I walked through Konoha, enjoying the bliss of the breeze through my hair. The bright, warm, afternoon sun was high in the sky in front of me. Not a single cloud was present with it. Training for the day had ended and I was walking away from the Hokage Tower, just receiving my new mission. Suddenly, jarring me from my pure bliss was the sound of a faint rustling in the bushes nearby, a bloodthirsty aura among it.

I took up a defensive position, my senses sharpened. I suspected my brothers at first, for the pranksters loved to pick on their beloved sister. Neji and Sasuke were geniuses, but from the way the aura of this person flowed through my senses made me realize, it wasn't them.

"Come out you baka! I can kill you with one swipe of my hand," I shouted.

The rustling stopped. With a sudden rush of sound, a man jumped from them, kunai raised ready to strike me down. Kunais clashing together, I quickly sidestepped so his weight wouldn't come toward me. Using a quick Suiton jutsu, he ran straight at me. I easily dodged it but was caught in his Donton jutsu. Through quick thinking I was able to free myself with a Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu. A barrage of kunai from him caused me to be slammed into a building nearby.

I fell to the ground. When his feet came near, I tried to trip him, but he grabbed my hair, and smashed my head into the ground a multitude of times. He then dropped me, where I lay limp. After a minute of so, he tied me up and slung me over his shoulder. His shoulder dug into my stomach.

He walked into the forest and proceeded to tie me to a tree. I slumped over, exhausted from the prior battle. It was now when I had gotten a good look at the kidnapper. He wore a full head mask, allowing only his pure green eyes to show through and a menacing look in them. His arms were covered it stitches most likely from his long experience as a shinobi. His Takigakure headband has a slash. A missing ninja? I relaxed for a bit seeing that he was just sitting there talking to himself.

We sat there in silence for a few minutes. My guard was immediately raised when he began rummaging through a sack he had on his hip. He pulled out two onigiris. One he handed to me, the other he took a bite out of. I was about to throw the onigiri away when he interrupted.

"My leader wants you to join us not kill you. Just eat it," the masked man said. At that instant my stomach growled, betraying my mind to just throw it away. I hesitantly took bite after bite of the rice ball. My mind began to swim with thoughts of what could happen to me. My vision began to blur and slowly a numbing sensation crept up my body. My mind fell into a haze after one last thought came to my mind. It had to be a sleeping powder if he hadn't wanted to kill me.

The last thing I saw before my vision went black was him getting up and sprinting off to who knows where.

I awoke to find I was able to feel part of my body again. When I finally gained feeling back in my arms, I felt the ropes bounding me to the tree loosening. Someone was untying me?

"Who are you?" I called out. The person finished untying me and I fell to the ground, not quite having feeling in my legs yet.

"I see you're awake. I'm Mitchell the ANBU taichou," a man said coming up behind me. I turned around and was greeted with a masked face. The wolf mask caught me by surprise. A mop of brown hair stuck out on top of his head.

I tried to stand up after regaining feeling in my legs, but pain overtook my body and I immediately fell to the ground once again.

"Are you alright, Miss?" Mitchell said removing his mask. Sparkling blue eyes overwhelmed my vision. I began healing my body, finding that I had a giant cut on the back of my head.

"I should be alright now that I'm healed," I answered. He helped me up. "I'm Bailey Uchiha Hyuga by the way." I held out my hand, which he shook before heading off.

"We'll be spending the night here. We are four or more miles from the village and from how you fell down just moments ago, we won't be able to make it before sundown in an hour," he explained. I nodded in agreement and used a Katon jutsu to light the wood to start a fire.

"What happened to you before now?" he asked. I told him the story of the kidnapper and me. He seemed amazed, but he kept silent.

"So, how old are you?" I asked the captain who was sitting across from me. He looked away as if embarrassed, the silence broken.

"I'm only 13," he replied, "What about you? How old are you?"

"I'm 12 and at Jounin level," I answered looking into the fire. "I became a Genin at the age of 6 and became a Chunin at 8 and was promoted to Jounin at 11." He stared in awe.

"I became a Genin at 8, a Chunin at 9 and a Jounin at 11. I became an ANBU Black Op at the same time, but I wasn't promoted until Kakashi retired last year," he explained.

"Kakashi-sensei, you sneaky little bastard," I said out loud. Mitchell gave me a questioning look, making me burst into laughter. "Gomen, but Kakashi told me he retired when I became a Chunin, so he lied to me. He's trained me since I was 3 and even when Aoba-sensei was training my team and me."

