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Nestled deep within the land of fire, hidden within the immense forest lay the village of konoha. This village was home to many of the strongest shinobi to ever live in the great nations.

Every so often, one of these ninja shows exceptional strength or ability. This person becomes hokage. The hokage is the master of all the shinobi in a village. He is disciplined and a strategic genius.

Every hokage has their likeness engraved upon the cliff above konoha. These faces represent the strength of the people, and the will of fire. These faces inspire the villagers to do their best at any challenge.

"Naruto!" came the cry of a severely pissed anbu.

Said blonde stopped in the middle of his… project. He was currently refreshing the previously non-existent paint on the hokage monument.

He gave his foxy grin and dropped the can of yellow paint. Luck would have it that the bucket flipped over and lodged itself on the head of yet another of the masked shinobi.

"Get him!" the first anbu ordered while trying to assist his more unfortunate comrade in his endeavors to remove the can. He failed, epically.

An entire platoon of the villages' elite ninja dropped onto the scaffolding, surrounding Naruto. He jumped over the side of the platform, executing several flips before landing and running as if the shiningami himself were after him. (Judges: 9.9 out of 10. *Kunai flies at judges* Judges: gulp 10 out of 10!)

Eventually angry cries and laughter could be heard throughout the entire village. Yes, this was a normal day in Konoha.

"Hokage-sama!" an anbu said to the elderly man in formal robes.

"What is it, Taka?" sarutobi Hiruzen, the third hokage of konoha, asked, referring to the man's mask.

"We caught him," said the masked man. His mask was designed as a hawk.

"Caught who?" asked the hokage, though he knew who the anbu was talking about. Nobody else would dare… decorate the hokage monument, especially in such a grand fashion.

"Naruto," Taka said. "He was vandalizing the monument. Again.

Sarutobi sighed. "Send him in."

The anbu nod and disappeared in a swirl of leaves. He walked in through the door seconds later with a still grinning Naruto.

"Hey Oji-san!" Naruto exclaimed.

The anbu raised his hand as if to smack the insolent child, but sarutobi intervened. "Leave us, Taka. I wish to speak with Naruto alone."

"Hai, hokage-sama," the anbu said before vanishing again.

Naruto looked at the hokage with a confused look on his face.

"Naruto, I see that you've been up to mischief again," sarutobi smiled.

"Well," Naruto said with one hand behind his head.

"Because of your behavior problem, I'm going to send you to live with the Uchiha clan."

"NANI?" the young boy exclaimed.

"It's for your own," the hokage said."I also realize that tomorrow you turn six."

Naruto looked a little glum. Every year on his birthday, villagers (and a few ninja) made a point of seeking him out and beating him half to death. Then when some kind soul finally took him to the hospital, he received the worst treatment possible. Once they even tried to poison him.

"So I've already taken care of the paperwork. Tomorrow, you begin your first day in the shinobi academy." Sarutobi said.

Naruto suddenly wrapped himself around the hokage, crying "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" for a full minute before the old man managed to peel him off. At about that time, Uchiha Fugaku, the head of the Uchiha clan, walked into the office.

"Sarutobi-sama, I've finished having his things moved to the uchiha compound. He will be rooming with my son, Sasuke." The man told the hokage.

"Thank you Fugaku. I know this is a lot to ask," the old man said.

"No problem. Naruto, come along." The younger man said. He led Naruto through the village to the part of the city that held the Uchiha clan.

Once they entered the main compound, the clan head turned to Naruto. "All your possessions are already here. From now on, you will behave yourself. Also starting tomorrow, you will start your training. Sasuke, Itachi!"

"Yes father," both boys said, stepping into the entry hall.

"Sasuke, Naruto is your new roommate. Show him around later, maybe in the morning as it is quite late," Fugaku said. Sasuke bowed, acknowledging his father's command. "Itachi, after his classes are over, I want you to train him."

"If I'm not busy on a mission," Itachi accepted.

"Naruto, welcome to your new home," the uchiha clan head said.