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By ShadeBladeZZ

Naruto of the Red Leaf

Chapter 1: A Fox in The Desert

-x Hidden Leaf Village x-

Running through an alley a fourteen year old Naruto was trying to avoid a mob, calling him a demon. Making several turns Naruto was finally able to lose them by hiding in a dumpster, opening the lid to see no one around he wiped his face of the sweat and tears, while wiping away the trash now on his body.

Hearing something from the other end of the alley, Naruto turned with a look of utter fear on his face. Yet when he saw who it was that made the sound his face shone with a happiness never before seen. For standing at the end of the alley was his Jiji, the third Hokage of the Leaf Sarutobi Hiruzen.

Looking at the boy while raising his eyebrows the Hokage had to ask. "Naruto-Kun if you don't mind me asking why were you in the dumpster?" He asked.

"Well I was just kinda hiding from these people that chased me." Naruto said while looking at his feet sheepishly.

Hearing this Sarutobi started to get extremely angry, deciding that he couldn't let this go on any longer he went into action. "Well Naruto-Kun, I came here to ask you a very important question. How would you like to come with me to the Sand village on a little trip?" The third Hokage asked.

Hearing that he would be able to get away from all of the evil people that chase him, while spending time with his Jiji Naruto's eyes lit up like they were under a fire jutsu, while he smiled from ear to ear. "Of course I would love to go anywhere with you Jiji, when are we leaving?" The young boy asked.

"We leave tomorrow morning Naruto-Kun, now come on and lets get you packed." He said with a gentle smile.

Yet while he was talking to Naruto the third Hokage also ordered his hidden ANBU to be anything but gentle, to the people they found that were chasing young Naruto. 'I wont let Danzou and Homaru try and take you for Danzou's Root ANBU. Thankfully I have a spy in their little group.'

The next day sitting at the Hokage's desk was one Nara Shikaku, head of the Nara clan and temporary Hokage.

-x Fire Country Wind Country Border x-

Sitting around the camp fire at the border that separates the Fire and Wind countries, the third Hokage was sharing stories of his days on the battlefield with Naruto.

Naruto for his part was hanging on to every detail that he could, when the exciting parts came he would open his eyes wide or cheer. When the funny parts came he would grin and laugh, this went well into the night until young Naruto fell asleep.

The next morning Naruto woke up to the smell of cocked meet, peeking his head out of his tent he could already see his Jiji cooking what looked to be rabbit. "Morning Jiji what are you cooking?" The young man asked.

"Rabbit Naruto now come here and get a bite to eat, I need to be in the Sand village by this afternoon." The old Hokage said to his young charge.

Taking a bite into his piece of meet, Naruto's eyes went to the size of ramen bowls. For this tasted like nothing he ever had before, not as good as ramen mind you since nothing was as good as the food of the gods, but better than what he thought it would be for camp food.

After he finished eating while he helped the Hokage pack their camp up Naruto had to ask him a question. "Hokage-Jiji, why are we going to the Sand village anyway? Oh and do they have any cool jutsu like we do?" Naruto asked for he loved the different jutsu he saw while spying on the ANBU that would follow him.

"Well I need to go to the Sand village to talk to their leader the Kazekage, about our peace relations and their Daimyo taking missions from them." The Hokage said. "And yes the Sand village has many cool jutsu, they specialize in wind jutsu, weapon crafting, and their legendary puppets."

After explaining to him about the jutsu from the Sand village, the Hokage picked up Naruto and started running into the desert towards the Hidden Sand village with his ANBU guard right beside him.

-x Hidden Sand Village x-

Running up to the gate to the Hidden Sand village the Hokage and his ANBU started to slow down, seeing the Sand ANBU come towards him he stopped and greeted them. "Hello there ANBU-Sans I believe that the Kazekage is expecting me." He said seeing the ANBU with their guard up.

Hearing that the leader of the ANBU sent a messenger to the Kazekage to tell him that his guest is here. "Hokage-Sama if I may ask, who is this little boy with you?" The ANBU captain asked, not enjoying the surprise guest little boy or not..

"Well if you must know this little boy is Uzumaki Naruto, someone I see as a grandson mind you." Sarutobi said with a little edge in his voice as a threat.

Seeing the look in the Hokage's eyes, the ANBU's eyes widen in fear from old war stories of what the old Hokage could do to.

Walking in on the Hokage's and ANBU's conversation the Kazekage was laughing in his head at the luck of his ANBU. "Hokage-Sama if you could not scare my ANBU to death I would appreciate it." The Kazekage said jokingly.

"But it's so fun Kazekage-Sama, though if you really like this ANBU I wont." Sarutobi said joking with his old friend.

Turning to face is ANBU the Kazekage's eyes changed from joy into the battle harden ones that many ninja feared. "Now I believe that we have business to do in my office." He said leading the Hokage and young Naruto to his office, while motioning for his ANBU to take the others to their hotel.

Walking into the Kazekage's office Naruto and the Hokage could see three kids standing behind the desk talking. Walking over and sitting in the front of the desk with Naruto besides him the Hokage decided to start the meeting. "Kazekage-Sama if I may ask are these three children you kids?" He asked.

Smiling with pride the Kazekage introduced his children. "Yes these our my children, Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara." He said pointing out each of his kids.

