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How Do You Say "I Love a Fish"?

Part 1

How do you tell someone you love a fish? Not just any fish. No, that'd be too simple…and it'd be an insult. No, how do you tell your parents that you're not only in love with a man, but that you're in love with a merman? Answer, you can't. You don't.

I can't. I won't.

I would most likely be sent to some insane asylum in the most uninhabited corner of the world. Or, I could be one of those poor homeless beggers on the streets after being kicked out of the house. My parents are extremely homophobic…and they stopped telling me bedtime stories when I was little and still believed in Santa and the Tooth Fairy. They stomped on those beliefs pretty hard too.

I…Maybe I should start at the beginning. I first started dating Kirgy-puu –that would be my merman boyfriend- when I was onboard the, at the time still existent, Mokona. The Mokona was a small pleasure yacht belonging to a certain rich couple who happened to my brother, Yuui's and my best friends and who went by the names Clow and Yuuko Ichihara-Reed. We were on a pleasure cruise. It was my brother's and my birthday, you see. We had just turned twenty.

I remember it was a sunny day, hardly a cloud in the sky…in the morning, that is. But in the evening…

It came out of nowhere. The storm was sudden and violent and before we knew it, my brother and I were washed overboard. We each struggled the hold the other up to breathe but…it wasn't enough. We both drowned. But I lived.

It's a paradox, I know, but hear me out.

When I came to, the first thing I was aware of was the damp sand against my back, my salt-heavy clothes clinging to me like a second skin, the cool ocean water lapping against my skin, and the hard, forceful kiss being planted on my lips. My first reaction was to cough up the water that had filled my lungs. When I was finished with that, I actually took note of my surroundings. Or more specifically, the magnificent, impossible being on top of me.

His eyes were a deep, wine red, a perfect complement to his shaggy, midnight hair. His skin was tanned and rippled smoothly over his well toned upper body. His, how do you say, lower body was a deep burgundy, purple, and crimson stripped tail with feathery, crimson fins lining his back, forearms, and upper tail. In short, he was…beautiful.

I stared at him in utter shock and awe. Hi gazed back at me with soft, gentle eyes. His long, sharply pointed ears twitched ever so slightly. He wore a necklace.

It was the necklace that caught my eye. I knew that necklace. I had given it to him when I was only a toddler. Of course, I had always thought it never suited him–I do tend to have rather spontaneous personality- but looking at it, him, now…

I just lay there, staring.

Eventually, he sighed and pushed himself off and away from me. When I realized he was going to head back to the sea, I caught his arm and pulled him back. I wanted to speak, I really did. But I couldn't find the words. So instead of saying something elegant and original, I said, "Yuui?"

Those wine red eyes squinted in confusion. "Excuse me?"

"You saved my life…right? Wha…what about Yuui?"

He didn't show much –he never did- but I saw the sadness in his eyes. Tears filled mine and I allowed myself to fall back to the wet sand and stare forlornly at the starry sky. It was night, I realized. I wonder how long I'd been out?

"I couldn't save both of you. I'm sorry," my fantastical boyfriend whispered.

"I understand." I did, really. But it still hurt.

The silence that filled the air was broken only by the continuous waves. Until, "I guess I'd better get going."

"Going?" I asked, suddenly anxious. "Going where?"

Kuro gave me a weird look. "Going home, of course. I'm," he paused as if suddenly feeling self conscious or vulnerable, "not very good with this sort of thing."

"What sort of thing?" I pressed. I could not let him leave me. Not here. Not like this. Not alone.

The merman shrugged, "Comforting people."

I smiled gently and cupped my boyfriend's scaly face in my still wet hands. "Well neither am I. So, maybe we can be as dis-comforting as possible."

The beginnings of a smirk made their way to Kurgy's face. "Sure, why not."

So we spent the rest of the night there. When I woke up, he was gone. I wasn't surprised. There was no way he'd be caught dead in a hospital. A hospital in which I had the terrible misfortune to occupy at the time. I remember lying on that very uncomfortable hospital bed and going through the day in a haze. Until he showed up.

I remember how I very nearly leapt out of the bed to hug him. But the thought of ripping out my IVs and other medical sticker-thingies attached to my body in a rather painful way, was enough to hold me back.

He only said one word to me. Just one, but it held everything that hadn't been said, that needed to be said, and promised to be said in it. "Fai."

He sat with me the rest of the day and I don't recall anything else but his face.

That was several months ago. Now, my handsome fiancé-to-be –if he'll even get up the nerve to ask me- and I are almost done moving in to our lovely, little house by the sea. I say "we" but I mean "I". Kurgy's been popping in and out of the picture. He seems to be holding something back from me. Almost all his time has been spent in the water lately. Not that I'm surprised. I mean, he is a merman after all. But still. My theory is he's hiding something.

Yuuko won't tell me a thing. All she does is snicker and glance at Clow adoring. She's in on it too, I bet. I sighed. Oh well. I guess it'll have to wait till I see him. He said he'd be back tonight, so I guess I'll have to wait until then. But when I do see him, I'm going to corner him and force him to spill his guts.

That's another thing. He hasn't so much as kissed me these last few days. I'm feeling very deprived. Or should I say, my body is feeling very deprived.

Alright, here's the plan. I put on something sexy, get the wine flowing, get the jazz music playing, the food served, and seduce that hot, hunk of a merman and get him in my bed tonight if it's the last thing I do.

I glanced at my watch, and smirked. I still had some time. Time to go pick up Yuuko and get some shopping done. After all, if anyone know the perfect clothes to wear in order to entice a special someone, she'd know. She's sneaky like that. Especially with a designer friend like Tomoyo on her payroll.

I rubbed my hands together. This'll be fun. Good luck Kurgy-puu. Tonight, you'll come one way or the other. And preferably while you're inside me and making me come. I snickered and hopped into the car to drive to Yuuko's.

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