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Chapter 16


I looked after Dan and Asami's retreating forms in disbelief. How could he…? I slide down the door and felt my eyes start to water up. I thought he loves me, and just when I was beginning to think—no I refuse to think he just left me for that slut. I stood up and pushed my tears back. I heard footsteps and giggles coming down the hallway, Julie and Alice came happily around the corner.

"Runo hey what's up?" Julie asked throwing her arms around me.

I rose and eyebrow and gently pushed her off, also deciding not to tell them about Dan. "Uh, what's wrong with her Alice?"

Alice looked like she won a million bucks. "You remember Billy right, back home, well he just asked Julie out. Julie actually said yes leaving Shun to me." She sighed blissfully.

"And my sister." I reminded.

Alice waved me off, apparently to happy to let me ruin her good mood. I sighed and my thoughts ran back towards Dan. Just what did Asami do to him, and what did him mean by first date. I silently left Alice and Julie to their boy babbling and slipped off down the hall. I saw Shun standing in the lobby by the vending machine, but no Dan or Asami. That got me worried, where are they? I walked over to Shun and tapped him on the shoulder. He looked at me and smile.

"Hey Runo what's up."

I shook and head. "Could be better." I mumbled.

Shun's face dropped and he looked at me with sympathy. "I know Runo, I saw them."

The tears started coming back. "Oh." Finally I couldn't hold the tears back anymore and they began to fall.

Shun pulled me into a hug and I wrapped my arms around his waist. "Why would he do it though?" I asked quietly.

Shun rubbed his thumb in circles around my back. "Who knows?"

It has to be Asami, or maybe I'm thinking to highly of Dan's feelings for me. It could be that stupid teenager thing when you say 'I love you' but you don't really mean. Strangely it hurt way worse than I originally thought it would be if we ever broke up. I pulled away from Shun and wiped my eyes, I saw Dan and Asami talking outside the hotel through the glass.

"I need to go talk to Dan." I declared.

I began walking away when a hand pulled me back and a soft pair of lips met my own. I stood there for a moment with my eye wide open; I pushed Shun away.

"Told you she didn't care Dan."

My stomach dropped and I slowly turned around to see Dan and Asami. Dan looked hurt before anger took over.

"I never expected this from you Runo."

He then turned around and walked out the hotel but not before grabbing Asami's hand and intertwining them. I tried to call out to Dan but he just kept walking. I clenched my fist together and turned to Shun.

"This is all your fault."

Shun shook his head and put his hands up. "Runo I'm sorry—"

"Shut up, just stay away from me."


I left New York early with my dad, my mother stayed to look after everyone else. Currently we both stood in front of Dan's parents signing a contract that released me from the arranged marriage. It took a lot of talking a explanation but they finally agreed.

"Okay it's done." My dad sighed, as he signed his name at the bottom of the contract.

My father stood up and started to leave. "Wait dad I need to ask them something."

Mrs. Kuso nodded, "What is it darling?"

"Why did you even put Dan and me into an arranged marriage?"

She smiled, "From the very moment you were born something told me you'd be perfect for my son. That's why."

I frowned and stood up, all this time I thought it was something so much more than that.

"Well whatever told you that is wrong. He hates me. Thank you for signing the contract though, goodbye."

I turned around and left their house with my dad, begging the tears not to fall.



I closed my room door and plopped down on my bed with a smirk. Poor, pathetic little Runo went running home with daddy. Loser. I finally got my boyfriend back but I'm not done with Runo just yet. I plan on making that little brat suffer for the rest of her life. Dan's just a bonus, and a tool to do so. My mother always told me to never stop until I got what I wanted and I plan on doing that. School may be over but I'm determined to make sure she never gets her little happily ever after. I got off my bed and walked over to my door and saw Alice talking Naoki. Perfect.

"Hey Alice, Naoki. Guess what your little whore of a friend did."

I waved my phone in the air. Yes I caught a picture of Shun kissing Runo, wonderful isn't it.

Naoki glared at me. "Don't call my sister that."

I smiled and walked over to them. "I'm sure you'll change your mind about that when you see this picture."

Alice shook her head. "Doubt it."

"Really, you know I know that you guy both have a thing for Shun. But I guess Runo does to."

I showed them the picture and they both gasped.

"How could she." Alice mumbled.

My smiled grew. "Think about it, she pretends to help you and to 'talk' to Shun about it. But let's face it; we both know she hasn't been talking to him." I laughed a little.

Naoki glared at the photo. "I can't believe she would stoop so low."

"Believe it."

"Thanks for telling us Asami." Alice smiled at me before walking away.

Naoki just left the room, slamming the door behind her.

I smiled and held my phone to my chest; this has to be the best day of my life. I looked at the picture of Runo and Dan, it's cute that she thought I wouldn't find out about her and Dan's arranged marriage.

"Watch out Runo cause' I'm not finished with you yet."

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