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"Normal talking for spirits and living" 'Thoughts'

"Ghosts talk" 'Ghost think' Flashback or dream

"Demonic voice or loud talk" 'Kyuubi or dark demon thoughts.' …Don't know.

Prologue-"The Mask, The Book, And The Ugly Cat"

"Grandma… Why can't other people see what we can?" A blond hair three year old asked. The blond hair child's sapphire blue eyes looked up to the duller blond woman who looked pretty young for her age. Both looked very familiar to one another. In fact, if it was for the woman to have darker blue eyes as the child had sapphire blue eyes and whisker marks on the child's cheeks, they were have been easily confused for mother and child.

"Naruto…" The woman ruffled the child known as Naruto's hair. "Humans are vain creatures. Their pride… Their arrogance makes it so they lost their ability to see what we see." The woman sighed, looking out the window which she was sitting in while holding the child. "Well, that's what I guess is why… They just don't want to believe in what they can't see. So, they hate us who can see them… But, you're real special, Naruto… You can see even more than me."

"I can?" Naruto asked in confusion.

"Hai. You don't just see spirits alone… But the spirits of the dead as well." The woman chimed with a sadist smirk. "Too bad you won't see my spirit when I die as I have hardly any connections to this world." The blond child looked up into the woman's eyes, both their slitted like pupils looking at each other with their emotions exposed. "Cuz, I'm gonna to die the way I want to and have fun doing it."

Where is she? Where has she… gone?

"Huff huff huff…" A blond hair twelve year old panted as he ran through a thick forested area of Konoha.

"… Hey, Shikamaru, you saw that new show on T.V?" A plump twelve year old snacking on a bag of chips while walking next to a lazy looking brown hair twelve year old asked.

"What show was it again, Chouji?" The lazy "Shikamaru" yawned.

"You know, the one-"


"Huh?" Both looked at the bushes to watch as an orange clad blond fall down onto the dirt trail before them, surprising both.

"Huh! Uzumaki?" Chouji blinked, trying to remember the blond's first name.

"What up, Uzumaki?" Shikamaru asked. "What are you doing?" Both boys remembered the blond was the prankster in their class and he was actually pretty good at it.

"What am I doing?" Naruto asked raised an eyebrow that was behind his goggles he wore before looking around, confusing both of his classmates.

"Hey?" Chouji asked, wondering why the blond was ignoring them before getting up with a grin on his face.

"Oh, nothing." The blond causally dusted himself off.

"Really? Are you okay?" Shikamaru asked, wondering if the blond had pulled off another prank and was on the run as he remembered the blond was absent from the absent from the academy today.

"Yeah… Hey, I heard there is a shrine around here, is that true?" Naruto asked with a sheepish big grin.

"Huh?... If you go through that grove, it's somewhere around there." Chouji sighed, pointing towards some bushes near them.

"Thanks!" Naruto shouted before running off, leaving his classmates to sweat.

"What a weirdo." Chouji sighed as Shikamaru nodded. "I mean, he's probably a nice guy, but it's hard to get to know him as he's loud and annoying."

"Yeah… Troublesome… But, I wonder what he is doing… It was like something was chasing him." Shikamaru sighed before both jumped as they got a strange feeling and turned to get hit by a powerful gust of wind that passed them quickly.

"…What was that gust of wind?" Chouji asked before both dropped it and kept walking with his lazy friend.

'What am I doing, they ask?' Uzumaki Naruto thought while running. He glanced behind his back to see a white hair, grayish purple skin creature in a kimono and had one large eye still chasing him. 'I wish I couldn't see this thing either…'

Ever since Naruto was an infant, he could see strange things. Spirits which no one else could see. They were usually nice enough… However, for some reason, some have been popping up that come after him recently. 'Another one… I wonder what I did to make them mad enough to chase me.' Naruto thought while trying to locate a shrine. When he could get to a shrine, he could hide out there and after a while, the spirits-at least ones like yokai-would stop following him and leave him alone.

Naruto looked to the side before a large claw like nailed hand grabbed him and pushed him again a tree. Naruto grunted as he looked up to the one eyed spirit had him in her hand.

"Ahh… Got you, Got you, Reiko…. At last." The creature smirked. "Give it back. Give it back." Naruto looked at the creature with confusion. He knew the name of which the demon was saying.

