Higurashi High, Ch4

Shion and Satoshi were walking together to the middle school to pick up the girls again. It had been a few weeks since Shion had kissed the boy, and somehow, they had naturally got over it, and continued almost as if nothing had happened, with the exception of Shion kissing the blond on the cheek to say goodbye almost every day.

The two were chatting about various things when the topic of sport came up, Shion asked "What sports do you play Satoshi-kun?"

Satoshi thought before answering, "Well I used to play baseball at my old school in the school team..."

"Well our school has a team, why don't you try-out for it?"

"Well... the practise times are... inconvenient."

Shion could not see anything inconvenient about the times: they were straight after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and on Saturday mornings? "What's so inconvenient?"

"Erm... well..." Satoshi cast his eyes down, and Shion realised the meaning behind his words.

"Oh sorry... I forgot..."

"It's only natural... come on, let's go." Satoshi sounded rather subdued as he spoke, and then continued walking.

'Oh goodness, how could I be so insensitive... I've got to make it up to him somehow... hang on...' An idea began to brew in the green-haired girl's head. 'That should work.'

"So, what do you think?" Shion asked the younger girl, as they waited for the blonde's brother, who had conveniently forgotten something at school. Meanwhile Shion took the opportunity to talk to Satoko, while Rika let the other two discuss their 'private matter.'

"Shion-san, I think it's good." Satoko gave a hint of a smile as she spoke.

"So when do we begin?"

"Try tomorrow, Uncle should be in then. Just one more thing, Shion-san, do you like my brother?"

Shion raised an eyebrow, "Of course I like him, he's a very close friend."

'Just like what Nii-Nii said,' Satoko thought, remembering a previous conversation with her brother. "That's not what I mean, you love Nii-Nii don't you? That's why you're doing all this for him, isn't it?"

Shion blushed, then answered frankly, "Satoko-chan, you are far too observant, but yes, you're right, I do love him."

Satoko nodded, "That's good, I'm glad. Nii-Nii's always been looking after me so much, I really want him to be happy, especially with the girl he loves."

"Wh-what?" Shion asked suddenly at the last part of Satoko's sentence processed in her mind. But the girls heard Satoshi call to them, and they turned towards him.

As Satoko ran towards her brother, she turned quickly back to Shion, "He does, trust me." Then she ran towards her brother, leaving a slightly dazed Shion.

Rika now approached the older girl, "It's time to go now, sir. We need to get home for dinner, sir." Shion, still a little dazed, just stared at the other girl. Rika smiled and tilted her head, "Nii-pah~."

Shion was walking back home the next day, this time with only Satoshi and Satoko, as Rika's mother had picked her up. They were almost at the Hojo's house, when Shion winked at Satoko behind Satoshi's back, just before they reached a particularly steep slope, which conveniently had high leaf cover. Shion accidentally slipped on some rather slippery leaves, and fell down the slope.

Okay, to anybody paying attention to her feet, it was clear that she did it on purpose, but Satoshi was more concerned with Shion's wellbeing than anything else, and he quickly knelt by her side, "Shion-chan, are you okay?"

"I think so..." Shion tried to stand, but realised that she had actually sprained her ankle, and cried out. She had planned to fake it, but this worked too.

"Come on," Satoshi reached an arm around her shoulders, slipping his arm carefully under hers, and then helped her stand. With some difficulty, the two of them made their way down the slope, with Satoko following carrying Shion's bag along with her own. They managed to make it to the Hojo house, just at the same time as Satoshi's uncle came up to the gate from the other direction.

"Ojisan!" Satoko said suddenly, very glad that Shion was there: she doubted that her uncle would do anything with anybody outside the family around.

"What's this all about Satoshi?" Teppei asked. He sounded friendly, jovial almost, but Shion knew that behind the facade was a hideous soul.

"My friend Shion slipped on the slope and sprained her ankle," Satoshi replied, seemingly unfazed by his uncle's presence. Shion guessed that he felt safe, knowing that his uncle was unlikely to be openly hostile for the moment.

"Ah, I see, tell me, Shion was it? How far's your home? Think you can make it there, or would you like a lift?"

Shion smiled, her plan was working, "If you wouldn't mind, a lift would be briliant."

