Jessie Burlingame: Eliza Dushku Chris Flynn: Desmond Harrington Phillip: (Jessie's Ex-Boyfriend)
Dominic Burlingame: Vin Deisel

[I'm Jessie Burlingame and We, Chris and I just Escaped Bear Creek with our Lives. We've been driving fror Miles and reached a freeway a few Hours ago. Now we're at least Fifty miles from Bear Creek. I keep sriving and finally reach a heavily populated city. I read the sign and Realize that we've reached Raleigh. I drive up to an Apartment and half Carry Chris inside. I then pay the Landlord and get the key. I walk into the Apartment and set up the bed for Chris to sleep in and set up the couch for me to sleep on. I place a Pillow on one end and drape a comforter over the rest of it, Lock the doors, Lie down and go to sleep. The next morning I wake up and see Chris sitting in the Chair across from the couch, watching me sleep, He smiles when he see's me wake up.]

(Chris) Where'd we end up?

(Jessie) Raleigh. We're in an Apartment building that I paid rent for an entire month on. And you'll be able to go to your meeting today.

(Chris) Nah. The meeting's long over. I was supposed to be here for the actual meeting yesterday. Too bad we were stuck in the forest.

(Jessie) I can call my brother. He can be here in no time. He'd fly.

(Chris) Okay.

[I call my brother and he agree's to come over, he tell's me that he's already in Raliegh. I hear a knock on the door a few hours later, I answer it and I see my brother. I let him in and introduce him to Chris.