"Wait." Naruto looked to the large one-eyed spirit's side to find a more humanoid spirit, but this spirit had downward pointed horns-or at least Naruto thought that was what on the oni-and wearing a really loose kimono. "First, let's pull out her tongue so she can't say our names." Naruto felt the larger demon's hand moved and grasped his throat.

"OWW!" Naruto kicked the oni straight in the face, right at the eye, causing the spirit to drop him and he ran.

"It hurts… It hurts…" The large oni wept as Naruto looked back before continuing to run. 'What is going on! Why do I always… It's not like I want to see them!' Naruto thought as he kept running.

"Hmm? Three plates are enough, Naruto."

"Eh? Then what about our guest? A young Naruto asked, while pointing at a spirit waving at him while the two foster parents who took him in looked at him as if he was crazy.

"It's just creepy. Why does he always do that…"

"He's probably lonely."

"We must be doing something wrong."

"I'm sure he's just making it up."

"Sorry, Naruto, I don't see anything."

"We just don't understand."

Naruto was snapped out of his memories when he felt something yank on his leg and heard a rip as he fell down. "Ugh!" Naruto turned around while sitting up to find he had tripped on a rope and it had snapped. His eyes instantly widen when he saw white strips hanging off the rope.

"Ah…The barrier's been broken…" Naruto jumped and turned around to see an old little container shrine.

"A shrine!" Naruto quickly jumped to the rope and cursed trying to put the rope back together. 'That barrier was probably sealing in something bad!' However looked up when the shrine began shaking.

"Well done, kid. Ahh! I can come out." The demonic voice said as the doors of the shrine opened. Naruto only stared at the maneki-neko that was inside and smirked with a small laugh, relaxing. However, Naruto was back on guard when the shrine explodes when the cat statue leapt up, moving.

"My… A human sees a spirit and isn't afraid. How brave." The spirit in the good luck statue purred while looking at Naruto.

"I'm used to it." Naruto sighed, saying the truth. "So, you are a spirit, too?" Naruto asked, watching the chubby cat move or wiggle to be more precise around.

"Yeah, though I'd prefer it if you didn't group me with the likes of those two out there…. Hm?" The cat looked wide eyed at the blond. "You're not Natsume Reiko…"

Naruto looked at the cat with equal shock. "…That's my grandma's name."

"Y-Your grandma?" The cat shouted in shock.

"Did you know my grandma?" Naruto asked with a sigh.

"When she lived around here, she was a beautiful lady." The cat closed its eyes, remembering the human. "She could see strange things just like and also no human ever understood her." Naruto frowned while looking at the cat. "She was always alone… Always, always alone."

'I know that cat… Except, you don't know in the end she did find someone who understood her… Me… Now tell me something I don't know!' Naruto yelled in his mind.

"So Reiko amused herself with spirits." The cat said as Naruto jolted.

'Ugh, things just took a turn.' Naruto thought, but was hoping this would tell him why spirits were attacking him.

"Do you know of the Book of Friends?" The cat asked as Naruto's eyes widen.

"The Book of…" Naruto heard a rustle was instantly on alert.

"You're being pursued? Because of the barrier, low-class spirits won't come near." The cat smirked.

"Really? That's great…" Naruto sighed in relief before the mischievous cat hit him in the on the side of his neck, shocking the blond. Though, it didn't do any damage since the blond had a good defense against attacks from both spirits and people. "Ugh… What are you?" Naruto asked before seeing the cat was gone. 'He ran off?...Stupid cat…' Naruto though while rubbing his sore neck. 'That talk made me careless.' Naruto thought while getting up. He focused his senses to find the spirits were gone and decided to head home.


It didn't take long for the blond to reach his apartment complex.

"Welcome home, Naruto." Naruto looked up to see a Konoha ninja, a Jônin to be exact waving at him.

"Oh, hi." Naruto smiled at the Jônin, glad no one was around. Why? Because the man he was talking to was a dead person.

"You alright? Were you being chased again?" The ghost asked with some worry.

"Yeah, but I'm alright." Naruto sighed. Amazingly, the ghosts in Konoha were a lot friendly than the citizens currently living. Yokai can see the dead humans and so vice versa, but luckily, they usually live in peace with one another with the more sentinel ghosts or-like most ghosts-the ghosts just creep out of spirits as they just mumble and walk around the area they haunt. But, it is thanks to ghosts Naruto knew most of the stuff he did for the human world in jutsu and such as the teachers at the academy hardly taught him anything. In fact, even the spirits treated the blond better than the living villagers of Konoha. He knew it was because he had the Kyuubi no Yoko sealed inside him. Yokai and the dead are not bonded by the laws of the living, yet Naruto could care less if the living hated him.

