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I watched as my masked nephew and Rosemarie disappeared into the crowd. I'm sure she still wore disbelief across her face. I wondered if she knew... or at least suspected...

I sighed and turned away from the pair, retreating from the mourning crowd. I had suspected her involvement with Adrian all along. She tried to deny it, but I knew. His attraction was just as obvious. I had confronted her, trying to get her away from him. But for what? For high school politics? It seemed so trivial now. Everything's changed.

Besides, Adrian had every right to be happy, even it was with a dhampir with such a reputation as this young girl. I loved the boy, and although his father turned out spoiled and with a obnoxious sense of entitlement, Adrian had turned into a man, or at least Rosemarie had sparked some growth within him. As long as it didn't interfere with her duties to Vasilisa.

Ah, and Vasilisa. I had heard that her and that Ozera boy had seperated. I was at first thrilled, but know felt a little guilty. Perhaps it had been me who had influenced them. She was probably better off without him.

Yes, the young woman had potential, but only if she was able to stay on the right track and get power. But she couldn't be a member of the council unless... Unless she had a family.

Several months ago, I had learned of her father's affairs. Whether or not his faithful wife did, I will not know. But I had also learned a dark and terrible, or perhaps wonderful secret. An illegitimate child. Vasilisa would be able to join the council and make her voice heard. A pain stabbed through my side.

Alas, I knew I would never discover the secret. Not in my lifetime anyways. I would have to dedicate myself to hours of research, and it would still not be enough. Not with the time I had left.

My time was running out. I was dying. A horrible disease that pulsed through my blood would destroy me in six short months. If I'm lucky. It was not like Dashkov's illness, I showed little signs of decline in my health. But it would soon not matter. Nothing seemed to matter anymore, at least not high school dating or politics. But Vasilisa did, and I would do anything to see her lead her people, even if it was from the afterlife.

I reached my room with a heavy heart. I wouldn't be able to help Vasilisa. Not anymore. I needed someone trustworthy, someone as dedicated to her as I was. I had made my choice.

I sat at my desk, one in which the luxury of seemed overdone now, and began to write.

Dear Rosemarie,
If you're reading this, something terrible must have happened...