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Astrid hopped off her dragon in rage and threw an axe at Hiccup. Hiccup quickly ducked. Kay wanted to make sure he would be okay: Astrid's throw was very accurate. She rushed over to Hiccup and awkwardly stood by Artegal. They exchanged looks. This was the type of look that Hiccup and Toothless would give each other if they were to say, "I have a feeling this won't end well."

"HICCUP!" Astrid bellowed. Her voice echoed throughout the glade.

"Calm down, Astrid," he soothed, feeling a bit nervous himself, "This situation is not what you think it-"

She threw her axe at him again. (Author's Note: This may seem far-fetched that she keeps throwing the same axe at him, but she is very fast while she retrieves the axe. It's a Viking thing. You wouldn't understand!) "What do you think you're doing?" She scolded, "You're the leader of the village! You can't go around letting other people ride your dragon, especially foreigners! This girl could have used that as an opportunity to kill you!"

Kay and Artegal looked at each other in surprise. Astrid had seen her previously that morning. She didn't feel that she gave off the vibe of a murderer! Kay felt a bit embarrassed: it was her fault that Hiccup had been caught by his girlfriend with another woman hugging him. She hoped that Astrid was only slightly jealous and was just blowing off steam and exaggerating in the heat of the moment.

"Astrid, I was simply showing her how I fly Toothless! She wanted to know to help spread the awareness back in Silver River-" Hiccup tried to explain.

Astrid cut him off once more. Kay was beginning to see who wore the pants in this relationship. "Hiccup, spare me your excuses!" She bellowed, "Whatever you were doing, you still let a girl hug you while flying Toothless! And you!" She turned to Toothless and rushed towards him. Toothless saw what was coming and started to back up. "You never were that calm when I first rode you! You should have bucked her off!"

Hiccup made the first attempt to actually stand up to Astrid for the first time since her outburst had started. "Don't you dare take this out on Toothless!" He demanded, drawing himself to his full height, looking rather brave as he did so.

Astrid had no immediate verbal response. She simply glowered at Hiccup. He glowered right back. Kay saw Astrid's chest heaving as she attempted to calm herself down. "I'll deal with you later." She said through gritted teeth as she pushed him aside. She made her way towards Kay.

On the inside, Kay was trembling with fear but on the outside, she did not want to show the weakness that Hiccup had shown that caused her to take advantage of him. She stood her ground, feeling rather brave and secretly pleased with herself. Astrid stopped a good yard away from her and sized her up and down. Maybe she liked to play with her food before she ate it, Kay thought. Either way, she would remain calm. She had a boyfriend after all and had no interest in Hiccup. What was there to be worried about?

"So," said Astrid after a long silence, "you are?"

"Kay Wyatt of Silver River." She said boldly.

Astrid looked as if she wanted to say something to her. Instead, she walked in a circle around her. Kay only followed her with her eyes. Finally, once Astrid's circle was complete, with conviction but determination, she extended a hand towards Kay.

"As the future wife of the leader of the village, I would like to welcome you to Berk." She said politely.

Kay reluctantly shook her hand. She wondered how Astrid was so sure that she would be Hiccup's wife: there was no ring on her finger, but maybe that wasn't how Vikings did things.

"My name is Astrid Hofferson." She said stiffly.

Kay never broke eye-contact. Now she didn't seem that bad, but the look in her eyes was just cold. Kay didn't know how she felt about the entire situation. All she knew was that she was grateful for Artegal saving their necks.

"And your dragon," Astrid asked, "what species is he?"

"My name is Artegal," he said in his deep voice which very much took Astrid aback, "I am a Gwybodaeth Caru."

Astrid took a few steps backward and stared at him. "Oh, Odin! He really is! Hiccup, why didn't you tell me?"

"I tried to explain but for some reason I couldn't get in a word." Hiccup said wryly.

Now that Astrid knew of Artegal's powers of speech, Kay wasn't sure if she respected him or was afraid of him. Now she wanted to know everything about the two. "Hiccup, do you know what this means?" Astrid asked excitedly.

Her boyfriend bluntly responded, "It means that somewhere else has a bigger problem than the Green Death and if they came all the way out here just to see me, they must really be desperate."

Astrid laughed. "No, love! Now that you have proof of one of your crazy theories, Berk might actually believe everything you say!"

"The existence of the Gwybodaeth Caru was not one of my "crazy theories", Astrid," Hiccup sighed, "Vikings in climates further south of Berk have seen many-"

"Don't be stupid! Whatever you said about talking dragons is right! This dragon can really talk!" She took another look at him, sizing him up and down as she had Kay, but with a different look in her eyes. Kay detected a flicker of something suspicious which she couldn't place her finger on. "You two must be beat! Hiccup get on Toothless, we're taking those two home."