Cliff down and up

Rachel looked up from where she had fallen down the cliff it was steep and huge and now she couldn't get back up the fall had messed up her ankle and the worst part was that she was stuck at the bottom of the cliff with Chad Dickson aka number 274 and he was the supreme leader of the kids next door until he had betrayed them and he had left her with his mess to clean up.

Rachel looked over to where Chad was unconscious the fall knocked him out like it had knocked her out, she had woken up before him and now silently watched him as he was in a deep sleep thanks to the fall. She had though back to what had gotten her into this mess.


the ship had been flying and there was a sudden crash against the ship and it went crashing to the ground the Operatives were lying every where and Rachel had gotten up and went over to them "are you alright" she asked them they had all gotten up to see what was wrong that's when a sip landed and a bunch of teenagers came out including Chad.

"Well well look at this the supreme leader of the kids next door; so much better then Nigel Uno now don't you think guys"

The teens all snickered and Chad spoke again "I think that you should come with up and nobody gets hurt" "I don't think so Chad" number 60 said raising a weapon aiming at Chad and firing the teenagers attacked as well and in the middle of all that Rachel backed up and foot slipped and she started to fall down the cliff Chad who was the only one who saw this flung himself at Rachel grabbing her by the wrist but gravity had to interfere and pull him down the cliff as well he flipped Rachel over so she was on top of him and held her to his chest covering her head with his arms as they fell then everything went dark.

End of flashback

She looks over at him "so he saved me me…..but why" she thought

Rachel limped over to him to see that he had got the worst of it his face was all scratched up and that his arms and legs were also scratched up as well but also her ankle was hurt so how were they suppose to get out of this. Chad groaned Rachel snapped back into reality she looked down at Chad he was coming too, his eyes slowly opened and a sense of wonder was in them for a minute the his eyes changed to a blank stare he figured out what happen then she thought. Chad sat up and looked at her then looked at the cliff then at his her again it was like for a moment. He finally got up and a look of pain went across his face.

"Hey where are you going" she asked

"Were do you think" he answered in an annoyed and angry tone

She watched as he fell to his knees and his chest heaved he looked like he was in so much pain and it was all her fault she slowly got up and limped over to him then knelled to the side of him he shot her a dangerous look but she ignored it she tried to touch his arm and he pulled it away from her grasp "don't touch me!" he yelled she pulled back fear in her eyes for a moment but then anger entered them "I was only trying to help you stupid jerk!" she yelled back he looked at her anger still in his eyes "I wouldn't be in this mess if it weren't for you" he said she couldn't believe what he said "well I didn't ask you to save me did I" she said a look of shock was sent across his face his eyes widened and she looked at the ground it was quite and it stayed like that for the longest time. Finally Chad cleared his throat and that brought Rachel to finally look at him.

"I'm sorry" he said "I didn't mean to snap at you"

"It's alright" was all she said

She limped away and he just stared after her.

To be continued