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Embarrassment and Contraceptives:

Chapter 6: Third Task: The Day Of

Date: Shortly before the Third Task

Place: Myrtles Bathroom, Hogwarts

Subject: Hermione Granger

Age: 15

She needed to be alone to think, her dorm was out because 'those bitches' had every right to be there as well. The Common room was out because Harry or Ginny might be there and she couldn't face either of them at the moment, and the Library was out because despite hating the term she was indeed, a book worm; and the others knew where to look when she couldn't be found in her other haunts.

So she ended up in the one place most people wouldn't go, at least not this late in the year once the first -year girls had stumbled in or been warned away. She was currently sniffling sadly to herself in the second stall of Myrtles bathroom, her only saving grace being that the ghost herself was mysteriously absent.

"This really is a lovely place to cry isn't it?"

Hermione nearly jumped over the stall door as Myrtle stuck her head through the toilet, between her knees. After years of dealing with ghosts she was ashamed she could still be startled by such things, but then again being startled nearly out of your bladder was not the same as being scared.

"Oh...hello Myrtle."

"You and Harry promised to visit me you know, I never told about your potion." The ghost said as she floated up to hover in front of her visitor, half of her hanging out the other side of the closed door.

Hermione nodded, "I'm sorry, I'm sure you know how busy Harry's life can be...we just forgot."

The ghost sniffed, "Of course! Everyone forgets about miserable mopey moaning Myrtle!"

"No no! Harry's life was literally in danger last year, and this year he has the tourney to deal with! I promise we didn't forget YOU just to come visit you!"

The ghost seemed somewhat mollified and smiled, "That's okay, Harry ended up keeping me company anyway.'

Hermione perked up a bit, "Oh? When was this?"

"Well," She said with a dreamy look, "There I was hanging out in the prefects bathroom and chatting with the mermaid when who do you think snuck in to take a bath?"

"He wouldn't! He could get expelled or detention for being in there!"

"He did, it was before the second task and he was having trouble with his clue egg. The nice Diggory boy listened to it under the water while I watched...though he was wearing a bathing costume at the time."

"Well the bath IS co-ed, I thought all the prefects were supposed to wear bathing costumes and then shower in the separate facilities."

Myrtle nodded with a huge grin, "They are, not all of them do mind you but I haven't seen a professor in there in a couple of decades. You wouldn't believe the things that prefects get up to behind that closed door. I suggested that Cedric bring Cho with him sometime."

Hermione had wanted to be a prefect for a long time, but suddenly she was wondering just what they got up to in the hall of Hogwarts...patrolling together after curfew...they would have to know all the best places to snog of course...so they could catch people... "What were you saying about Harry?"

"Oh, well he stripped down to the full monty before getting in the water, I wasn't going to stop him of course!'

Hermione's mind had frozen up for the moment and she nodded dumbly, "Of course..."

"So I was watching him get himself nice and clean...though he didn't spend enough time on certain parts as far as I was concerned, the other prefect boys normally do when they are alone..." Hermione's mouth went dry as she was both icked by what might be in the water if it wasn't drained when the person left...and intrigued with the idea of...

"So anyway I tell Harry how Cedric figured out his clue, silly boy was very cute when he turned red. But after a moment he shrugged off his embarrassment and went under water with me. Then I got him to promise to come back some time so I wouldn't tell on him" She giggled the last bit.

"Oh? Myrtle you really should stop blackmailing people..."

"But that's not any fun!"

"So why are you so happy at the moment? Forgive me but it isn't your...usual...demeanor."

"Oh well that's easy, Harry came back to the Prefects bathroom looking to relax, unfortunately he was alone again. So I went to keep him company; You know he really is a very good listener." Hermione nodded her agreement. "So as I'm telling him about my troubles he says he wishes he could help me relax a bit. "

"Oh no..."

"Oh yes! I don't know which girl got him started on that but its all over the bathrooms, I have to hide to hear the gossip mind you or people avoid me, but he has been helpful on that front for many girls."

Hermione buried her face in her hands as the tears returned.

"So as I knew exactly what he was talking about I said, 'Well Harry you can't help me, but you can watch me while I watch you relax ourselves.' It was really very lovely. None of the boys have ever done that for me even when I offered to strip for them. Not even the naughty prefects."

"Oh Morgana!" Hermione began bawling again and for once Myrtle was the one made to feel uncomfortable...enough so that she went back to her U-bend with an apology instead of a splash. "What have I done? I've turned him into a sexual predator of some kind all because I couldn't tell him the truth!"

