Okay, so this is my first story on FanFiction. There's not much to say other than I hope you like it! ^_^

Sonic's Valentine's Carol

It's February 14th and Sonic's not-so-secret admirer is hoping to spend it with him as always. But when Sonic rejects her yet again, it could be the biggest mistake of his life. An immortal visitor shows him the error of his ways, as he learns the other side of his history. But is it too late?

Chapter 1 - Mistake

The house shook as a certain cobalt hedgehog slammed the door after racing inside. He slumped onto the couch and finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Man... those fan crowds get scarier every day, he thought. It was nice to be admired, but it was becoming a little tiring and quite frankly he was bored of it. Well, at least today he was. Normally he would be happy to sign autographs and spread the smiles, but after battling a notorious villain for the billionth time he wasn't up to it.


He suddenly heard a buzzing emitting from the table, and groaned; recognising the forewarn before his cell phone rang.

This is my escape, I'm running through this world and I'm not looking back

And I know I can go where no one's ever gone and I'm not look-

Sonic grabbed his phone before the rest of Endless Possibilities could reach his ears, irritated at being disturbed. He'd only just started to relax!


He answered it, and took a deep breath, summoning the will to speak to the intruder of peace. "Talk to me," he said, at which the caller responded with their usual merry.

"Hi Sonic!" she chirped.

His ears shot up, reaching an instant diagnosis. Amy Rose. Well at least somebody's cheerful, he mused. But her cheer deflated, as she instantly detected his annoyance.

"What's up? You okay?"


He noted the disappointment in her voice, feeling ashamed for bringing down her mood. He could picture her face, her eyes saddening.

"Yeah, I'm er - I'm fine, just a little – urgh – you know?"

"Well, maybe I can cheer you up! You know what day it is?" she asked hopefully.

Sonic ran his free hand over his face. What day had he forgotten this time? "Friday?" he guessed, making her giggle.

"No, not just that. Wait, it's not even Friday!" she laughed. "It's Sunday silly!" She paused to release another giggle, and Sonic smiled. "It's Sunday, but what Sunday is it? And don't say February!"


He lazily opened one eye to observe the room, hoping for a clue. His gaze rested on the mantelpiece, where he noticed the Valentine's card from Amy. It was handmade; she'd probably spent a long time on it. He'd received it this morning when – wait, what? Valentine's Day? Uh-oh. After a sharp mental slap, he returned his attention to a feeble reply. "It's Valentine's Day," he grumbled.

"Yeah! So erm, I was wondering if – maybe - we could go somewhere... together?"


Sonic let out a long breath. He'd grown to enjoy her company over the years, but he wasn't in the mood to hang out. He groaned and prepared himself for a possible argument.

"Sorry Amy, but I can't. I just don't feel up to it, I'm kind of tired after fending off Eggman again. Sorry, I'd rather not." There was a silence on the other line, and Sonic grimaced. He was about to get either the lecture of his life or a ton of death threats.


"You don't want to? But it'd make you feel better! This is the one day that I really want you to actually spend some time with me, seen as you almost never do. You constantly reject me, so I thought that you might try, just once! Is it really that much to ask?"

Sonic opened his mouth to answer but was interrupted.

"Don't answer that because it obviously is! I am sick of being let down by you over and over again! I mean sure you always show up when there's danger but that's just normal for you! What about when I need you to be there for me, to show you care?"


She stopped to take in a deep breath. "You know what, just don't bother, Sonic. There is no point in spending my life waiting for you because you, y-you just don't care. Well that's fine. Forget it."

There was a loud click, followed by the discontinue tone.

She hung up on me, he thought. Jeez, I said I was tired! She'll be mad for a long time. Better stay out of her way...

Maybe I could've gone out with her, just to make her happy. I'd probably enjoy it if I bothered.

Oh well. She'll come back to me. She always does. She can't stay mad at me for long.


Sonic the hedgehog had been turning down opportunities to be with Amy ever since he could remember. The only time he'd asked her on a date, he'd been very late and when he finally showed up, he left Amy stranded on a beach in the middle of nowhere*. He winced at the memory. Perhaps there were other options instead of just leaving her there. But he did have an appointment Sam Speed, and it would've been rude, not to mention awkward if he'd left with her and abandoned Sam. Plus, if he didn't race Sam, his reputation would have plummeted for sure.


Still, perhaps these reasons were just to reassure himself that he did the right thing. She'd forgive him at least. So there was nothing to worry about. He put down his phone and tried to catch forty winks; with no idea of the consequences of his actions.

*reference to Sonic X episode 42 'A Date to Forget'