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Embarrassment and Contraceptives:

Chapter 1: Fourth Year

Date: Last day of summer holiday before heading to the Burrow

Place: Living room of the Granger Home

Subject: Hermione Granger

Age: 14

"Hermione dear, can you come in here for a moment?"

Hermione was a bit confused as she turned back toward the table where her father sat only moments ago to find the place completely deserted. She took the glass of milk she had just poured and walked to ward the living room where her mother sat on the couch. The whole situation had an eerily familiar aura and her heartbeat increased as fear kicked her fight or flight instincts into high gear. 'She wouldn't! We already did this in first year!' She thought to herself in horror.

Approaching her mother with trepidation but refusing to show fear, after all Gryffindors go forward and all that. She took the few steps in and sat down on the other end of the couch and placed her milk on the coffee table in front of her. "Yes mum?" She asked masking her feelings.

Emma Granger did not hide her fear nearly as well as her daughter, but Hermione had to get her courage from somewhere. "I thought before you went back to that school of yours we should have a little chat."

'Oh Merlin she is!' "Where is Daddy? Shouldn't he be joining us if we are discussing something important?"

Her mother smiled down at her and Hermione once again tamped down her urge to flee. "This is something that should just be between us girls. Hermione I'm sure you remember our talk from when you first got your monthly visitor?"

"Of...of course. So there is no need to have this conversation again I assure you..."

"That isn't entirely true dear," Emma continued. "We only skimmed the surface of what you needed to know about how things worked and how to take care of yourself. No you are becoming a young woman now and there is more you need to know...about boys...and sex in general."

"Muuuum, can we please not do this?" Hermione begged but her mother soldiered on despite her protests.

"You will be fifteen in less than a month and I remember fondly my time at school, you are going to get urges if you haven't already gotten them, and you are going to notice boys as more than friends."

"Mum please don't..."

"Your two best friends are boys Hermione; I went to an all girl school so I didn't get to experience quite the same urges you might except on the rare occasion when we had a dance with one of the all boy schools. No my best friends were female and though we did explore these things together...well that is neither here nor there, perhaps another time.

"The point is you are going to begin seeing one or both of your best friends as more than a friend, unless you have already? I know you can never seem to stop talking about Harry Potter."

"MUM! It's not like that! Besides... Harry is like a brother to me, if I were to hypothetically have thought of either of them in such a manner it would have been Ronald that I would hypothetically have felt urges for..." Hermione trailed off as she realized what she had revealed.

She missed the look of disapproval on her mother's face before it disappeared, "Well if, hypothetically, you were to have urges to do things with Harry I think we should discuss what your father and I would consider proper...and then what I would consider less than proper but understandable and forgivable as long as Dan never finds out."


"Listen dear, my mother, bless her heart, was naïve about the way we kids saw the world and I am certain that I am naïve about the way you do. That being the case, especially considering my behavior at your age...well that is neither here nor there, I simply refuse to willingly blind myself to the fact that you are becoming a sexual being and a young adult."

'Sexual... being...' "MUM! Oh my god..." The blush Hermione had been fighting for the past five minutes finally won the fight and turned her scarlet. "Mum IF I were becoming a sexual being...and IF I had urges... I would not want to discuss them with my mother!"

Emma shook her head and smiled, "Hermione we have so little time together any more, I don't want to waste the time we get together during the summer with secrets between us. I want to be there for you no matter what your problems...even if your father wouldn't understand I promise I will only offer advice and not judge nor punish. Now where was I?"

The younger girl simply stared at the older, logically she understood that there was nothing wrong with sex or the feelings her mother was describing. If she were honest with herself she had noticed how well Harry filled out his Quidditch robes as well as caught herself staring at Ron's backside on the way up the stairs from time to time. She knew what was happening, having done the reading immediately after the previous talk when she had gotten her period. However meshing her logical side with her teenage mind and the idea of talking openly to her mother about it...

"Ah yes, so back to these urges. Now if you find yourself attracted to Harry.."

"Or Ron." Hermione interjected firmly.

"Or Harry," Emma continued as if she hadn't spoken. "You might feel a need to hug him...which I have noticed you do often already, with Harry not Ron. You might also begin to feel the urge to kiss him. There is nothing wrong with kissing as long as you don't go around kissing all of your year mates. That can bring you a reputation."

Hermione's nose scrunched up at the thought of kissing Neville, Dean or Seamus. She had already kissed Harry on the cheek on multiple occasions but that was usually after he saved her life or did something stupidly noble. She had felt the urge to kiss Ron but never gotten over her fear... 'Some Gryffindor I am...' She thought to herself. 'Wait. Why did she say year mates and not boys?'

"You might also feel the urge to do more than just kissing or snogging..."

"Mum I do not plan on snogging! That's just disgusting!" As far as I'm letting you know...

"If it gets to that point there are some things you need to think about." Her mother waited until she had the girl's undivided attention before continuing. "You are too young to be having sexual intercourse."

Hermione began to argue simply to make this a logical conversation rather than a personal one. "But mother girls my age would have been married with children already a few decades ago! The whole staying a virgin until you are married idea was wonderful when you got married at 12 or 13 but asking me to wait until I am out of college is a bit much!"

"I never said I would be asking any such thing, and I agree with you to a point. However actual intercourse and the possibility of getting pregnant still lead me to beg you to wait. Especially at fourteen."