She found Harry freaking out in the Gryffindor common room; Ron was trying to get him to play a game of chess and as she watched more than one girl had whispered something in his ear before his eyes went wide and he politely declined. She noticed with much guilt, that each time he had to turn one away he seemed to get even more tense.

She walked up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder, hating how he immediately tensed up before looking over his shoulder and a huge look of relief washed over his face. "Hey Hermione!"

"Harry can I talk to you?"

His eyes darted around the room, "Sure."

"Somewhere a little more...private?" She asked feeling like a scarlet woman, luckily Ron noticed nothing as Seamus sat down to play chess with him.

"Ohgodyes!" He said standing up straight and grabbing her hand before leading her toward the portrait hole.

She reflected as he led her down the hallway and to the stairs, she had to confess. There was nothing else for it but to tell him the truth and hope he didn't hate her. As they hit the third floor he took off down the hall where Fluffy had been, knowing that there were plenty of abandoned classrooms available.

Once inside he sealed the door and leaned nervously against the teachers desk before letting out a huge sigh.

"Harry I-" "Hermione I..." They started at the same time, his eyes narrowed in confusion as he clammed up to let her speak.

"Go ahead Harry..." She said trying to be diplomatic.

"Um...I just... I don't know what else to do, and I know you must have changed your mind about this since you haven't helped me relax in awhile. But I can't find anything else that does the trick..."

Her heart broke at his tone and the lost look on his face; Just this one last time...for the task! I'll tell him afterward... "I said it should only be for big things, I think the third task qualifies..." She said blushing.

His eyes widened though he could hardly hold in his smile. "Oh... right then... so should we just do it then?" he asked nervously licking his lips.

"I suppose so..." she said suddenly feeling nervous herself. Their sessions had taken on a whole different meaning to what he must be feeling so she was ready to be clinical about it for his sake.

Sensing her nervousness he licked his lips again..."I can..um...do you first if you want. You should get something out of this."

She was rather caught off guard even as the familiar heat started to rush through her body. "I guess that would be okay..."

Now having the semblance of a plan he went into action with confidence he wasn't really feeling. He stood up and pulled her over to the desk, smiling shyly at her as he helped her sit on the desk. He moved in close and sensing her tension, gave her a hug and whispered in her ear. "Nothing changes in our relationship right? We're just friends helping each other relax."

Despite her waring emotions her hormones were taking over and she nodded, he didn't notice she was staring at his lips trying desperately not to kiss him. Smiling he pushed her lightly, guiding her to lay down on the desk before running his hands lightly up her legs to the knee and back to her ankles in a slow semi-erotic massage. She closed her eyes and concentrated on trying to slow her heartbeat as his fingers slowly inched higher until he began pushing her skirt up around her thighs.

She didn't notice that he had gone to his knees between her legs, or realize she had unthinkingly spread her knees in response to his searching hands. Fantasies were coming unbidden to her mind and she was losing herself when she felt his fingers against the cotton of her knickers.

Glancing up at her face so he could judge when to stop he took a deep breath and moved his fingers inside the material, making her moan lightly as he ran them through her curls and don't the outside of her labia; getting a small buck of her hips as encouragement. Feeling bold he used his other hand to pull the material to the side, nervous as all get out that she was going to stop him. And just like that he was staring at her hairy but well kept Mons for the first time and feeling the pressure in his boxers reach almost never before reached heights. His hips bucked a bit in response to the visual stimulae.

Leaning in close for a better look he shifted a bit and used his right hand to slowly spread her open, breathing in sharply as pink was exposed as well as the little pearl that he had, up til now, only imagined in his gropings. Freeing one finger on his left hand he slowly began circling the tiny nub getting an actual moan of pleasure from her this time. He kept up his pace as her hips bucked and as she neared her orgasm her body arched up off the desk, and he watched as the entrance to her vagina puckered and closed as it began to wash over her.

"Oh Harry...just like that..." She said with eyes still closed and lips parted as she panted trying to force oxygen to her brain.

Having read descriptions in Playwizard as well as Muggle periodicals he leaned closer and licked his lips in anticipation. Still keeping an eye on her reactions so he could stop immediately if she judged he was going too far; he breathed onto her Mons getting another buck before steeling his nerves and running his tongue from her entrance to her clit.

"Harry!" She said eyes opening wide in panic at what he was doing. He immediately backed away scared but didn't release the garment.

"Sorry! I couldn't help myself...We can stop now if you want..."

