Warning: Boyxboy BL Yaoi lemon/lime smut or whatever flouts your boat. OOC-ness… (this thing actually has a plot and character development I think O-o)

Pairing: R27 (reborn Tsuna)

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Summary: dropped down by life Tsuna works his way through life pleasuring other men. Years spent in pain and hurt lock away the human emotions the cheerful boy once possessed leaving only porcelain doll behind. Until a stranger comes just to leave cracks and dents in the beautiful toy.

Author's useless attempts to justify herself: Right I actually reared Reborn to try and get the mans personality… and I think I failed and Tsuna's OOC, but hello the boys been a whore for 4 years or something along the line . he was bound to break some time -_-.

A brush ran through short unruly brown hair in a futile attempt to tame. After few minutes the hand stopped putting the brush down and picked a purple ornament up clipping it to the side catching some bangs and pulling them from honey coloured eyes. Thin fingers ran through the soft terraces before running lower touching a check, a yaw, slowly running down a slightly tanned skin. The fingers moved away dipping into a bottle of perfume before settling on the neck once more tracing small lines along the collar bone. 'There, you are ready now'. Spoke a voice of an elderly woman as she moved away from a small boy clad in a light pink kimono with light purple flowers dancing on the expensive material. The boy just nodded his head, the honey coloured eyes hallow, and his mind somewhere far away.

The paper door slid open, but the boy didn't look up he kept on staring at the table in front of him. What was the point? This was always the same – they came for his body and used it as they pleased. It was only physical, it was only natural – the boy kept repeating to himself. He was a doll after all, an exotic Japanese example to tend to the arrogant westerners. Had they no shame? No, he will not cry, not now when work has to be done. He will not embarrass the woman that saved him from a crueller fate then selling his own body. It was just a body after all.

Honey met pools of blackness. Ah, at least this one was handsome. It didn't hurt any less when they left him in a heap of sweat and misery, but at least he can say this is a conquest. 'What is your name?' asked a deep voice with a slight Italian accent. The boy heard so many men that by now he can tell the accents apart. He could even make out some words of languages he never dreamed of hearing. Ah, why did this have to happen to him? Why did he have to end up here, clad in expensive clothing, being called a pride possession? Why did have to spend his nights awake, feeling the grotesque forms on him?

'It's Tsuna' the boy spoke out his eyes wavering away refusing to meet the other man's face. He didn't want to see his features. Tsunayoshi has learned long ago not to look into their eyes, their faces so as not to remember them, so as not to have them haunt his dreams. Yes, in that way they will only be shadows, frightening demonic shadows that loom over him every night even when he is not working, sucking the life from his small essence. The man gave a laugh as he leaned over the table capturing the boys chin in his hand forcing their eyes to meet.

His laugh is cold, noted the brunette, as if it was coloured with blood itself. The boy shut his eyes still refusing to look at his tormentor for the night "You look unusual for a whore" the man spoke out again examining the boy. The raven was used to typical Japanese women being presented to him: black hair, white skin, dark eyes. The man snorted. As if he was interested in that. This boy in front of him looked a thousand times better; he looked so innocent, so fragile. In other words, he didn't look like anything that would belong in a whore-house. And the raven liked that. A smirk graced him as he opened his mouth once more "open your eyes boy, I want to see them". Tsuna had no other choice but to comply, it was his duty after all. Still his gaze turned away. He was afraid of what he might see in those eyes. "Look at me" the voice commanded again. Was it that wrong of him to torture the boy like so? The man chuckled to himself. It was far amusing to pass up. 'Now then, Tsuna, shall we begin?" Empty honey coloured eyes starred at the black ones, locked in a trance the brunette never had the strength to escape.

He felt a tug and he could see his body moving over the table in a slow motion. Lips met perfumed skin, Tsuna's legs laid uncomfortably on the floor as he was placed in the man's lap, his vice grip tearing into the kimono. The man continued to lick the brunette's neck nibbling on the skin just hard enough to send shivers down Tsuna's spine but not leave marks. The costumer's tongue moved down to the edge of the open garment, his hands moving to undo the obi. Silk fell all over, spreading over the table, landing on the floor, falling around the boy's body. The raven haired man looked down at the boy who had fallen on the small table. A flush on his cheeks, his eyes distant and far away. The man smirked, his lips moving to the boy's ear. A tongue ran over the lobe, teeth gently nibbled on the sensitive spot "I'll make you unable to look away" the man whispered, hot breath running over the smaller male's ear making the lewd body heat up even more. Tsuna's constant attempts to look away made the man irritated – it hurt his pride as a man. "I'll imprint myself into your body. I'll make it so that you can never forget me" Hot breath mixed with the soft touch of the man's tongue running over the brunette's lob. "And then I'll make you scream" the man bit down hard almost drawing blood. The boy let out a moan of fear. But he couldn't do anything, he couldn't move away no matter how much he wanted to. He had no other choice but to lay there and allow this Italian to colonize his body.

