(5 years later)

"Mitchell, relax man, you'll see her soon," Nick reassured him. Both of the 21-year-olds were dressed in black.

"I just can't believe it's already been five years," he answered. "I guess, I'm just really nervous," he told his best friend honestly. His hands were even trembling slightly from the nerves the day brought. He was supposed to be an ANBU taichou as well; he shouldn't be nervous.

"Well, let's go make you a married man," Nick smacked his back to get him moving, but in a brotherly way. Mitchell smiled and followed him out into the garden where his wedding was being held.

Tsunade, as well as the other kages, sensed a terrible disturbance in the flow of chakra out in the battlefield around them. The five of them, plus Pein, sprang into action, quickly but cautiously moving in the direction where it was the strongest.

When they reached the source of it, they were surprised by what they found. Itachi and Kisame were unconscious under one of the trees at the edge of the clearing. Sasuke was lying, unconscious, precariously on a tree branch. Mitchell was lying on the ground, his arm bent backwards in a disturbing position. It looked like he was barely breathing.

But, their attention wasn't on them. It was on the two bodies in the middle of the crater in the very middle of the clearing. Both of them were easily recognizable, but neither was moving. One was that of Madara Uchiha, the other Bailey Uchiha Hyuga.

Tsunade rushed to Bailey's side, checking for her vitals while Pein did the same for Madara, though not as quickly and not as gently. Both breathed audible sighs of relief.

"She's alive!"

"He's dead!"

The other four kages exchanged a look of both shock that a 15-year-old girl could take down the world's most powerful man and relief that was finally dead. The war was now over. It was all thanks to all three Uchihas as well as Naruto and Bee. Sasuke and Itachi had taken out Kabuto and put an end to the resurrected shinobi, and Bailey defeated Madara. If Naruto and Bee hadn't taken out the rampaging tailed beasts, no one would have survived to fight Kabuto, let alone Madara.

Focusing chakra to his throat, the Raikage yelled for all to hear, "Thanks to everyone, Madara Uchiha is dead and this war is over!" They heard an eruption of cheering all around. "Everyone return to the base for a well deserved rest by order of the five kages."

"Tsunade, can you heal the others up enough to return to the base with their own power," Mei, the Mizukage, asked. Tsunade went over to Itachi first, then Kisame. The two suffered minor concussions but nothing major. Sasuke had a few cracked ribs and a bleeding head wound. He was awakened, but he also had a broken leg. Kisame offered to carry him.

Both Mitchell and Bailey were given emergency medical treatment, but neither awoke from the comas the two were in, as Tsunade deduced. The Raikage, A, carried Mitchell while Pein insisted on carrying Bailey. No one argued.

They quickly returned to the base. They were greeted by many cheering shinobi. Tsunade stepped forward to face the crowd. "I present to you the body of Madara Uchiha!" she shouted triumphantly. Gaara willed his sand to drop the body in front of him. "And I present to you our saviors, the ones who took him down: our new allies', the Akatsuki, as well as Mitchell Takeo, Sasuke Uchiha and Bailey Uchiha Hyuga!"

A few murmurs were heard, but Naruto got everyone cheering once again. "We want to thank you all for your sacrifice, and especially our medical shinobi and my fellow Jinchuuriki Naruto Uzumaki and Killer Bee-san," Gaara announced.

Sakura ran up to them and whispered something in Tsunade's ear. "I've just received word that all those who died fighting in this war have been resurrected, not immortal, and all those severely injured have been healed. We must thank whatever force did this for us," she announced.

Pein's eyes widened and he quickly checked Bailey's kunai pouch. Everyone studied him curiously. He pulled out a blue crystal orb. The second it was exposed to the sunlight, a bright white flash blinded everyone for a few seconds.

When everyone could see again, a woman in a white gown and hair stood in front of them all. Gaara was the first to speak. "T-the Junibi no Ookami… You were the one to help us all, weren't you?" he asked almost timidly.

"Yes I am, Sabaku no Gaara. Although, you must thank my host Hyuga Uchiha Bailey. I just did what she asked of me. I stand before you all to give one last thing. I have only given my host pain for all these years, but now I will give her peace," she spoke. Her elegant voice captivated the army of shinobi.

