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Amana quietly enterred the town of Domina, the tiny village that resided a fifteen-minute walk from the home she'd lived in as long as she could remember. The town was fairly simply-a weapons shop, a tavern, an inn, a small marketplace, and the cathedral amongst a handful of small houses where the citizens resided. Although Amana herself didn't live within the town's limits, after visiting almost daily for most of her life, she could navigate through the town literally with her eyes closed, and she knew everyone there by name. Some of the residents were less pleasant than others-such as the merchant Niccolo, who was always cheating people out of money-but all in all, it was a nice, quiet town with no problems. But Amana had no idea that that day, one visit the the quiet town she came to so often would change her life forever...

Amana had been walking down the path leading from the village entrance to the small square where the inn, tavern, and weapons shop were located. She'd decided today to pay a visit to her friend Rachel, who worked as a waitress at the tavern. Just as she enterred the square, she spotted two people. One she recognized clearly as Duelle, the small onion warrior who guarded the town. Not that it needed much guarding, nothing off ever occurred here. The second was a complete stranger to the blond. A young man with teal hair and piercing blue eyes. He wore clothing one would expect to see of someone travelling through the desert. This struck Amana as odd. It was the middle of spring, and while Domina was a bit warmer than some other places in the area, it was certainly no desert.

"Hey!"Duelle yelled to the young man, who had his back to him. The young man turned to the onion knight, an annoyed expression on his face. "At least give me your name!"

The young man paused for a long time, then muttered simply, "Elazul." With that, he turned away and enterred the tavern.

"Jeez..."Duelle muttered to Amana as she stepped up beside him. "He makes me sick."

"I've never seen him before."the blond commented. "Is he new around here?"

"Yeah. He seems to be looking for someone. Teapo says she was threatened by him, but you know she overreacts a lot."

"That's true."Amana chuckled.

"Anyways, back to duty for me."

"Right. See you later, Duelle."

Amana watched as the small warrior headed toward the weapons shop, his "post" within the town. Still curious about the stranger, Amana walked over to the tavern. She had been intending to go there in the first place, so it wasn't like it was out of her way. She enterred the building, cheerfully calling,

"Hey, Rachel, what's u-"she stopped in mid-sentence at the sight she saw. Her fairy-winged friend stood before the stranger-Elazul-she had seen outside, quivering. One at first glance would immediately assume that the man was threatening Rachel, but Amana had known the girl all her life. Rachel didn't tell most people, but she had a strong fear of any man besides her own father, and so much as speaking to them terrified her. Amana was sure this young man's unfriendly attitude wouldn't help much. Amana walked over to where the two stood.

"Hey, what's going-"

"Silence!"Elazul snapped in the blond's direction. "Do not interrupt!" He immediately turned to Rachel again. "Speak up!" the terrified girl remained silent, and he took a step closer to her. "Don't make me angry..."the same pattern occurred-Rachel was silent, and Elazul took a step closer. "What are you hiding?"

Rachel trembled, and Amana stepped in between the two. Calmly, she asked the man,

"What happened?"

Elazul frowned, eyeing the blond in a scrutinizing manner. Eventually, he muttered,

"A friend is missing."

"What does this friend look like?"

"She wears a white dress and has long hair. She's like a sister to me... I am worried."

"I'll help you look for her."

The man blinked, seeming in shock. "Together, with me...? But you mustn't... No, I would be grateful!"

Rachel bit her lower lip, gently tugging at Amana's dress.

"What?"Elazul asked the girl.

"Here..."Rachel stuttered out, handing Amana a piece of jade carved into a perfectly smooth, egg shape. "I found this... They call these Artifacts, right? They lead a person to places they've never been before?"

"So...?"Elazul said in an uncaring manner, then he frowned. "What's this...?"

A small flash of bluish light seemed to appear from Elazul's chest. Amana followed the light, and her eyes widened in surprise. The blue gem that she had initiazlly assumed to be a piece of jewelry... was actually part of his body! Could he be one of the Jumi she had read about.

"It smells like Pearl..."Elazul said. "Let's hurry!"

"Right!"Amana nodded, before turning to Rachel. "Sorry I couldn't stay longer, Rach. I'll see you later."

"Okay... Bye, Amana..."

Amana was familiar with Artifacts-often called AFs for short. It was one of the things the old man who had raised her-Grandpa she'd called him, though he'd made it clear that they were not biologically related-had taught her. An Artifact was a piece of the land from which it came. They resonated with the Mana of that land, growing stronger the closer one came to its origin. By following the pulse of Mana, one would find the place the Artifact belonged. More often than not, this was a place the person had never been to before. Once one came upon the place the Artifact would lead them to, the Artifact itself would vanish, again released out into the world to lead someone new to that place.

