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Title: The Soul Collector

Written for: Renee aka mymunkyman

Written By: Claire Bloom

Rating: T

Summary/Prompt used: Outside

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Disclaimer: Twilight and all the characters are the property of Stephenie Meyer, this storyline is all mine.

The Soul Collector



I reached out my hand to him and his light flickered, like a candle caught in a gentle breeze. I gasped and waited, praying he wouldn't vanish again. His eyes lifted and looked through me and I instinctively turned to look behind, trying to find what he was staring at.


I turned back and felt my heart ache. He looked so lost, so empty, his eyes glistened as though filled with unshed tears. I had never witnessed a look of true desolation before. I had never imagined any person could appear so defeated.

I felt tears prickle my own eyes as I moved tentatively forward again.

He was crouched on the forest floor, just like the other times I'd seen him. He sat on his left side, his body supported by his arms which rested on the floor in front of him.

I knelt before him and wanted so desperately for him to see me.

As I moved closer, I could make out the perfect paleness of his skin; his lips in stark contrast to the whiteness of his pallor for they were so red and wet. I imagined him licking them, the tip of his tongue leaving the moisture there.

His eyes were green and bright and his face was so achingly perfect I yearned to reach out and caress his cheek.

He shimmered in the moonlight and I wondered again who he was, what had happened to him, and why he remained on this mortal earth.

His entire being was so transparent I could see the darkness of the forest behind him - through him.

For some reason, he was trapped here, in limbo, purgatory, and I wanted – no – I needed to know him.

"Who are you?" I whispered, knowing his ghost could not hear me. "I need to know."

He raised his eyes from the ground and for a moment I felt him 'see' me. My breath hitched and I froze, it was almost indescribable. It felt as though someone had reached deep inside of me and caressed my soul.

"My life," he murmured, lifting his hand and reaching towards me, and then, like all the other times, he was gone.