"Almost fifteen." Hermione mumbled, not really arguing because she agreed, but still upset that her mother had gone backward in age to boost her argument.

"Now as I was saying there are many things you can do to help satisfy those urges without having intercourse. Do you have any ideas?"

Hermione felt like her hair would catch on fire from the strength of her blush. It was one thing to listen to her mother prattle on about sex, it was quite another to be invited to contribute. "Um..." She cast her eyes around the room looking for any way to get out of this.

"I understand, you're embarrassed. That is perfectly acceptable at your age."

That got her riled up. "Masturbation, mutual masturbation, heavy petting and oral sex?"

Emma blushed but nodded, "I am not happy to think of it, but I would not berate you for engaging in any of those if you felt comfortable enough with Harry..."

"Or Ron." Hermione growled even though the blush still hadn't left her cheeks.

"Or Harry, if you get that comfortable and feel that much about him you should consider all of those options. However you do know what happens to males during orgasm?"

"Kill me now, please?" Hermione begged whatever deity happened to be listening in at the moment.

"When the male orgasms they ejaculate...you remember our talk about the man putting his seed into the woman's womb?" Hermione barely managed to nod; she was wishing that her feet would blush so she could pass out from having her brain deprived of oxygen. "Well ejaculation can be beautiful to witness; and fun to play with afterward... but this is the stuff you need to keep away from your vagina if you don't want to chance getting pregnant. Now granted at Harry's age..."

"Or Ron's..." Hermione interrupted though her heart was no longer in it.

"He or they may not yet be able to produce any ejaculate depending on how mature they are."

Hermione interrupted again, "Harry is still not mature physically so you don't have to worry about him, Ron however had a growth spurt according to Ginny's letters, so I imagine he would be..."

"Good then you might not need to worry about that so much, then again has anyone seen Harry who would describe his physical attributes to you?"


"Now I'm sure you have done your research, but do we need to discuss STD's?" Hermione shook her head. "Well being a dentist has its benefits." She reached to the side of the couch and pulled out several strips of blue rubber. "Do you know what these are?"

Hermione was suddenly quite confused, "Those are dental dams, you use them when performing procedures where you need to keep parts of the mouth separate from the one you are currently operating on."

"They are also good to protect against Sexual Diseases."

"But how would you..." She trailed off as the familiar feeling of horror filled her.

"You can stretch the rubber rather tightly like this." Her mother demonstrated. "And Harry can place this against your vagina to keep a block between you to keep from mixing bodily fluids."

"I...I... I mean..." Hermione couldn't even argue for her to include Ron in her hypothetical situation as images began to swim through her head. She had read about oral sex but had never actually thought about being on the receiving end.

"Now if you were to find yourself with urges for one of your dorm mates, or possibly one of your better girl friends, like Ginny. Then Ginny could also use this method on you, or you on her. We won't shun you if you decide you like girls better than boys."

"I...eep?" Hermione stuttered again as Harry was replaced by Ginny in her mind and her eyes widened. Then the image switched to Hermione lying between Parvati's legs and she gulped audibly.

"Right then, that covers females, however when dealing with males and oral sex I would prefer you use a condom. Do you know how to put a condom on? I doubt Harry does with what you have told me of his relatives."

"I doubt Ron would either, I don't think Purebloods have ever heard of Muggle contraceptives." She recited clinically as she tried to drive out the images that kept switching around in her head.

"Ah good then, well luckily I brought this." She reached down again and pulled out a condom wrapper and a Banana. "Granted a Banana is probably much larger than you will ever have to deal with, but then you might get extremely lucky."

"Lucky? How on earth would you expect me to fit something like that...uh...oh god..." Hermione blushed again at her outburst.

Emma was trying extremely hard not to laugh at her daughter but only barely managed. "Yes well, as you get older you will grow, so will your womanly parts. Besides think about a baby coming out of there. This banana really isn't a problem..." Hermione caught her mother eyeing the banana suspiciously and mentally stomped the images down before they could ever come to fruition. 'Fruit...banana is a fruit...'

"Merlin please can we move on..." Hermione said as she really needed to find a nice wall to beat her head against until that image left her."

"Right then, you open the condom wrapper like so. Do not use your teeth as you wouldn't want to accidentally puncture it...of course since you will only be using them for fellatio with a deserving boy like it isn't as much of an issue. However this is considered practicing safe sex, and you should practice the way you plan to perform."

That said she opened the wrapper and took out the condom before demonstrating how to squeeze the tip and roll the condom down the length of the banana. "Now would you like to practice?"

Hermione in the meantime had been staring at the offending fruit with (she hoped) clinical detachment. However once the condom was seated correctly the newly phallic object looked very much like a penis and her face went through three shades of red as she struggled to hold in the scream.

"No? Would you like a demonstration on proper ways to administer..."

"NO! Are we done now mum? Please?"

"I suppose... You always were a fast learner, but I maintain that practice is the only way to get better at something. Well nothing for it then, will you promise me to try to contain your urges to the methods we spoke about tonight?" Hermione nodded dumbly.

"Alright then," Her mother said dismissively, "Well we have an early day tomorrow, why don't you go make certain you have everything packed properly?" That was enough leave that Hermione bolted from the room and went to lay down on her bed, having never been so thoroughly embarrassed in her life.