Bailey and Mitchell began to rise into the air. Their chests began to glow with the phrase "Life is Pain" in Japanese characters causing both of them to arch their backs from the pain despite their comas. The words shattered and they visibly relaxed. However, that was not it.

Next, a white ribbon appeared and their spiritual hearts rose slightly over their bodies, both slightly cracked. The ribbon wrapped around both hearts and with a flash of light, the hearts were healed and tied to each other. The hearts lowered back into their bodies, and the two were gently placed on the ground only inches apart.

Ookami stepped in front of Gaara and kissed his forehead. "To give Shukaku peace, I have blessed you. You no longer have to fear sleep."

She approached Naruto and kissed his forehead as well. "I hope Kurama will see your kindness and accept it."

Lastly, she approached Killer Bee. "I see Gyuuki and you have trust in one another." She kissed his forehead. "Gyuuki, take care of your host."

And then, she was gone. The orb glowed once more. It rested peacefully in Pein's hand once again.

I nervously played with my hair, a habit I picked up after staying with the Akatsuki for so long. "Stop messing with it!" Sakura smacked my hand away from my hair. "I still can't believe you're getting married before me. I wish your brother would just grow the balls to at least hold my hand."

I laughed as Sakura continued to complain about her relationship with Sasuke. I swear he has no idea how to treat a girl. To relieve his nerves, Mitchell and I had agreed to go on a double date with him and Sakura. He was so awkward, and Sakura kept looking over at us with slight jealousy since Mitchell was openly affectionate with me while Sasuke wasn't. But, at least he was trying.

"Oh my god! Bailey, you look amazing! Mitchell is definitely a lucky man," Iruka exclaimed as he entered my dressing room. I couldn't fight the blush that had made its way onto my cheeks.

"Thank you Iruka, it really means a lot," I told him. He came over and gave me a hug. "By the way, have you seen Kakashi?" I asked.

"Looking for me?" Kakashi asked from the doorway. "Don't worry; this is one event I refuse to be late for. After all, you'll only get married once, and I can't miss my daughter's wedding!" he smiled under his mask. I felt tears well up in my eyes as I returned the smile.

"Well, I need my dad here to walk me down the aisle, don't I?" I laughed.

"Good luck Bailey, and have fun!" Iruka laughed and exited to take his seat. Sakura soon followed, giving me a hug on her way out.

Kakashi came over and sat beside me. He took my hand and kissed my forehead. "I just can't believe how much you've grown. I still remember when you and Mitchell tracked me down as tiny 4-year-olds. I can't believe my two babies are getting married!" Kakashi admitted.

I started laughing. "You sound more like my mother over my dad," I bit out through my laughter. Kakashi lightly hit me. "But just because we're getting married doesn't mean we're not your babies anymore. I like being your little girl!" I stated lightening the tension.

"I know there was a reason why I liked you," he laughed. "Now, let's go get you married to your soul mate."

After returning to Konoha, my life changed so much. I no longer had to worry about Madara or any pain from the curse he gave me. I could now focus on missions easier since there was no way he could come back and hurt me.

My relationship with Mitchell became the best it had ever been. He officially asked me out and we went out on out first date only a month after the end of the war. We had a picnic at the place where we met, at the pond on the border between the Uchiha compound and the Takeo residence. Our mothers had brought us there when we were toddlers, which was how we met. I have to admit, the date was slightly awkward at first, but it quickly disappeared. I had so much fun.

The Akatsuki, to avoid a total revolt against them, had their loyalty tested before they could join the village. After passing, they formed a sub unit in the ANBU and Pein joined the council as the team's representative. Itachi took my place on the council as the Uchiha representative. It was such a relief actually.

The children quickly accepted Riku. He's just graduated the academy, now 8 years of age. He loves his Genin team along with his sensei, Aoba-sensei. He finally worked up the courage to become a Jounin-sensei again. I was proud of both of them. Plus, it was nice seeing Sasori's fatherly smile when Riku graduated.