He had enough problems with the supernatural as is, so he me a mask to keep the living away from him. A loud, annoying mask with a large fake grin that was stupid and pranked others. Naruto did it so he could feel alive. Whenever he felt he was drifting into the realm of spirits, he could just either prank or annoy someone and get hurt and be brought back to the land of the living… That or he cut himself, but he also did that to mix his blood with ink to use for seals to help make small barriers to relax in or make mini blood bombs as he called them to throw and get yokai after him to go away as they would go after the bait. He has been actually looking through his grandmothers old books in hopes of finding some spells to use his stored up blood to make clone out of as he had a hard time doing the Bushin no Jutsu, hence why he has yet to pass the academy test.

"Cough, cough, cough." Naruto hacked as he went through the boxes that content his grandmother's stuff. Almost all the mess in his apartment was both his stuff for ninja training, spirit control-kind of basically means of pest control for spirits instead of insects, and the stuff both his grandmother and he had in their home before his grandmother died. Other than that, the place was free of any filth.

'"Book of Friends"…' Naruto though while digging through a box. '"Book of Friends" It would be with my grandma's old things…' Naruto then found what he was looking for and picked up sketch pad like book with the title "Book of Friends" out of the box.

"Got it." Naruto sighed somewhat stoically while flipping through it. "What is it, exactly?' Naruto wondered before seeing what is in it. 'Huh, a book of scribbles? It's all just weird drawings… Noha… Kanoka… Yuzuri… Shinonome… Kaidori… Tatsueda… Hidaka…' Naruto's eyes widen in shock. 'I can read these? The words are appearing in my head?' Naruto thought, wondering what is going on.

"That is the book!" Naruto looked around to find the cat from before floating above him and glowing a dark aura.

"You're the cat!" Naruto shouted, ready to move. 'He followed me?'

"Hand it over!" The cat shouted while morphing as it charged towards the blond. Naruto duck for the cat to slam into his wall.

"The wall!" Naruto turned sweated to find the cat had been zapped by the barrier that was on the wall and out cold. 'I'm going to have to replace that barrier.'

"So, this is where you live?" The cat asked as Naruto came onto his porch with a plate with two slices of watermelon.

"Shut up, stupid cat." Naruto sighed, putting the watermelon down and sitting next to the now calmed down spirit. "I don't want any problems, so just eat this and go."

"What do you mean, 'cat?'" The spirit asked in anger. "I may look like this because I was sealed as a lucky cat statue for a long time, but my original form is quite beautiful." Naruto looked at the cat with a blank look as he was eating one of the slices of watermelon and playing with said cat with a cat toy he used to play with stray cats that came around.

"Yeah?" Naruto asked, his mask of happiness and dumb away, replaced with a quiet and smart person he really was. He kept up the mask for two reasons. The one to keep people away from his real self and then the other to keep people from thinking he was strange for talking to spirits and such… He stopped trying to convince people long ago he could see things they couldn't. The only person who understood him and see what he could see died when he was four years old. It was only when he turns five that people stopped trying to take care of him from the orphanage and he got an apartment. It took another year for him to realize no one was going to believe what he says and stopped trying to connect with the living all together. The large potted plant garden on his porch showed it as they were well taken care of and growing beautifully.

"I owe you for breaking that barrier that held me, so I'll protect you for a little while. Consider me your mentor." The cat chimed, having fun with the toy.

Naruto just sighed. "Whatever… So, what about this 'Book of Friends' thing?" Naruto asked as the cat stopped playing.

"… It's where Natsume Reiko wrote the names of the spirits that she harassed." Naruto looked at the cat with shock. He knew his grandma was a sadist, but he didn't think she harass spirits from the few he knew from his grandmother… in fact, he thought they loved her with the way one hugged the blond all the time. "Reiko didn't get along well with people, so she would keep herself entertained by playing all sorts of games and things with spirits. Because her spiritual power was so strong, it amounted to her bullying them. Those she won against had to promise to be her followers, and to make them keep their promise, she wrote down their names on pieces of paper. Those pieces of paper are collected in the 'Bok of Friends.'" The cat sighed.

"But why would you want something like that?" Naruto asked, wondering what the spirit wanted with papers with names.

