." James rubbed his hands together.

Ripping it out of its' envelope, Sirius quickly unfolded out the letter. The two bent over it, heads together, and began to read. As Sirius continued to read, he began to picture Remus writing. Pouring over the words, that Remus would be scribbling this at the kitchen table, ignoring the domestic chaos swirling around him. His eyes would flicker over the paper, dreamy with relaxed concentration. Life continuing around him while he, took a moment to record it. It Read:

'Dear Sirius,

Thank you for your last letter. I hadn't been able to reply sooner because these last few months have been hectic. Vivian gave birth to twins. A boy and a girl. Rosemary and Ivan; they were named after Gabriel's mother and Vivian's father. They are so cute, everyone loves them, and Esme' is glad that she is a young grandma.

We finally got the cabins finished, and we'll be opening for business next week, and Esme' has made me the cook! I'm honestly very excited, and I'm truly lucky. It means I've got a place, and won't have to worry too much. Its' made me think about culinary school. Also how Vivian doesn't want to go to school(her graduation was nice though.). Well, I can't say I blame her. She's got her hands full already, and will for a while. Which reminds me: you should finish school yourself. Since Hogwarts, has a wizards' education, which won't exactly get me far, it will for you.

On that note, when you told me James and Lily finally got together, I can't say I'm surprised. Tell em' from me to hang in there, especially Lily. Glad to hear you're all doing so well. Sirius, it was very brave that you stood up to your family like that. If they can't see what a good son they have, then mores' the pity for them.

Speaking of family's, mine has grown; the Pennsylvania pack is now officially our sister pack. Irene Stark talks a lot to Vivian and Esme'(she also just had a child; a little girl she named Diana.) and I talk to Luka quite a bit, we get on great. We've got a great phone plan(ask Lily to teach you how to use one!). All in all, its great.

Although, we haven't had any luck finding Shiloh, we did find a few remnants of that old pack that had wandered by; some of its easy to convince them to join up healthy packs, others, not so much. Its come to blows a few times, but we're lucky. The secret is still safe.

I haven't heard much else from the wizarding communities; of course, that's a double-edged sword. Are you alright?

No place is without its dangers I suppose, that's life. Right now, its peaceful, more or less. How long, no one knows, but I'll enjoy it while it does.