"Okay, just gimme a minute while I get these to my wife," he indicated two shopping bags, before he went up the drive to the house, Satoko following him, and giving a slight wave to Shion and Satoshi.

Satoshi waved back with his free hand, "Shion, is it just me, or are you planning something?"

"Why do you say that Satoshi-kun?" Shion asked, do her best 'innocent-puppy-eyes' look.

"Just a hunch."

"Don't you trust me, Satoshi-kun?"

"I do trust you, I trust you to plan something to gain whatever you want."

"Aw~ you know me too well," Shion said, trying to do a 'cutesy' voice.

"No, I don't know you well enough," Satoshi muttered, looking away.

"Satoshi-kun?" Shion asked, trying to catch his eye. He turned back to face her, and their eyes met, then Satoshi's darted down to Shion's lips for a moment, before settling on her eyes once more.

"Right, sorry 'bout that..." Teppei said, coming out of the house. The two teenagers quickly turned away from each other, and looked over at the man as he came over to them, and unlocked the car. Satoshi quickly helped Shion in to the back, and went round to the other side.

After giving Teppei the directions, Shion waited until they had pulled out to speak to Satoshi, "You know Satoshi, the try-outs for all the sports teams are coming up, are you going to any of them."

"N...No," Satoshi said quietly.

"Why ever not Satoshi?"Teppei asked from the front. "You were in the baseball team at your last school, don't they do it here?"

"Well... yes..." Satoshi looked pleadingly at Shion, pleading her to change the subject.

Instead, she continued, "Well the baseball try-outs are this Saturday, you should go Satoshi. I'd like to see you play, and I'm sure Satoko would too."

Then it dawned on Satoshi, "Well... I suppose I could..."

"That's the spirit," Teppei said, before pulling up outside Shion's house. "Well here we are."

Satoshi got out from his side, and helped Shion out and up the drive to the front door. He rang the bell, and a rather surprised Mion opened the door.

"Shii-chan, what happened?"

"I slipped on a slope and sprained my ankle, so Satoshi helped me as far as his house and his uncle gave us a lift over here."

Mion turned to Satoshi, "Satoshi-san, thanks for helping my useless sister."

"Hey!" Shion protested, as she gingerly stepped inside, careful not to put too much weight on her ankle.

"It's no problem. Now I'd better get going, see you both tomorrow, Mion-san, Shion-chan." Satoshi turned back and walked down the drive to the car.

As soon as she had closed the door, Mion turned to her sister, "Right! What really happened?"

Shion sighed, "He just told you, the truth, and nothing but the truth."

"What about the whole truth?"

"Hm... as far as he was aware, pretty much."

"So what are you hiding?" Mion inquired, feeling like she was finally getting somewhere.

"I'm hiding it, so why'd I tell you?" Shion asked.

"Because... otherwise I'll broadcast to everybody about how you feel about a certain blond boy."

"You wouldn't."

"I would."

"Okay, then I'll tell everybody about exactly what you and Rena do, I might even..."

"Okay, we'll play it your way," Mion gave up.

The next day, when Satoshi came into the classroom, he sat down next to Shion, before letting out a deep breath, "Shion-chan, you are either a genius, or lucky."

"Both I think, what happened?"

"He said I should go to the try-outs on Saturday, and take Satoko to watch if she wanted. How the hell do you manage these things?"

"I'm just amazing," Shion said, smiling, "Oh, and I'm coming on Saturday to watch too, so you'd better get into the team."

"But if I do, then Satoko will still..." he said quietly.

"Don't worry about that, I've already thought of that. You see, the school doctor is in charge of the team, and he's looking for an assistant manager or two. I've also heard he has soft spot for cute girls."

"Shion, you are amazing," Satoshi said, without a hint of a joke in his voice.

Shion blushed and looked away, "E~to... thanks."

She saw Mion staring pointedly at her, and turned back to Satoshi. She beamed at him, "So, Satoshi-kun, do your best!"

He returned the smile, "I will, Shion."

'No honourific? Oh~ does that mean he thinks of me as a really good friend or...' Shion turned to front of the room, as the teacher came in. She was still slightly red.

And she could not wait until Saturday.

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