"Because, if someone has the paper, and calls out a name, their commands cannot be denied. In other words, you can control various spirits." The cat smirked.

"And you guys are all bent out of shape over this little thing?" Naruto asked, flipping through the book. So, it was this book that the attacking yokai assaulting him for… Well, that and to human eating yokai, he smelt "tasty."

"You idiot! Don't treat them like that!" The cat shouted in anger. "If you were to burn those, their spirits would suffer the same fate!" The cat then chuckled. "That's why the spirits around here are looking for Natsume Reiko… You're in danger."

"…I'm always in danger." Naruto sighed.

"Excuse me?" Naruto snapped out of his thoughts by someone calling at his door. "Is anyone there?"

"Yes." Naruto put on his mask again and got up to go answer the door. 'The 'Book of Friends,' huh?' Naruto noticed found a man in a kimono where the door was slightly open. "Yes? I'm the only one who lives here." However, Naruto instantly had a shiver go through his body and then he saw the man's eyes as they had black whites and sliver white eyes.

"Yes… I knew it." The man's smile turn into a long smile no human can do. "You've come back, Reiko." The man's lower half stretched out and he charged Naruto who duck, cursing himself for forgetting to fix the barrier as the man hit the wall behind him. "The book…" Naruto turned around to see the man connected to the wall and sliding around. "Give back my name… The book…"

"Excuse me…" Naruto's spirit sense alerted him of a spirit behind him and he turned to see the large spirit from before in his door way and charging him. "The book… Give it back, Reiko!" It shouted as both spirits charged the blond. Naruto ducked and ran.

'Natsume's running away? Well now…' The cat thought as it saw Naruto running from the porch.

'They followed me.' Naruto thought as he got into the woods, holding onto the book. Naruto nearly fell over when he felt something land on his back.

"Where are you headed?" Naruto looked at his back to see the cat on his back.

"Cat!" Naruto glared at it. Didn't it know it was pretty heavy? Naruto panted as they hid in some bushes with Naruto cursing under his breath.

"It's too much for a human to handle, don't you get it? Give it to me. If you do, they'll stop chasing you." The cat sighed at the blond.

"No…" Naruto growled, his eyes becoming scary as they glared at the cat.

"Why? Even though you're human, do you plan on trying to master the supernatural?" The cat asked.

"It's not like that…" Naruto panted.

"But what else could a human possibly do with it? And after I'd changed my mind about you… Give it to me!"

"What are you-"

"Give it to me!" The cat morphed into a large cat beast like white yokai with red markings and yellow eyes.

"Gah!" Naruto gasped when the cat beast pinned him down with its paw.

"Now hand over the book!" It growled.

"No way! I bet you're going to do something weird with it." Naruto growled back, baring his fang like canines.

"Hmph, of course!" The yokai chimed. "It seems like it'd be so much fun!"

"Why you-Agh!" Naruto gritted his teeth as the cat pushed down on him.

"Hand it over, or I'll squish you." The yokai smirked. "Now…"

"STOP IT!" Naruto shouted while punching the cat yokai right in the middle of its eyes, causing it to jump off of him and cover his nose, trying not to whimper in pain.

"You know, cat, for starters I consider it something my grandma treasured. Do you expect me to just toss it away?" Naruto glared at the cat. The cat looked at him calmly. "So, maybe my grandma didn't get along with people very well. There aren't that many 'people' who remember her. I'm one of the few people who remember her even though I was four when she died young. I'm pretty much her last relative so I've got to remember her and take care of her things…" Naruto sighed while his eyes reflected with somber emotions. "I want to have something to remember her by. I can't just say it's got nothing to do with me…" The cat looked at Naruto with interest, seeing the will in the blond's eyes.

"I want to avoid trouble as much as possible. If I can return them, I want to do it right away." Naruto sighed while looking through the bushes.

"Return what?"

"The names. Do you know how to return them?" Naruto asked as the cat became mad again.

"You idiot, just drop it, it's beyond you! Do you even know how many names there are?" The cat shouted at Naruto. "The process is simple, but you won't last long. You'd have a lot of brutal opponents."

"I'll be fine. I've got you looking after me, don't I?" Naruto smiled an innocent angel smile causing the cat to sweat.


"I didn't want to get involved in this stuff, but the truth is that my grandma owed the spirits." Naruto looked at the cat with serious eyes. "Even if it kills me, I'll dissolve the Book of Friends… Please lend me your power.