"Well it's nice to meet you three." The Hokage said with a genuine smile to the trio. "Now then why don't we send them out to play with Naruto-Kun so we can get to business then." The Hokage said ready to get this meeting on the way.

Nodding the Kazekage turned to his children. "Kids go play outside the building, but stay within sight." The caring father said.

-x Leaf Council Room x-

Sitting in the council room were the Hokage's three advisers Danzou, Koharu, and Homaru, and all three of them had a sour look on their faces.

"That old fool ruined my plans again, taking that damn demon with him to the Sand. He was suppose to go missing why the Hokage was gone so we could make him into a weapon against our enemies." Danzou said with a glare in his eye.

Turning around to cough Koharu smirked at Danzou's and Homaru's failed plan, for she was in actuality a spy on the council for Sarutobi. "Well if your plan doesn't work then we will have to wait for another time." She said with a smirk, while glaring at Danzou for failing.

"Yes we will, maybe if we send him to the Hidden Stone village he wont bring the boy. Wouldn't want them to hurt the spitting image of the fourth now would he." Homaru said with a twisted smile and a gleam in his eyes.

Looking at Homaru with a smile Danzou spoke. "Yes that is a very good plan, in fact by that time I should have my surgeries done being one step closer to immortality." Danzou said before he started a laugh that would make Orochimaru cringe.

"Maybe your plan wont fail like Danzou's did this time." Koharu stated, yet the whole time she was thinking of a way to help young Naruto-Kun and the third Hokage. 'I must find a way to tell Sarutobi, I can't fail young Naruto-Kun again.'

-x Sand Village x-

It was now mid afternoon in the Hidden Sand village, Naruto and Gaara were playing in the streets after Temari and Kankuro left to go to their lessons. Temari was learning to be a wind mistress, and Kankuro was training in the Sand's puppet arts. They both had to do extra work for their jobs, before they even had to go to the academy.

Gaara and Naruto were now running around playing ninja, gaining glares from the other people who hate Gaara for the demon he holds.

"Gaara why are people glaring at us." Young Naruto asked thinking he might have done something wrong."

Noticing they are to far away from the tower for his fathers liking Gaara started them back with out answering. Turning down into an alley Gaara and Naruto both stopped in front of them was a group of ninja, with their swords and kunai drawn.

Gaara knew that they were no threat to him or his new friend for his sand would protect them, so he gave them a glare. Yet Naruto reacted like he would in this type of situation at home, he ran as fast and as far as he could. Turning down numerous alleys not even bothering to slow down to see if anyone was still following him, Naruto was in for the surprise of his life when suddenly he tripped and fell into a very deep hole.

Finding himself in the bottom of a very deep hole Naruto got up and walked to what seemed to be a door with a red scorpion on it. Wiping his tears away from being chased and hated here and in the leaf he opened the door, upon the door being open a small amount of purple gas came out. Breathing in the gas Naruto started to feel sick and tired but after a few minutes of coughing he was actually feeling a lot better.

Looking around the dimly lit room he saw many other doors in this room along with shelves that held many things that Naruto couldn't tell what they were from all of the dust, he also saw what seemed to be a desk with more light coming from it and two pieces of paper above it, with two journals and a scroll below them with the same names as the papers.

The first paper seemed to be from a woman named Chiyo.

To who ever finds this I am known as Lady Chiyo, one of the legendary siblings and the Sands foremost puppet master. I have mastered the puppet techniques, I have made poisons with no antidote for them, I have sealed a demon and lived. I have left my workshop as a gift to anyone who may find it, use it to help with your own puppets, and eventually become stronger than me.

The last paper was from a man named Sasori.

To the lucky ass that just fell in I am known as Sasori of the Red Sand, Grandson of Chiyo, the new and ex puppet master of the Sand, I am ageless, unmatched in power, I not only mastered the puppet and poison techniques, I have went beyond them to a realm that others fear, killer of a Kazekage, and Kage level opponents. I have left this workshop to show that no one will ever get close to my power and prowess, you may try like the arrogant Shinobi I know you are but you will fail. So use this room to help make your own puppets stronger, I have left everything that I use including the original books on my trade, and a time seal to let you train longer. For this who ever you are be thankful and train well for one day we will meet and that is something you should fear.

Bringing his head up Naruto had a huge smile on his face and a gleam in his eyes. "Thank you Chiyo and Fuck you Sasori, I will be the best and one day meet and beat you both."

Picking up the scroll that read Training Schedule and started to read it. Before getting up and looking around, now noticing that the objects around the room were in fact puppet part. Getting up he started to walk to the first room and began the training regiment that the scroll laid out for him.

-x Desert Rose Hotel x-

Around halfway through their talk the Kazekage and Hokage turned to see Gaara run in with a worried look on his face. He then proceed to tell the story about how him and Naruto were attacked, the Kazekage and Hokage then promptly summoned Their ANBU and sent them to find young Naruto. Yet now the Hokage was sitting in their room his age clearly showing with his eyes sunk in and the crease on his brow worried sick about Naruto. The ANBU have yet to find him, yet they do know that no one has took him out of the village and the security has been tighten. The Hokage would stay in the Sand as long as it took for them to find Naruto, and tomorrow he would start looking as well.

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