Well this is a start to were Mia left. After Mango's death she haves never been the same. This is my first Fanfic. So please R&R.

After Mango's death, I have lost my colors. I have not been the same. It's just that I feel a piece of me missing. My heart ached.

Until the day, Mustard came into my life. Mustard is Mango's long lost son that was born after his death, but who made me recover the hope that I had before, and maybe even something more stronger than that.

It was another rainy day after Mango's death,. I was sitting by the window watching the horizon turn orange into mustard color, from the soft red rising glow, to a pinkish warm fire that removed every speck of orange entirely. Teardrops flowed through my eyes. It was like remembering Mango's last purr and how I felt it was my entire fault, just Mango's last goodbye. No other will fill Mango's place in my heart. Mango was unique and different, for me he was the cause of my colors and my best moments relied on him.

"Meow, meow" something cried. It was distinctive of any other sound. I've heard it before.

"Meow, meow" it cried again. I did not hesitate to react.

I went looking all around, until I opened the window and looked down. It was not raining anymore, and the wind blew the tall grass in all directions, but in between it there was a yellow mustard spot curled in a small bundle just below.

I went running down the stairs as fast as I could. I felt a strange sensation running through me and I felt a kind of urge to get there. I started sweating and it seems it was going to last forever. My mouth felt sore as I gasped for air on the way. My mind went blank and I only could feel that Mango was back, that it was my entire fault he was dead, that he was back. I was running as fast as I could before a terrible pain had spread through my head, causing me to grab myself and collapse on the floor to close my eyelids for a moment, as I open my eyes I heard it again, but this time it was different . And this time it was completely different.

"Meow, meow" It cried.

But this time it was different. It sounded like Mango, but instead of the orange color it was yellow mustard colored. My colors where back, and I was back. I followed my colors until the headache didn't let me advance more towards my sweet, lovely, Mango.

I don't know how long it took me to recover but it was already dark. Then I felt something resting on by my side. Its warmth only made its presence believable. I picked it up and went back to the house. I climbed upstairs without looking down at the small yellowish creature that rested in my arms. I was so absorbed in my mind that I didn't notice that my forehead was bleeding from my fall. I looked into my folded arms.

And there he was.

"Mustard" I said.

"I will call you Mustard" I repeated tasting the name. He was different from Mango in many more ways that I could imagine, bit his presence was still present with him.

I left Mustard resting on Mango's old, shaggy, Winnie-the-Pooh blanket, that apparently he loved as well. I went to wash my forehead. It was not an emergency, just a small scratch, so I cleansed it and left a small circular bandage on it. When I came back I saw my old and dear Mango resting, but it was only Mustard sleeping. Then his yellow purrs circled around me, I was inspired, and I had not paint since the day Mango died. His color circled and twirled around me, it played around the room and then disappears. I looked for my paint board.

I decided to paint my Mango's empty space. I painted my window, my bed, and a Mango shaped space.

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