****KakuHida Rape Ch1****

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"Kuzuuuuuuu! Can we rest soon?" Hidan complained, rubbing his freezing arms.

Kakuzu Sighed "We can rest AFTER we kill the bounty"

Hidan and Kakuzu were on a mission in the Land Hidden in the Snow.

"How long will that take?" Hidan whine, in the whiniest voice ever.

"I don't know Hidan" Kakuzu replied, gritting his teeth.

"Humph!" Hidan replied, looking sulky "Why does it have to be so fucking cold?"

As Hidan ranted about the cold and his god, Kakuzu was thinking of a way to shut him up. 'Hidan is kind of hot when he complains..' He thought absentmindly

"Kakuzu!" His name snapped him out of his yaoi trance

"What Hidan? Kakuzu growled, "I was daydreaming!"

"About money I bet. But that's not what I wanted to say. Whats the name of the guy we have to kill, again?"

"A man named Jin Con. No known last name" Kakuzu replied irritably.

"Oh. Well, that's a gay name! I mean, who names their kid Jin Con? A gay fag fucker that's who!"

Kakuzu suddenly realized something. Hidan was incredibly Homophobic. How had he not noticed before?

**One Hour Later**

"Kakuzu! Look an inn! Can we rest!" Hidan exclaimed, pointing at the in, and pouting adorable little pout, with baby puppy eyes showing.

'He looks so fuckable… so kissable… so sexy' Kakuzu thought, and immediately face palmed 'what the fuck Kakuzu! Get a hold of yourself!'

"Kakuzu? Can we rest?" Hidan repeated, still pointing at the inn

"What? Oh sure." Maybe some rest would get these thoughts out of his head.

Hidan grinned, "Thanks fuckface!"

Kakuzu felt… odd. Bubbly inside, joy perhaps? Or was it… Love?

Kakuzu shook his head to get rid of the feeling.

He paid for the room and he and Hidan walked to their room.

"What the fuck Kakuzu! There's only one bed!" Hidan swore loudly

"It was cheaper!" Kakuzu grumbled

"Cheaper my ass…"

"Hidan, go take a shower, you smell like sweat and blood" Kakuzu ordered, setting his case full of money on the bedside table.

Hidan muttered something along the lines of "Ass wipe" But did as he was told.

Kakuzu sat down on the bed with a heavy sigh. He was still having odd feelings and thoughts towards Hidan. 'Am I really in love with the little zealot?' Kakuzu thought.

These feeling had begun to grow a month ago, when Hidan had paid back his debt and more to Kakuzu, saved him from dying three times, and had hugged him. Right there on the bed, Kakuzu realized, he was in love. There was only one way to get Hidan to love him back. Make him gay.

Hidan was the straightest guy Kakuzu knew. Unlike the rest of the Akatsuki, all of them except for Konan, who was having threesomes with Pain and Madara, counting him that was 8. Pein, Tobi, Zetsu, Sasori, Deidara, Itachi, and Kisame.

If he made Hidan gay, everybody in the Akatsuki would be gay. Except Konan.

Kakuzu sighed. He was thinking to hard about the matter.

Suddenly he had the craziest, most stupid, best idea ever!

He had to rape Hidan.

He was also very horny.

The rape would defiantly make Hidan gay, but he might not fall in love with Kakuzu. Well, that was a risk he was willing to take.

When Hidan got out of the shower he would be ready. Kakuzu smiled evilly under his mask.

**Inside the Bathroom **

Hidan stepped into the shower with a grateful sigh. The hot water felt good on his icy, freezing skin.

All day Kakuzu had been drifting into 'dreamland' and had been starring at Hidan.


Hidan stayed in the shower for a few more minutes (30 minutes is a few, right?) and then stepped out of the steamy shower.

Hidan grabbed a towel and rubbed his hair dry. He combed his hair back and wrapped the towel around his waist. He picked up his clothes from that day and smelt them, grimacing, as he smelt the stink.

'Good thing I brought extras' He thought, throwing them into the laundry hamper. He walked over to the door and opened it.

Immediately he felt a chill up his spine.

He felt something, or someone, push him onto the bed. He felt his legs and arms spread and tied to the bed. He was then flipped on to his back to face his attacker.

It was Kakuzu.

"What the Fu-" Hidans yell was cut of when Kakuzu tied a gag around his mouth.

He was dimly aware of the ropes around his arms and legs being tightened. Then Kakuzu came back into view. He pulled down his mask, took of his shirt, and whisked his pants away. He stood there in his boxers, his stitches covering his body.

Hidan began to sweat. What in jashins name was Kakuzu doing?

Suddenly, Kakuzu grabbed Hidan towel, and Hidan finally realized what Kakuzu was doing.

He began to struggle against his bonds. But it was useless. He was weak from fatigue. He was bound and gagged to well.

Kakuzu ripped his towel away, and then removed his own boxers, to reveal the biggest erection Hidan had ever seen. His eyes widened when he saw it, giving Kakuzu some weird sick pleasure.

Kakuzu took Hidans limp member and began to pump it slowly, getting moans from Hidan, then he began to speed up until Hidans member was hard.

After he had done that, Kakuzu positioned a finger at his entrance, not caring to use lubricants.

Hidan struggled even more, screaming "NO!" Through the gag, he didn't want this!

Kakuzu ignored his desperate muted pleas, and pushed his finger in. Hidans back arched as he felt another finger join the second, then Kakuzu began to do a kind of scissoring motion, readying Hidan for what was to come.

Hidan began to cry big, fat tears. He enjoyed pain but this pain… It wasn't something he enjoyed. Of course Kakuzu was oblivious to Hidans salty tears.

Two fingers were in, and a third joined them.

After a bit, Kakuzu yanked them out without any warning, getting a muffled cry of pain from Hidan.

Then he positioned his huge member at Hidans entrance.

Hidan trembled, sweat and blood covering his beautiful face. "No! Please No!" He screamed through the gag once more.

Kakuzu ignored the tears and pleading.

Kakuzu rammed into Hidan, which such speed, and force, that Hidans eyes rolled up in his head briefly.

Hidan cried even more, from fear and pain. Kakuzus member was just too big. It was tearing him apart! Hidan suddenly gasped as Kakuzu hit his sweet spot.

Kakuzu grinned sadistically when he heard the gasp. He knew he had found it. He positioned him self at the spot, hitting it over and over. Hidan felt more tears with each ram. Why was Kakuzu, the man he had been secretly in love with, doing this?

Hidan suddenly screamed as he came, getting all over Kakuzu. Kakuzu grunted as Hidan tightened on his member, then continued till a few minutes later he too, came.

He pulled out of Hidan and undid the ropes and pulled of the gag. He took Hidan to the shower and cleaned him off, then put him back on the bed.

I wonder what will happen the next day…


Chapter 2 will be posted soonish