"…" The cat looked at the blond with narrowed eyes. "Can I? When you fall, can I really have the book?"

"Yeah." Naruto said with a true small smile.

"Very well…" The cat sighed. "I'll personally keep tabs on you." Naruto put his forehead on the cat's forehead.

"Thanks." Naruto sighed.


Naruto sat behind some bushes with the cat in its lucky cat form as the large spirit moved nearby. "Leave that one for now. Test it on the other one." The cat sighed as Naruto nodded at that idea before they began running through the woods for the more serpent like spirit.

'Oh, there it is!' Naruto spotted the ghostly spirit with horn like ears in the tree line.

"Picture the spirit in your mind and open the book." The cat said as Naruto opened the book.

'Ye who must obey me. Show me they name.' Naruto thought as the pages flipped by themselves.

"Then the book will automatically find the right page." The cat said as the spirit finally noticed them.

"Ah, it's here!" Naruto shouted as he began to run again. 'Hurry up…' Naruto then frowned with fury. "You're heavy, cat!" Narto growled as the cat was handing on to him by his back. The pages stopped turning for one to be standing up. "This one?" Naruto asked.

"The other two essentials were Reiko's saliva and breath. Sine you're related, it should work for you." The cat said with a sigh. "Place the paper deep in your mouth, press your hands together firmly and concentrate." Naruto did as the cat said and put the paper in his mouth before turning towards the spirit with his hands clasped together. "Breathe out all at once." Naruto concentrated and sighed out for the markings on the paper to fly off.

"'Karikage.'" Naruto sighed. "I'm returning it to you. Accept it." The markings went into the spirits head and the spirit became content looking before disappearing in a flash of light. "It went home?" Naruto blinked in confusion.

"One down." The cat smirked. "You might be able to pull this off."

"Yeah…" Naruto sighed. "Next is…"

"You look pretty pale." The cat said with a little worry as Naruto was sweating.

"It took more out of me than I thought it would." Naruto sighed. He was running a lot today as well and also was training, trying to get the normal Bushin down as he could use Mizu Bushin or any element ones as there was none of the materials in the classroom, so, yeah, he was going to be tired after doing one of the few things he was good at which was supernatural. 'Maybe I should become a monk or something like that as it would help out as I could live at a shrine.' Naruto thought of his employment options if he fails a few more times at the ninja exams.

"Of course! You can't take such opponents lightly! Right here, right now, hand the task over to me!" That cat eyes sparkled.

"Enough already!" Naruto growled at the cat before turning. "Did you see something?"

"Hm?... Er, no?" The cat blinked.

"Oh… What about you?" Naruto asked. "Is your name in the book?"

"Is it?" The cat smirked. "Do you want to look and see?"

"…" Naruto frowned before jumping when he heard rustling in the leaves and turned to find the large, one-eyed spirit behind him.

"Ah! Natsume!" The cat shouted as the spirit grabbed Naruto.

"Reiko. Give it back. Give my name back. Give it back… If you give it back…"

'Eh?' Naruto thought before the cat jumped up and gave off a flare of energy.

"Let him go!" The cat ordered as the spirit dropped Naruto who quickly opened the book and got the slip of paper in his mouth, surprising the spirit when the blond bit into the paper, remembering what the cat said about it.

"Every time you bite down on a name. What flows into you is what was stored in the book, either the spirits memoires or Reiko's thoughts."

'Lonely… Hungry…' The one eyed spirit thought as it saw someone praying to a statue and left a sweet bun as an offering. The spirit reached for the bun, but it was swiped by a teenage woman with dull blond hair.

"Ah! My bun!" The spirit cried out as the blond ate the bun. She was wearing an orange jacket and a black snap-up dress as well as had a Konoha headband tied around her neck like the necktie a school girl had while she also wore old fashion wooden clog sandals. She had shoulder length hair, somewhat fair yet slightly tanned skin, and a bruise on her cheek.

"Turns out it wasn't very good." The girl sighs with a smirk on her face as she swallowed the bun.

"What are you doing, you human? That's mine!" The spirit sweated at the girl with a frown.

"If you want something good, I'd recommend the Nanatsuji shop." The girl smirked at the spirit who looked at her with shock. "You know, if you play a game with me and win, I'll treat you to a meal there."

"You don't think I'm scary?" The one-eyed spirit asked.

"Nah, 'cause I' really powerful." The blond smirked again and attack. "There! There!"