Still in panic mode she raised up enough to look at him, biting her lip in concentration before hormones won out over brains; and she nodded once before laying back down.

Not believing this was happening he leaned in again licked her again, this time she tensed up but said nothing before forcing herself to relax again. "That feels good Harry..." She said quietly.

Taking a deep breath he leaned in again and lapped at her repeatedly, a small giggle escaped her even as pleasure washed through. "That still feels good Harry but not good enough...can...can you use your tongue the same way you use your fingers?"

She felt him nod before his warm wet tongue swirled over and around her clit causing her to gasp and her eyes closed tightly again not believing this was actually happening. She knew she was forgetting something her mother had said but the intense pleasure, on a level far exceeding anything they had done before, was forcing logical thought from her head. All that existed was that point of connection, his warm mouth on her hot wet unmentionable place. She felt so dirty and so good all at once even as her orgasm threatened to rip through her, she saw a brief flash of blue as she finally remembered the dental dams in her trunk upstairs, but she could really care less at the moment as she finally tipped over the edge.

Harry rode the bucking of her hips with his head as she came, a gush of warm fluid flowed down his chin but he didn't let up, only slowing slightly as the larger tremors subsided before going back to lapping at her, enjoying the taste of the new fluid that was not quite gushing. After she was fully relaxed again and making mewing noises he finally backed off, putting her knickers back in place and standing up. Waiting nervously for her to say something.

Her mind still dizzy she looked up at the ceiling and sighed in pleasure before remembering it was HIM that was supposed to be relaxing. She sat up, nearly falling all the way forward as the blood rushed to her head before catching herself and looking at his glistening face. She promptly blushed scarlet.

"Oh god..." She said covering her face in embarrassment

"What?" He asked in confusion.

"I made such a mess...I didn't know that would happen..."

"It's okay really...I kinda like it..." he said just as nervous as she was. She opened her fingers enough to look through them at his concerned face.

"Really? I just...I feel so dirty..."

"Oh well we can scourgify you if that's what you mean..."

"No Harry...I feel dirty on the inside. Girls aren't supposed to...do that...I don't think..."

He shrugged, "I thought it was beautiful...really I don't mind..." Then he smiled at her and made her melt. Pushing those thoughts away she remembered her mission.

"Um...well then I guess it's your turn... We were supposed to me helping you if you remember."

He shrugged again, "I thought that was great...we don't have to do anything else if you want..."

'"No!" She ejaculated before blushing again, "I mean I don't mind..."

Nodding he moved to the desk as she vacated it and adjusted her clothing back to something resembling proper. He undid his belt, button and zipper sliding them down to his knees leaving him just in his boxers but she shook her head. "No need to make the mess harder to clean up Harry."

With a nervous smile he nodded and took a deep breath before standing enough to slide his boxers down as well exposing his raging hard on to her before sitting back down. She moved the couple of inches to place herself between his knees before repeating his action from before and pushing him back onto the desk without any protest from him.

She wrapped her hand around his stiff pole and began stroking him, causing him to moan in appreciation. She suddenly, really wanted to return the favor and summoned her Gryffindor courage before pulling one of the condoms her mother had provided from her pocket, feeling guilty for being prepared when she was supposed to be putting a stop to this.

He looked up in confusion when she stopped stroking him and opened the wrapper, pulling the rolled up rubber sheath from it and remembering the banana with a blush. "What are you doing Mione?"

Normally she hated any shortening of her name; Herms, Hermy, Her, Ne and Mione had been the kinder things children had called her while teasing but when Harry said it she felt a warm rush of familiarity. It was something she would only let him call her. "Returning the favor..." She said quietly as she sat the prophylactic on the head of his penis, pinching the reservoir as her mother has shown her before slowly rolling it down his shaft. He winced as a hair was caught and she apologized immediately before carefully completing her task.

"You really don't have to..."

"Yes," She interrupted him, "I think I do. You need to be as relaxed as you can for the task and besides...you went to the next level for me... it's only fair that you get the same." Her nerves got the better of her as she began to ramble a bit. "Really I should have stopped you since we didn't have protection, but those things are so weird and I didn't have any with me and besides, they are meant to stop STD's which you shouldn't have unless you've..." She gulped, not really wanting to know. He had been pretty good after a bit of direction after all. "Done that with another girl..." She trailed off in small voice.

He shook his head, "That was...er, my first time. Was it...was it good?"

She let out a relieved breath and thanked whatever god was listening before nodding, "It was amazing Harry, now shut up and let me do this!"

