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"Do you know what it's like to pick up your daughter at the police station? I was about to close the deal with the Vermont people! I was going to take my commission

and buy Ferris a car!" Jeanie's mother yelled as Jeanie dove them home.

Suddenly the car came to a screeching halt as Jeanie slammed on the breaks. Someone had ran in front of the car. Jeanie looked up from the wheel to see her brother Ferris looking right back at her. She narrowed her eyes and Ferris did the same. It was going to be a race to get home.

"What the heck are you doing? Are you trying to kill us? Look at this mess I'll never get these papers back in order! Slow down!" Jeanie's mother yelled as her papers went everywhere.

"I can't drive with you yelling at me!" Jeanie yelled.

Ferris ran through bushes and climbed over a fence. At the same time a police car catches Jeanie speeding and follows them sirens blaring. In the meantime Ferris runs into someone else's yard. A man is cooking on a grill and is holding a can of soda in his hand. Ferris grabs it and drinks it as he runs. He headed into the next yard in which two girls were laying on lawn chairs tanning. He jumped through them, but decided to come back. He introduced himself explaining that he had to go.

During this Ferris's dad is driving home oblivious to everything that's happening. An old lady is in front of him swerving every which way in the middle of the road. He pulls in front of her realizing that she can't reach over the wheel to see where's she going. Ferris runs up beside his dad's car. His dad doesn't notice him at all. Ferris runs behind the car going across another yard. A little girl is jumping on her trampoline. Ferris climbed up the slide and jumped onto the trampoline landing in his own backyard. He ran to the backdoor and pulled up the mat searching franticly for the spare key.


"What's wrong?" the father asked stepping out of his car.

"Everything I just picked up Jeanie at the police station. She got a speeding ticket and I lost the Vermont deal because of her!" the mother answered distraught.

"How's Ferris?" the father asked.

"Let's go in and check on him" the mother suggested as they opened the door.


"Looking for this? I got you, Ferris. I have dreamed about this. And this time you little bastard, I've got you right where I want you" Rooney said holding out the spare key. Ferris reached for it, but Rooney pulled it close to him.

"How would you feel about another year at high school? Under my close, personal supervision?" Rooney asked wallowing in his limelight.

"Hi, thank God you're all right. We've been worried sick about you. Thank you, Mr. Rooney, for driving him home. Go upstairs and get in bed! Scoot!" Jeanie said saving Ferris. Ferris ran up the stairs to his room.

"Can you imagine someone that sick trying to walk home from hospital? Kids! By the way, you left your wallet

on the kitchen floor" Jeanie said throwing the wallet on top of the sleeping dog. The dog woke up immediately going for Rooney. Rooney ran up the street screaming.


"Honey, he's still awfully warm" Ferris's mother told his father.

"How do you feel?" she asked him concerned.

"100% better, thank you. Don't make me stay home again. I want to go to school. I have to graduate in June,

and I.." Ferris drawled sickly.

"Ferris, you're sick. Don't push it and make yourself worse" his father reminded him.

"Maybe you're right, Dad" Ferris admitted sickly.

"I know I'm right, pal" his father replied.

"How did you get to be so sweet?" his mother asked playfully.

"From years of practice" Ferris said sweetly.

"I'm going to get myself settled, then I'll bring you a hot cup of soup" his mother said as they left the room.

"I've said it before and I'll say it again: Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it" Ferris said smiling.


"Well that's the last of it" I said over my shoulder to Ferris who was carrying two more suitcases.

"I never knew you had so much stuff and I've known you for… How many years?" Ferris asked.

"Twenty years" I replied. I had just gotten accepted to Julliard after two years of working at McDonalds with Ferris. Believe me it was a ball.


"Come on, Abby there's tons of people here who want their French fries!" Ferris yelled as I dropped a bucket of french-fries on the floor.

"Great! Just great!" I cried as I began to pick all the French fries up. I ate one and it tasted okay. A little like dirty rubber, but it's not like they were gonna notice right?

"Okay, I got one" I said hurrying out and placing it on the counter.

"Good, I'm hungry" Ferris said plopping them in his mouth. I looked at him in shock.

"I thought you said there were customers out here?" I asked my hands on my hips.

"Yeah, I am one. What do you want me to do stand on the other side of the counter if I want something? Hey, would you mind playing French fry hockey with me?" Ferris asked.

"And how do you play thing game that sounds like it will cost it us our jobs?" I asked sarcastically.

"Good, you'll play!" Ferris said explaining the game to me.

Soon we were running around McDonalds with hockey sticks sending French fries into cash registers. Good times. Good times.


"Hey, I thought Cameron said he was coming" I said sitting on the hood of my car with Ferris.

"Oh, he'll be here believe me. He's still in love with you, Abs" Ferris stated.

"Yeah, I know. He's sweet, but I don't plan on getting married to anyone anytime soon" I sighed.

Ferris nodded looking away. I brought his face back to me.

"Even you Ferris. I know you love me. I've always known since you wrote me secret admirer letters in third grade" I said softly.

"You knew it was me? You told me you thought it was Patrick" Ferris asked surprised.

"Ferris, would Patrick write me a secret admirer letter saying 'Be mine and we'll dance on Cameron's dad's Ferrari at the Hollywood sign." I laughed.

"It didn't sound that corny" Ferris protested.