"AHH! OW! OWWWW!" After a few minutes, the spirit was trembling with a brush in hand and the blond was holding a piece of paper with the spirit's name on it. The spirit than notice the wound on the blond's cheek. "I've been wondering, what happened to your cheek?"

"I just got a rock thrown at me." The blond sighed."'Cause I'm creepy, they said." The blond looked at the paper. "You've got a really pretty name!" The blond chimed with her eyes clothed and a small smile. "Now you follow me… When I call your name, you'd better run!" The blond chimed while waving good-bye.

'Reiko…' The spirit waited and waited for seasons… Years… 'Oh, you're still not going to call it?...Lonely, lonely…So much more lonely than before… Give it back. Give it back!'

'If no matter how long I wait…'Naruto's eyes widen from the memories that went though his head as he exhale for the name to return to the spirit. '…You're not going to call me, then.' The last thought from the spirit entered Naruto's head as the name returned to the spirit's forehead.

"'Hishigaki.'" Naruto said with a sigh.

"Reiko… Will you be okay now?" The spirit asked while disappearing. "Will you be all right by yourself?" The spirit disappeared as Naruto smirked.

"I doubt… My grandma was ever alone." Naruto smiled at the sky. "Thank you, Hishigaki." 'You have a kind heart… My grandmother's friend…' Naruto looked at the leaves in the wind where the spirit when. "Thank you."

"Did you get to meet Reiko? I bet she was quite a bully." The cat smirked as Naruto sat under the shade of a tree.

"Maybe…" Naruto smiled. 'Grandma Reiko probably waited for the spirits to visit her, coming after the book… Most of them were lonely… The spirits, who always lived by themselves, were lonely.'

"You won't find my name in there." Naruto looked at the cat. "I won a game against her, and then wound up visiting every now and then to play more. But one day, I just decided to stop. I'd forgotten how fleeting your lives are… I didn't think there was anyone to inherit her things, so I thought I'd take charge of the book, but you're going to take charge of it, Natsume?" Naruto smirked at the cat.

"Yeah, I want to." Naruto sighed, listening to the birds chirping in the woods, too tired to get up.


"Man… Am I sore?" Naruto stretched while walking towards the academy the next day.

"Heh. How are you not after getting hug almost to death by that scarred man?" The cat chuckled at the blond, remembering when Naruto finally got back to his apartment and was dead tired. The blond's teacher, Umino Iruka, had came to scold him for not coming to school only for the man to go totally mother-hen on the blond seeing how pale Naruto was and tired. Naruto just told him that he was training when he found the cat in trouble and then everything that day went south, hence why he didn't make it to school. Luckily, thanks to the cat's physical form being made from a statue, Naruto could keep him in his apartment as he didn't make the landlord sneeze from cat allergies.

"Yeah… But, you don't have to follow me everywhere, you know." Naruto sighed, wondering if the academy allows cats-be it possess statue or real-in their halls.

"But, I never know when I'll be able to get the book." The cat sighed, walking beside Naruto. "It's like I said, I've got to see it through myself." Naruto smiled at the cat before the bun shop known as Nanatsuji's Buns.

"Oh! Hey, I heard the buns there are really good." Naruto said before the cat's eyes to widen.

"What! Let's get some!" The cat chimed.

"Hm? Are you sure cats are allowed to have sweets?" Naruto asked, a little worried.

"I TOLD YOU I'M NOT A CAT!" The cat growled at Naruto who chuckled. Maybe getting a little deeper into the world of spirits is okay.

"Oh, Naruto…" Naruto paled at Iruka when he entered the classroom as the scarred nose man was glaring at the cat which was on top of the blond's head. "Why is that cat here?"

"… Um… It followed me here." Naruto grinned before getting blasted by Iruka's big head jutsu. Naruto just knew he wasn't going to like being part of the spirit world, but hopeful there would be some good times since he knew it was probably almost going to be bad. He, Uzumaki… Okay, Natsume Naruto in the spirit world, but Uzuamki Naruto, knew being with the spirits couldn't be too dangerous as being a ninja which he was prepared to be… If he could pass that stupid test!

"Achoo!" Mizuki sneezed, dropping the papers he graded. "Ah, man." The Chunin groaned, wondering if he was becoming allergic to kids.

~Book of Explaining~

Yokai and Ayakashi-spirits and demons of at least Japanese culture. There is a wide range of Japanese spirits, some of which form from the ghost of a dead person-if I remember correctly.

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