My relationship with Neji and the Hyuga clan at first wasn't the best, but with time and help from Mitchell, it improved. A few of the Hyuga elders still don't trust me entirely, but Hiashi is perfectly fine with me, so they just have to suck it. Neji was crying so hard when I awoke after the fight with Madara. I think he was just so happy to have his sister back after 3 years or so. I can't say I wasn't bawling my eyes out as well.

Needless, these past 5 years have been the best years of my life. Even though I still didn't have my birth parents, I still had Kakashi and Pein to be my papas. Even though I still didn't have my Genin teammates, I still had Mitchell who was my soul mate.

Speaking of Pein, he and Konan are finally parents. Two years ago, Konan gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl they named Tenshi. She is now a vey active toddler with blue hair with orange tips and a very bright future. On her first birthday, she used her father's Shinra Tensei to push Kisame into the ocean since they were celebrating it at the beach. Man, he was shocked beyond belief.

I grabbed my bouquet of azaleas. Ino had picked them out since they were beautiful yet deadly. Kakashi offered me his arm, which I took, and he led me out to the garden where the ceremony was being held. Hinata came up behind me after we got out of my dressing room to carry the train of my wedding dress.

The butterflies in my stomach fluttered furiously as we got closer to the garden. However, the second I saw Mitchell in his black suit and baby blue tie, they were gone. I couldn't help but smile at him, making his own smile widen just that much more. His eyes once again captured my heart. Those blue eyes were gazing at me with so much love.

Kakashi led me down the aisle. I saw our friends, our family, his team as well as mine. Coming back to Konoha, I finally passed the ANBU exams and was put in a team. It was run by Anko and only contained girls. We were definitely a force to be reckoned with. The best part about being apart of it, though, was that Kaede was also in it. Her and her husband smiled as I walked by. She had a baby boy in her arms.

Finally, we reached the end of the aisle. Our minister asked, "Who gives the bride away?" Tsunade was our minister since she was the Hokage, soon to retire and Naruto to replace her, and she had the power to perform the ceremony. She wanted to at least do this before she retired.

"Her father does," Kakashi answered. My hand went from his arm to Mitchell's outstretched hand. He helped me step up to the alter.

Tsunade began to say the speech the minister must give at the beginning of the ceremony. I zoned out during it; my eyes never left Mitchell's. Finally, she asked Mitchell to say his vows to me. Without taking his eyes from mine, he began to say his.

"Bailey, my love, my inspiration, my strength. I stand before you here today to officially bind my soul to yours, even though it already is and has been since we met. Even though, we've been through hell and back, we did it together, and if you'll let me, I'd do it again as long as you're by my side. I'm nothing without you, so please say I do, so forever I can be the happiest man alive. I love you, my soul mate." I felt the tears begin to fall from my eyes. I could tell he was trying not to cry himself. It was now my turn.

"Mitchell, my love, my rock, my savior. If I were told I would be marrying you, I wouldn't have believed it. After all the pain we've been through, I had felt that you were out of reach for my broken heart. But, it was thanks to you, who repaired my heart and stole it at only a glance. I regret that I still cannot remember all the time we spent together, but with this vow, I hope we can create many more, especially happy memories. You are my soul mate. I love you Mitchell Takeo." Half way through, Mitchell started crying as well. I doubt there was a dry eye in the entire audience.

"And now, we will unite you both in heart, mind and soul," Tsunade went on. "Do you, Mitchell Takeo, take Bailey Uchiha Hyuga to be lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, in times of plenty and in times of want, in times of joy and of sorrow, in times of failure and of triumph? Do you promise to protect, cherish and respect her until forever do you part?" she asked.

"I do." His eyes seemed to shine that much brighter.

She repeated the same to me. I smiled and answered. "I do."

"By the power of the Hokage and with the blessing of the village, I pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Takeo. You may now kiss the bride," she stated.

He leaned in and I met him half way. With that kiss, I was now Bailey Takeo, the happy wife to Mitchell Takeo, my soul mate.

The last chapter of the story. I'm so proud of myself. If you haven't read the prequel a few of the references won't make sense, so read that if you didn't.

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