"So, what mission are you working on?" Mitchell asked.

"I have to locate Orochimaru's lair, but Tsunade has yet to give me a team to go with," I answered.

"Well, what about those brothers you told me about during your story?" he asked. I stared at him in disbelief.

"I can't take Genin on this mission! Are you insane!" I shouted at him. He stared in shock, but said nothing. The fire crackled and danced in front of my pale face. A red glow present on everything near it.

"Well, can I join you, then?" he asked timidly, his eyes slightly downcast. My eyes snapped over to him, slightly brightening. No one had ever offered to help me with a challenge or a mission, not even my siblings, that is, since the death of my dad.

"Sure, but it's up to Tsunade," I answered. We extinguished the fire and lay down on the ground, however when I did so, the ground stuck straight into a giant scratch I couldn't reach on my back. I was forced to lie in an uncomfortable position. I dozed.

I was woken by Mitchell at about 1 in the morning, to take my turn to keep watch. My thoughts swam through my past as he slept. I thought of the night of the Uchiha Massacre and what I saw. The horror retook my memories and by the time it had ended, my Sharingan was activated. I remembered the night I was told my father had died, and I remembered the anger I felt and I remembered the tears I shed. I also remember the Chunin Exams my teammates were at and the smoke bomb that went off, the note that lay on their lifeless bodies. The anger I felt and how I cried for days.

By the time my thoughts ended, the sun was peaking on the horizon. I caught some fish in the creek nearby and gathered more firewood. I got back to the camp and started making the trout. Mitchell ended up waking to the smell of the cooking trout. We ate in silence. We extinguished the flame again and walked in silence back to the village.

The whole trip was quiet and by the time the sun was fully off the east coast horizon behind us, the gate came into view. Three figures began running towards us. Neji swept me up into a hug and then Sasuke came up for his turn to hug me. Hinata was shy, but I was able to sneak a quick one in.

"Guys, this is the ANBU taichou. He helped me get away from the man who attacked me yesterday," I told them.

"Hello Neji and Sasuke. Bailey has told me so much about you. Is this Hinata, the Hyuuga heiress?" Mitchell asked Hinata who flushed a bright crimson as Mitchell shook hands with my brothers.

"Yes, this is my shy older cousin," I said putting an arm around the shy girl. "At least she doesn't faint like when she's around Naruto."

"Bailey-san!" Hinata yelled at me.

"Oh Hina-chan, everyone knows," I said. She fainted. "Take her home Neji." Neji reluctantly slung Hinata onto his back and began the long journey back to the Hyuuga Manor. "That was amusing. Now, come on, we have to see Tsunade." I dragged Mitchell to the tower to meet up with the Hokage.

We knocked on the door and proceeded to enter. Tsunade looked up from her paperwork and saw us. Her face ever so slightly brightened.

"Bailey, what brings you here?" she asked. I sat down in the seat in front of her, wincing a bit when it brushed the massive scratch on my back. "Are you hurt? Why aren't you at the hospital if you are?"

"No, I'm not hurt, more or less, but I would like to tell you that at 5pm last night, I was kidnapped. The man wore a mask covering all but his solid green eyes, and there were stitches up his arms. His headband read that he was a missing ninja from Takigakure," I told her.

"Ok then, but why is Mitchell here?" she questioned further.

"I found her tied to a tree on the way back from a mission. I couldn't leave her there to die," Mitchell answered stepping forward.

"Wait, than what happened to the kidnapper?" Shizune asked from the corner of the room. Mitchell shrugging giving her a frown.

"I saw him take off somewhere, before I was completely out, but I was too out of it to know which way he went," I stated. "Also, who will be my teammates for the Oro mission?"

"I've assigned Mitchell, the ANBU taichou, and Shikamaru Nara, Chunin, to accompany Bailey Uchiha Hyuga, Jonin, as she locates Orochimaru's base," Tsunade stated firmly. "Is that all?"


"Then you may go," she motioned for us to leave. We did. We took our separate ways as he went to most likely check in with the ANBU ninja, while I went to do Taijutsu training with Gai and Lee. Well isn't this going to be fun. NOT.

"Tsunade, what's wrong? You've been acting like this since Bailey-san came in here," Shizune said walking up to her master's desk.

"I just have a feeling that-" she cut herself off as she reached for the Bingo Book next to her. She flipped through the pages. She stopped at one. "Him. That is who attacked her." Shizune peered over to see who. "Kakuzu of Akatsuki."