Family Again: Something Goes Wrong

By: Samantha Reynolds

The family is now back together. It is well past the accident and everyone has put it behind them even though the couple is scarred with the wound mark all over their body's. The couple has not let the scars hold them back at all. Now today, both Sam and Shadow have moved on and are living their lives with their two children Seth and Sarah.

It is about 6:30pm when the happy family sat down at the dinner table and ate their meal together. It was always the usual for them all to sit down together and eat. The children were happy that they finally had their parents back fully and happy. That evening, the twins had so much to talk about since it was their first day of preschool. What really made Sam and Shadow happy was that the twins were in a good mood.

After dinner was finished, the family all went into the living room and turned on the TV and watched the twins' favorite cartoon. Since it was almost time for the twins to get their baths, Sam decided that they could just get their baths in the morning since time seemed to fly past very quickly because the clock on the entertainment stand said it was 8:30pm. The couple decided that as soon as scoobi-doo was over in about 15 minutes, that the twins could go to bed.

As soon as the twins cartoon ended, Sam and Shadow put the twins to bed and headed down stairs and sat in the living room for a few more hours before they headed off to bed themselves. About 5 minutes after they put the twins to bed, the door bell rang. Sam was not even sure who would be visiting at almost 9pm. Sam was starting to get up before Shadow stopped her and went to get the door himself instead. After the accident, he did not want Sam to even experience anything like it again.

When Shadow answered the door, he did not even have enough time to react when someone struck him on the back of the head. All he heard before everything went silent and black was a scream coming from his wife and crying coming from the twins. All he could think of was that he could not believe that this way all happening again. The family has been through a lot and he only wanted them to be together.

Several minutes had passed he could not hear any more screaming from his wife, but he could hear the twins crying at the top of their lungs. Shadow tried to set up, but all he could do was fall back down on the ground and feel his own blood pulse through his body. Shadow did not know what was going on, but he knew that he needed to try and get up to be able to get to the living room and check on his family.