Hey, let me know what you think. Dunno if I should continue this or not, just throwing it out there. Thanks. 3


First of all, my name is Emily Markings. Easy to pronounce and not some made up name that some fan girl
obsessed with fancy elves took from another crazed fan girls story. However, that is the only thing separating me from the multitude of crazed MS'. Well, that and the fact that I cannot stand the lord of the rings. Don't get me wrong, the plot is awesome and all but I only saw the movie version…and the only thing appealing was Viggo Peter Mortensen Jr, scuffed up and looking manly; as well as the cute little hobbits with the tooth gaps and werewolf syndrome feet.

So…anyway, you're probably wondering how I ended up as a Mary Sue and in Middle Earth…*gasp*…well, here it is. I didn't die in some car accident, only to magically awaken in ME for a second chance at life, I wasn't imbued with awesome power and I didn't read a spell…nor did I pull a Narnia and go venturing through a closet. Oh, no, I didn't end up there in any of these ways.

No, I did the practical thing. I took a bus.

Now, yes, you're probably rereading that last sentence to make sure that the hours of guzzling Monsters and reading cliché fan fiction hasn't muddled up your brain….but I assure you. I went there by BUS. After taking in the information I have presented you have most likely moved on to your next train of thought…. WTF?

How does a girl travel from dimension to dimension, from time period to time period via a public transportation vehicle?

Haven't you seen 'Back to the Future'? It's totally possible… and if you think its not, take it up with Doc.

Now, I'm going off tangent. Again, my name is Elamaristagahno…no, I won't be that mean. My name is Emily Marking, I'm 18 with a degree in kick ass and film studies…self taught…and I work as a cashier at the local grocery store during my summers. However, I took a month off to visit my mom who happened to be in the next town over… a place that happened to be called Rivendell. Don't look at me like that, how was I supposed to know the bloody bus driver would happen to be a LOTR fanatic/time traveler?

Anyway, I guess we should start the retelling of how I came to be a Mary Sue. Ugh.