He smiled at her tone and laid down before saluting awkwardly. "Yes ma'am!"

Suppressing the urge to giggle, but not able to stop the roll of her eyes she steeled herself and leaned toward his cock. She grasped the base and closed her eyes tightly before running her tongue up the shaft to the head where she knew the most nerves were. Deciding to experiment a little she did the same all around and mentally thanked her mother for getting flavored condoms, even if she would now NEVER be able to eat a banana without blushing again.

After a few minutes he cleared his throat nervously, "Uh...Mione?"

"Hmmm?" She said looking up at him, the sight of her grasping his cock as her tongue finished its course nearly made him cum right then, but he continued, "Uh...that feels really good but it's not going to do the job..." He chuckled at basically repeating her words from earlier.

She blushed a bit but nodded in understanding before once again steeling herself and popping the head of it into her mouth. He groaned and nearly gave himself a concussion as his head hit the desk but said nothing else, not wanting that warm wet feeling to go away so she could talk.

Thinking back to the texts she had read on how to perform fellatio she began pumping with the hand wrapped around the base of his cock in time with the bobbing of her head and swirling of her tongue. She was definitely not an expert but he didn't care, there was no such thing as a bad blow job as long as there were no teeth. Luckily she knew enough to keep her lips tightly over hers as she continued; with her other hand she began fondling his testicles lightly while increasing her rhythm.

In almost no time after that he shouted out a warning before cumming like a geyser inside the rubber. She could feel the pulsing against her tongue as the reservoir filled to capacity and began to fill around the head as well. She kept pumping and licking until he begged her to stop. Gasping desperately for air.

Once she realized he was done she stoop up quickly and looked around the room nervously. "So...was that good Harry?"

He could only nod as he was still breathing deeply and rapidly, unwilling to move from his position on the desk. She smirked just a bit as the now familiar feeling of power washed over her. It was heady knowing she could reduce him to this, and she suspected it was the same for him when she was nothing but a pile of goo on the desk after he had finished.

"Relaxed now?" She asked jokingly causing him to chuckle, which in turn caused her to laugh. "You have no idea..."

"I have some idea Mr. Potter, you were pretty good yourself."

He slowly sat up, repeating her performance from earlier in trying not to fall all the way forward from the head rush. "I was wasn't I?" he asked with a cheeky grin causing her to blush once again and all she could do was nod.

Silence fell on them then and he soon stood and nervously pulled his pants and trousers back up, making himself presentable again. '"So..." he said completely at a loss for how to proceed.

"So...?" She asked.

"So...we should do this more often." He said once again with that cheeky smile on his face that made her want to melt or beat him about the head. She clammed up then as she remembered this was supposed to be the last time. But seeing the look in his eyes she couldn't tell him, not right before the task. She realized that her crush was suddenly something else and it scared her to death, a little relaxation was all well and fine, but if she told him what she was actually feeling it would change everything!

Instead she nodded and held out a hand to him to help him from his seated position. He quickly righted his lower half and removed the silencing and locking spells before heading back to the common room. Neither of them consciously realized they were still holding hands when they walked back in, but most of the girls in the room did.

Hermione was ambushed that night when she entered the fourth year girls room. "So is it true what the rumors are saying?" Parvati asked with a squeal and a smile.

Lavender led her to her bed and sat both of them down, "And will you share him?"

She was instantly filled with jealous rage but was able to calm it before it showed on her face, "What rumor?" She asked the Indi girl.

"That you and Harry finally made it official of course!"

"Made what official? Harry and I are just friends." She hoped the dejected feeling didn't make it into her voice.

"Oh!" Parvati said before sharing a look with Lavender. "So then...he's free to date?"

You aren't his type you silly bints! "Yes, he is free to date anyone he chooses, though we all know Ginny has called dibs."

Lavender snorted at that, "As if, she can't even talk to him let alone ask him out or get him to ask. So then...what was with the holding hands when you came back? You were practically glowing like..." She shut up suddenly, unfortunately Parvati was not under any compulsion to hold back.

"Like you had just had a great relaxing session!"

She blushed to her toes but controlled her voice, "No, nothing like that...we were holding hands because we're best friends and I helped him not to be so worked up about the next task."

Lavender smelled blood though, "I'm sure you helped him relax the best way you knew how, he seems much better now at any rate."

"Lav!" Parvati admonished, "I'm sure Hermione isn't like that! Besides, she wouldn't kiss and tell even if she were... So he really is on the market still?"