"Yes, it did. Plus, Patrick didn't even know Cameron, so how would he know that his dad owned a Ferrari?" I laughed.

"But seriously Ferris, I don't think it's gonna work out. I love you do death, I really do. But I'm not good with long distance relationships. I'm going to live my dream…" I started softly.

"And you don't want anyone to stand in your way, I get it" Ferris said.

"No" I protested, but he was already gone running up the road. He crossed in front of Cameron driving in the Ferrari heading towards the house. I closed my eyes in fright as Cameron's tires screeched. I heard Cameron yelled as Ferris ran off.

Cameron pulled up onto the side of the street and got out watching Ferris fade into the distance.

"What was that about?" Cameron asked sitting beside me on the hood of the car.

"Oh, nothing just my decline of Ferris's proposal didn't go over well with him" I joked though it hurt me that he ran off like that.

"It's really great that you're doing this Abby. I can guarantee that you'll be great someday" Cameron encouraged me.

"Thanks Cam. I see you got the car" I said gesturing towards the Ferrari.

"Yeah, my dad saw the wreck and bought another one giving it to me" Cameron said genuinely happy.


No one was going to be able to see me off to the airport. They said they all had things to do. I was still upset that I had hurt Ferris. But I was more upset that Ferris had hurt me. I didn't need to be upset while I was going off to college! It could ruin my whole career that I would have!

I looked back through the people going through the baggage claim. I thought Ferris would come after me. It was something Ferris would do. I waited for a couple minutes until I heard the man over the loud speaker say they were boarding for New York.

"Goodbye Ferris. The next time you'll see me it'll be on a movie screen" I whispered as tears glistened in my eyes. It seemed like so long ago that I dreamed about going away and being an actress. I always thought of this moment differently. I guess everyone was right.

Those were the best years of my life. I just wish I had found out earlier and enjoyed them more. To me going to Julliard made me officially an adult. Something I had promised to Ferris a long time ago I would never do. But just as Wendy had to grow up in Peter Pan, so would I. Ferris was my Peter Pan.

I headed to the boarding platform and boarded the plane. By the time I got in the plane there wasn't many seats. That's something Ferris would do. Making sure I'm last in line for my most important plane ride in my life. I don't know why I told Ferris he could buy me my ticket.

There were two people with People magazines up so close to their faces. They had one window seat.

"Excuse me, do you mind if I sit there?" I asked.

"Oh, no go ahead sweetheart" one of them said in a very high prissy voice. I squeezed through them.

"So why are you headed to New York?" one of them said in a sweet voice.

"Well I made it into Julliard school and I'm going for acting" I replied.

"You don't sound happy" the high pitched voice commented.

"That's cause I'm not. To go to Julliard I'd have to leave my two best friends. I thought I'd be happy, you know. This is my dream! My life!" I cried upset that I was having these feelings.

"The thing is I got too attached to people. They end up being my life and when I go to move on I can't" I said bursting into tears.

"You know what? I'm getting off this plane. They are my life!" I said squeezing past them, but I stopped when I heard one of them crying.

"I'm sorry if I upset you…" I started, but stopped when they took the magazines away from their faces. There was Ferris and Cameron.

"What are you doing here!" I screamed with happiness tears flowing freely.

"Reading People magazine. You know I do love that John and Kate plus eight" Ferris joked. I slapped him upside the head.

"You know what I mean!" I yelled.

"We already have jobs set up so we can close to you while you go to school" Cameron sniffled.

"You would do that for me?" I asked softly.

"Yeah, Abs it's like you said were your best friends and we wouldn't be them if we let you go to Julliard by yourself" Ferris explained. I looked at them and just burst into tears. I hugged them both blubbering that I loved them. I knew them that I could face anything with them. I was right. That was the most important plane ride of my life.


Abigail became a very famous actress just like she dreamed. Ferris and Cameron were with her the whole way. Directly after Julliard Abby got many movie offers. Ferris and Cameron were her personal "script readers" or so she called them. She stared in many movies staring with Johnny Depp, Leonardo Dicaprio, Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, and Martin Short. One of her big things was taking tons of pictures on set and making a scrapbook on the actors that changed her life. She was never seen without Ferris and Cameron. She often referred to them as her life. But the one thing that changed her life forever was making Ferris Bueller's day off with the help of Ferris and Cameron. They all played themselves and acted out their wonderful day together. Abby did meet many men and had a few boyfriends… But that's a different story.

Ferris stayed the same Ferris he always was. He got a job at the school as a spy or so he jokes. Actually he was janitor. It was his way of keeping his eyes on Abby while getting good pay. Ferris helped Abby decide which movies to do and not to do, also helping her write Ferris Bueller's day off. Ferris never gave up loving Abby, but that's a story all its own.

Cameron became a lawyer actually just like Abby predicted. He became very famous with the help of Abby advertising with him. He fell in love with a pretty college student at Julliard for singing. They got married and she became a professional singer. They had twins, a boy and a girl. Their names were William and Abby. Abby often babysat them. Little Abby actually shows signs of turning out like Abby.

Just as Ferris says "Life goes fast if you don't stop and look around every once and while you'll miss it."

R/r I hope you like it! The sequel will be on its way soon. It will be sort of like My Best friend's wedding. Abby's getting married to the perfect guy and it's Ferris's job to break them up in time! Sounds hilarious doesn't it?