Rough hands mowed towards the milky flesh, tracing every curve, every line of the petit body. The man stopped to tease a rosy bud earning a gasp from the boy. The raven lowered his head taking the tempting bud into his mouth, sucking it, nibbling on it, running his tongue over it. The brunette moaned and gasped. He had so many men touch him; all the same, all selfish worried about their own needs forgetting that he was human too. He was human, wasn't he? Heavy lids opened slightly too look down at his costumer. 'No, don't look down! Don't look at him! Don't do this to yourself his 'mind screamed but the soft caresses, the gentle treatment was intoxicating him. The brunette suddenly gasped as a cold hand touched his sensitive part slowly stroking it earning more moans and gasps from the boy. Tsuna shut his eyes, afraid of what he may see, of what he may remember. Short raged breaths filled the room as the honey eyed boy could feel the sensation in his neither regions grow. 'Ugh…Ah…' the boy bit his lip in attempts to hold his moans. The man chuckled once more. 'Reborn' he whispered in the boys ear. 'My name… I want to hear you scream it'. 'Ungh.. nah… n-no' the boy stuttered fighting his own emotions, fighting the pleasure this man was giving him. ''Say it' Reborn took his abused earlobe in his mouth biting on it once more. 'R-re-re-born!' the boy shouted in midst of pants and moans. The man smirked to himself as the boy covered his face with his arm. He was ashamed.

In his life as a whore Tsuna has done so many embarrassing things. It was in his second year at this place when things stopped mattering. He blushed if the costumer wanted, he resisted if they wanted, and he did so much unspeakable things, his mind simply blanked out when he was called for work. But this man, this man brought it back, all the feelings all the emotions he learned how to shove into the deepest darkest corner to never expose to the daylight. And it hurt. It burned to finally drag one's sun deprived body into the light. 'Look at me' the man commanded again. Honey locked with darkness once more. Tsuna could see the lust in the man's eyes. And it frightened him. He felt scared, like that time on his first job. That time when he was jus an innocent no-good child thrown to the wolves.

'Tsuna' the man whispered in the boys ear 'What did I tell you' the man's voice echoed in his mind, it stirred the brunette's blood sending it all to his cheeks. Reborn's smirk widened. The boy was just too adorable. 'You know, I want to simply devour you now Tuna' the boy pouted at the man's teasing. Or at least that's what Tsuna's glare looked like to Reborn. Gentle fingers gripped Reborn's hand. The man raised an eyebrow as at what the boy was up to. He could see the playful slightly evil glint in the brunette's eyes. Tsuna brought the fingers that gripped the gun for so many times to his mouth. A pink tongue peeked out from plum lips licking the tips of the index and middle fingers before taking them into his mouth sucking on them lightly. A skilful tongue wrapped around the fingers slightly caressing them. Tsuna looked up at his master for a night with half lidded eyes. Reborn was looking at him the lust growing in his eyes. The man would be lying if he said this didn't arouse him to the point that he almost lost self control. When Tsuna purred after taking the digits out of his mouths and resting his cheeks on them even the composed assassin couldn't take it. In an instant he was towering over the boy pants undone his erection rubbing against the boys half hard one. Reborn took the saliva covered fingers and slipped both of them into Tsuna's entrance pumping them in and out in a slow motion, spreading them once in a while. Tsuna let out a moan as the man's fingers hit a particular spot inside him. Reborn smirked adding a third finger and repeatedly hitting the same spot. The Brunnete gripped aat his kimono moaning and writhing, his eyes half lidded, droll slightly dripping from the corner of his mouth 'Reborn-sama, p-p-ple-please' The boy stuttered out before letting out another moan like purr. The older man's resolve disappeared into thin air as he rammed into the boy. Tsuna frowned in pain, tears forming at the corners of his eyes. Reborn was much bigger then anything he had before. The said man picked the boy up into his lap to get a better angle. Few thrust later the man found the sweet spot and began pouting into it making his lover for the night shout his name as he began seeing stars.

Tsuna's voice felt hoarse as the screams turned into whispers. The boy suddenly gasped and Reborn could feel his musculs tensing sending the man over the edge as well. Tsuna collapsed into a drained heap in the man's lap panting trying to regain his sanity. Reborn kissed the man on his cheek right next to his lips. Tsuna regaining his breath and finally getting rid of some of the cobwebs in his head tilted his head capturing the man's lips with his own. It was a short and soft kiss. Three seconds later Tsuna slipped into dream world as the man starred down at him 'Do you even know what a whore's kiss means?' asked the man looking down at the boy he will never see again.

'It means a promise…'

A/n: and this is part one. As far as for the whore's kiss deal it's like this: they don't kiss people on the lips because kiss means affection and they sell their bodies not their emotions. So when Tsuna kissed Reborn he gave him his affection meaning that he was more then just a costumer to him. As for a promise part well… There's a huge long story that behind it that I won't go into pm me or ask somehow else if you are interested…

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