Hermione snorted in anger, "He is free to date whomever he wishes! Now if you will excuse me I have had a long day and I am going to take a shower!"

She stormed off to the loo which was thankfully empty and sobbed quietly, glad at least that the water would hide her tears.

After the task.

That was what she had told herself all night, she would tell him after the task what she had done and that he simply couldn't go around doing that with so many girls. Though the number didn't seem to actually be as big as rumor and gossip had led her to believe and he had stopped after their talk earlier in the year. She still felt awful about the whole thing and only hoped he would forgive her when she explained it to him. She had been trying to help him relax and it had worked, she hadn't lied about all of it...she just hadn't confessed that it was not "normal" per se to do that with your best friend.

There wasn't anything inherently wrong with what she had done, she had just been too embarrassed to tell the truth. She still blamed her mother for getting her into this; in some other universe she was positive that Harry would have handled everything just fine without relaxing quite like that before each task.

The stadium was filled to overflowing with spectators and a rag-tag band was playing what they considered music down on the field as the contestants had entered the Maze. Now however she was reflecting on how stupid it was for so many people to show up, only to watch the outside of the maze for what seemed now like hours. The crowd had died down and the band had stopped playing, and without the distraction she was left with her guilt and self doubt...and the nagging feeling that something was dreadfully wrong.

Red sparks had been sent up and Fleur retrieved from the maze twenty minutes ago where she described being attacked by Viktor. An argument had ensued amongst the judges but Hermione knew there was no rule against the competitors attacking one another inside the maze if they came across each other, and was not surprised when a fuming Madame Maxime had sat down with a visibly relieved Dumbledore and an agitated but smug looking Karkaroff.

However what caught her attention was when the Durmstrang headmaster had grabbed his arm with an alarmed look before disappearing from the judges box. She knew he, like Snape, had turned states evidence to escape from imprisonment for being a Death Eater a decade before. That he was grabbing that arm was enough to cause anyone worry. That Dumbledore didn't seem concerned was disconcerting and her sense of dread grew to drown out her nagging doubts and self recriminations. That was when she noticed something even more disturbing.

Professor Moody had been about to take a drink from his ever-present flask when he seemed to seize for a moment, dropping the flask and spilling the contents unseen along the hedgerow that made up this side of the maze. There were too many odd things happening at the moment for her liking and Dumbledore appeared to have overdosed on lemon drops or something. She couldn't believe she was questioning the greatest wizard practically since Merlin or the Founders but she had to do something.

Standing suddenly she got strange looks from those around her including Ron and Ginny. "What's going on Hermione?" Ron asked in confusion.

"I don't know, something isn't right though. I need to speak with the Headmaster!"

Ginny raised an eyebrow, "Good luck getting there through the crowd, the stands aren't exactly made for easy maneuvering."

Hermione wasn't really listening as she turned and started making her way before the girl had even finished speaking. Once again she reflected on just how stupid it was that they had all shown up to sit and watch a bunch of leaves when the contest was obscured to the entire crowd. Aside from someone throwing sparks how was anyone to know something had gone wrong before it went horribly wrong?"

Halfway to the headmaster however there was the flash of a portkey and Harry was standing on the ground a hundred yards from the stands. Relief flooded her momentarily as that awful band started up again and the crowds cheered. But Harry was screaming something as he collapsed to his knees once more drawing their attention to the ground where Cedric lay unmoving. The crowd went silent at nearly the same time as the band did and instantly you could hear Harry...not screaming, bawling. Amos Diggory rushed onto the field and immediately pulled his son to him with tears running down his face. Dumbledore was right behind him looking no longer like the barmy grandfather but the imposing man who was the only one Voldemort feared. He quickly held a whispered conversation with Harry before turning and addressing the crowd.

Hermione didn't hear what he said though, she was to busy watching Moody pull Harry back up toward the school unnoticed by anyone else. She hadn't even realized she was still moving when she reached the headmaster's side.

"Sir! There was something off about Professor Moody just now, he's taking Harry!"

The old man's head shot up in the direction of the castle before he sped off much more quickly than his normal demeanor would lead you to think with Hermione in his wake. The sequence of events after that was all a blur as "Moody" was revealed to be Barty Crouch Jr, the real Mad-Eye was found in his trunk, Harry's life had been in danger again from the impersonator and somewhere along the way Fudge had Crouch kissed by a Dementor. Hermione's head was spinning but all she could think about was the fact that Harry was safe, that she had gotten to hug him...a little too long for just friends really, but he had nearly died...at least twice! She wasn't positive if she had actually snogged him or if that was a hormone driven fantasy mixed in with the other unbelievable events.