Most Artifacts led to stationary places. When Grandpa had tested her to see how well she could use them, he had blind-folded her, taken her out to an unknown destination-which she would discover later to be the Luon Highway-and told her to find her way home by using the Artifact from their home-a miniature mailbox. But others led to moving objects you might never find again unless you happened across its Artifact a second time. Amana had once found an Artifact that led her to a pirate ship-the S.S. Buccaneer. The only reason she hadn't lost track of that place was because she had befriended the captain, and he made sure to keep her constantly updated on their whereabouts.

The Jade Egg Rachel had given her led Amana and Elazul to a place called the Mekiv Caverns. Amana had never been here before, but she'd read quite a lot about the caverns. They were supposedly very dangerous, and filled with monsters. As the enterred the caverns, the Egg vanished from Amana's hands. Eleazul took a step forward.

"I sense brilliance nearby... It must be Pearl! We should hurry!"

Amana nodded, reaching behind her back to unhook her spear from the strap that held it back there. They advance cautiously into the caverns. About an hour passed, and Amana stopped as she suddenly felt a dark aura ahead.

"What's wrong?"Elazul frowned. "Why did you stop?"

"There's something big in the next cavern that definitely means to do us harm."the blond stated. "I hope you're ready for this."

"I'm ready for anything. Let's go!"

The two rushed in, braced and ready for battle. A large creature stood within the cavern, branidshing a giant club topped with the skull of some horned creature. It roared angrily, advancing toward the two insignificant creatures that only stood as tall as his knee. Elazul rushed forward, his sword drawn. The creature sneered, kicking at the blue-clad man and sending him flying into a wall.

"Are you alright?"Amana called.

"I'm fine! Focus on the fight!"Elazul shouted back, pushing himself off the wall. Amana nodded, returning her attention to the creature. She stabbed her spear into it's foot, and it howled in rage before sucking in a deep breath. It blew the breath out in the blond's direction, and she shivered as a freezing feeling enveloped her, dragging her to her knees for a few moments. Eleazul was immediately on the creature, keeping it away from his partner as she recovered and staggered to her feet. The two continued slashing with their weapons, dodging away from kicks and club swings, until the creature began to sway dizzily. It was almost finished...

"Alright! Time for the finishing strike!"Amana grinned. She jumped high into the air, her spear pulled back and poised to strike. With a mighty heave, she threw the weapon toward the creature, watching as it sunk deep into its heart, blood spurting. Howling in pain, the creature collapsed to the ground, eventually growing completely still. Amana sighed in relief, jumping onto its chest to retrieve her weapon.

"Well, I'm gonna have to clean this tonight..."she muttered to herself as she jumped down again. Elazul frowned, looking around the cavern.

"Pearl! Where are you!" the gem in his body-his core, according to what Amana had read-flashed again. A similar flash of light appeared from a cluster of rocks nearby. A girl in a white dress with blond hair in two long braids carefully stepped out from the rocks. Amana could see that, just like Elazul, she seemed to have a jewel as part of her body.

"Elazul?"the girl said hesitantly.

"Is your core alright?"Elazul demanded immediately, rushing over to the girl.


Now that he was sure that she was alright, Elazul immediately grew angry with the girl.

"I told you not to go wandering by yourself! How did you end up here?"

"I was, um, just thinking about things..."she murmured guiltily, scuffing her shoe against the stone ground.

"You don't need to think anymore. Right now you should just stay safe by my side."


"That's enough!"

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

"You have a point, but you don't need to be so harsh!"Amana pointed out to Elazul, frowning at him as she rested her spear against her shoulder.

"You stay out of this!"Elazul growled.

Pearl looked to other girl before turning to Elazul again.

"Who is that?"

"Just someone whoe helped me find you... A strange kind of person..."


"I have a name."Amana frowned. "It's Amana."

Ignoring the comment, Elazul said to Pearl,

"Well then, let's go."

"But..."Pearl began.

"See you around."Elazul said to Amana before turning and beginning off. Pearl sighed, then stepped over to Amana.

"Um... Th-thank you..." Elazul turned back with an irritated look.

"We're going!"

"I'm sorry..."Pearl said. "I'm coming." She turned to Amana again. "Thank you, Amana. This is for all you've done for me." The girl handed over an item Amana recognized as an Artifact. It was a lamp in the shape of a Moon Flower. "That Artifact should lead you to the city of Lumina. Elazul and I already know our way there, so we don't need it anymore. Well... bye!"

Well, what do you think? I know it's not very long, but let's face it, most of the missions in Legend of Mana don't give you much to work with story-wise, just dungeon-crawling and fights. There's no way I'm going to write out dungeon-crawling, and I'm doing the best I can on boss fights based on what moves are used while I'm playing through as I type this. Anyway, as you've noticed, this story is referred to as "Book One". I plan on doing a "novelization" of each set of missions that immediately correspond with one another. Right now, the only ones I specifically have planned are the Jumi Clan (all Jumi-related missions), Star-Crossed Lovers (the missions relating to Escad, Daena, Matlida, and Irwin), and Dragon Slayer (missions related to Larc and Sierra). I may or may not cover others, I haven't decided yet. Once these have been finished, I will do a 'book' depicting the last few missions in the game.