What mattered now though, was that Harry was safe and in the hospital wing with Madam Pomfrey to watch over him. She doubted he was sleeping but just laying down would be good for him. She was now trying to calm her spinning head and trying to remember what the important thing was she was supposed to tell him...

Harry hadn't felt much like talking on the train ride back to London, and Hermione hadn't let Ron or anybody else push him. They had actually ended up falling asleep looking out the window, him sitting in the corner and her against his shoulder. The only time he seemed to stop brooding was when he was in contact with her so she maintained contact as much as she could.

When they reached Kings Cross the dread was weighing down on her and she wanted nothing more than to drag him back to her house for the Summer, but she had brought the idea up with Professor McGonagall and summarily gotten a note back from the headmaster himself. Thanking her for being so caring of her friend but Alas Harry must return to his relatives home for a time. She knew that was partly why he wouldn't stop brooding and she could do nothing to help.

She quickly pulled him behind a pillar on the platform where nobody could see and before his face could register surprise she kissed him square on the lips while holding his shirt bunched in both hands. "Hermionewah?" he asked while blinking owlishly.

"I am going to do everything I can to get you away from your relatives Harry, but you have to promise me to try not to be depressed all summer. Do your homework if you can, write to Ron and I and we will try to keep you informed. And I-..."

She what? She loved him? Well of course she loved him, he was her best friend after all...but with things between them already so strange there was no way she could say that now... "I'll miss you..." She finished weakly.

He surprised her by pulling her into a hug and getting a genuine smile from him when he pulled back. "I'll miss you too Mione...I would have gone round the twist this year if it weren't for you, I promise I will write if you promise you will write back and I will try not to be too much of a moody git."

She nodded and pouted her lips just a bit, "You had better not Mister or I promise you will have me to answer to in a few weeks. And of course I will write you!"

He nodded and she saw the hint of sadness in his eyes but he held it in check for her, "Right then, ready to face my demons?"

She nodded and hooked her arm through his as they made their way through the platform and out of the hidden entrance to Kings Cross proper. They were sharing a trolley luckily so they didn't have any huge navigation issues, however there was one problem.

"Hermione!" A woman called out and waved, the brunette grinned as she rushed toward her mother leaving Harry to push their luggage.

An older gentleman pulled her into another hug, "How are you doing princess? No trolls this year I trust?"

"No Daddy, no trolls this year."

"Ah and this is Harry if I'm not mistaken?" Mrs. Granger asked with an odd smile. She offered her hand limply and, recognizing the gesture from his lessons with Hermione he quickly turned it and brushed the back of her hand with his lips awkwardly.

"Mrs. Granger."

"Oh call me Emma please!" Harry nodded nervously.

Mr. Granger on the other hand narrowed his eyes as he seemed to size up the boy in front of him. He extended a hand. "Harry Potter then? Dan Granger."

Harry tried not to gulp as he shook the mans hand. "Dan?"

"Mr. Granger will do I think." he said darkly as his eyes darted over to Hermione and back. Emma smacked his shoulder lightly while giggling.

"Don't mind him Harry, so I trust you two had a good year at school?"

Harry paused for a moment, true he had flown against a fire breathing dragon, been nearly attacked by Merpeople, and Voldemort was raised using his blood in some insane ritual. But he had also gotten a blow job. "Actually all things considered I think I did quite well this year."

That threw the nervous Hermione for a loop but she quickly brought a smile back to her face she didn't get a chance to say anything though as Harry's face fell looking over Dan's shoulder, Hermione followed his line of site and sighed upon seeing the mountain of a man who was Harry's guardian staring at them with narrowed eyes.

She turned and pulled Harry into a hug, "Be safe, and don't let them get you down. I'll see you soon I'm sure." she said into his chest.

He returned the hug awkwardly with her father burning holes into his back and her mother looking on in amusement. "Um yeah...well... Hopefully I'll see you soon, I'll write to you when I get the chance."

She nodded and released him, her slight frown as he walked away dragging his trunk and owl was not lost on Emma who turned to her husband. "Dear why don't you go get the BMW and we will catch you up at the curb?"

Dan nodded and set off toward the car park, meanwhile Emma turned to her daughter. "So is there anything you want to tell me my dear?"

Hermione 's eyes suddenly widened, I never told him the truth!